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Why Are Dinos Spawning at Low Levels in Ark?

Why Are Dinos Spawning at Low Levels in Ark?

Ark and dino problems are a match made in heaven. You get to experience marvels like dinos spawning in your base and randomly stuck tames. However, all of that is nothing compared to the frustration one feels while stumbling upon low-level dinos everywhere. 

This can be changed during world creation. However, the process can be extremely annoying. With every update, Ark introduces a bunch of bug fixes or feature improvements. This schedule is extremely hectic and hard to understand, but some major points of confusion are buried before they can be addressed.

The game is intended to spawn dinos at a variety of levels. With lower-leveled ones outnumbering the higher levels. This mechanic is also area dependent. However, you can use mods or change your server settings to get more dinos.

Maps like Ragnarok and The Center will have a higher population of higher leveled dinos. If you want to increase the higher-level population then there are a couple of approaches you can try.

How to Increase Average Dino Levels

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There are quite a few methods to artificially increase the Dino population in your Ark world. If there is a genuine game-based bug then attempting a wide area purge will do the trick. However, for those that simply want to artificially increase their world’s average dino levels then the following steps will suffice.

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Download Mods

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There are a couple of Mods that you can try in order to raise the dino levels. However, these have been proven to work the best:

Custom Dino Levels

This mod allows you to change your vanilla and modded dino levels. The dinos are highly skewed towards the lower end. Thus, this mod can help by altering dino level distribution. 

Custom Dino Levels Mod Download

Legacy Mods

These are the toned-down versions that essentially let you alter your dino levels albeit with lower control over the process. It is recommended that you try the Custom Dino Levels mod mentioned above instead. With that said, here are the legacy mods for Ark Dino Levels:

High Levels Legacy Mod Download

Equalized Dino Levels Mod Download

Change Official Difficulty

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If you do not want to add mods to your game, then overriding the world difficulty might be just the move for you. Here is what you need to do:

  • Head to Server Settings.
  • Locate the Gameusersettings and add the following:
    • [ServerSettings]
    • DifficultyOffset=1.000000
    • OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0
  • Wipe the dinos and wait for them to respawn. You can use the following code to get rid of them quicker:
 admincheat destroywilddinos

All in all, the game is intended to have different average dino levels in different areas of the map. However, anomalies can arise and there are ways to fix them. If you want to artificially raise the average levels then modding is the best solution for you. 

However, wiping all the dinos can also work. If it doesn’t, make changes to your server settings. After completing every step, you should be able to find the cream of the crop quite easily.