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Best Build for the Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring

Best Build for the Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring

The Sword of Night and Flame is widely regarded as one of the strongest weapons in the game. With that said, you can gain access to it at an extremely early part of your playthrough and keep using it till the End Game. Therefore, we’ve gone ahead and concocted a build for the Sword of Night and Flame that’ll have you dish out the great amount of damage that you can possibly deal in the Early and Late Game.

The best build for the Sword of Night Flame requires you to invest heavily in Intelligence and Faith, choose the Astrologer class, wear the Royal Remains armor set, upgrade the Sword to +6, use the Carian Filigreed Crest and Radagon’s Soreseal as Talismans while using Flames Grant Me Strength and The Flame of Frenzy as Incantations.

However, getting all of these items, especially finding the 5 Somber Stones is easier said than done. Therefore, we’ve put down a detailed step-by-step guide that has you find the Sword of Night and Flame, get all its required pre-requisites, complete its requirements and then find all the Talismans and Incantations you need.

Recommended Stats

For this build, we recommend the Astrologer Class. We’ve been testing it out with the sword ourselves and are having a blast! In terms of leveling, here are the best stats to use for the Sword of Night and Flame.

AttributeStarting StatsEnd Game Stats
Faith 2441

How To Get The Sword of Night and Flame

Click the image to view the map in high resolution!

Before you get started tearing down swathes of enemies, getting the sword is your first priority. Thankfully, getting the sword is relatively straightforward. For simplicity’s sake, we recommend getting the sword when doing Ranni’s quest as you’ll be stopping at the Caria Manor, where the sword is located.

You can, however, resort to ulterior means and get to the sword early if you please. After you’ve reached the Manor, here’s what you need to do:

Drop down from this particular point
  • As soon as you beat the hand spiders, head towards the Lower Manor Site and instead of entering the dungeon, go towards the left.
  • Once you see a set of buildings, move towards the highest point, drop down and climb down the ladder towards the building located in the center.
  • You’ll be able to spot The Sword of Night and Flame in a chest!

Best Sword Of Night And Flame Build

Before we get to how you can get your Sword to +6 (alongside leaving some extra for your Talisman), we’ll be taking a look at the best build for the Sword of Night and Flame. This build is designed to from the Early Game and will have you dealing massive amounts of damage right from the get-go.

Golden Order Seal

The Golden Order Seal is a late-game item that you can reach without needing to do any fighting. It scales your incantations with Intelligence and Faith. Generally, since we’ll be relying heavily on Magic damage throughout the build, the seal is a worthwhile addendum.

Armor: Royal Remains

While you can pick out any set of armor that you please as you move towards the later stages of the game. The Royal Remains set is found extremely close (more on that down below) to where you can find the Sword and is, therefore, a great pick up if your already heading that way anyway.

Talisman 1: Radagon’s Soreseal

Since you aren’t meant to really be a character that soaks up damage with this build in the first place, Radagon’s Soreseal and its primary caveat – an increase in damage taken – is primarily negated. We’ve primarily picked it up to meet the Strength requirements for the Sword and have some HP at earlier levels.

Talisman 2: Carian Filigreed Crest

The Carian Filigreed Crest reduces the amount of FP that is consumed when using a skill. This is great when you are in the heat of battle and landing a few more shots will lead to you taking down your target.

Incantation 1: Flames Grant Me Strength

This raises your physical attack and fire attack. This directly increases the damage of your R2. But, it does nothing for your beam. However, the damage bump you gain from using this incantation is quite significant, making it more than worthwhile.

Incantation 2: The Flame Of Frenzy

Despite the sword being considered OP, it still can’t stagger enemies. Therefore, two charges of Frenzy while likely dealing less damage will allow you to get more hits off in the long run.

Finding The Golden Seal

For the Golden Seal, you must’ve gotten 1/2 of the fragment at the Fort. But, you need a second one. For that, you will need to get to Fort Haight. Once you do, here are the steps you need to follow:

Beware, this is a long run!

  • Head to Bellum Church
  • Once you do , keep moving forward towards the large whjite building
  • Once there, head towards the Grand Lift of Dectus
  • Keep moving Eastwards until you reach a large Castle.
  • Head inside towards the Capital Outskirts and grab the Golden Seeds found in the middle adjacent to a tree.

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Upgrading The Sword To +5 / +6

Level 2

Head to the main Caria Manor gate. Onc there, roam around the adjacent forest and try to kill the hands that come up from underneath the surface. If you have the sword, this should be fairly easy. All you need to do is land a Flame Strike and immediately land another one once the first one hits.

You can then roll back and sprint back in after a few seconds to get your loot. With a bit of luck, you can get a Level 2 Somber Smithing Stone as their drop rate is pretty high. So, this is a good farming spot regardless of whether you want to upgrade the sword or not.

Level 3

To get a Level 3 Somber Stone, follow this path:

  • Head to the location where you found the Lost Grace, at the head of it, you’ll find an enterance
  • Go into the two alleyways, keep moving forward until you see two corpses. Once there, loot the corpse on the left for a Level 3 Stone.

Level 4

For Level 4 and 5, you’ll need to head to the Selia Crystal Tunnel. Once there, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Immediately as you enter, drop down and grab the Grace.
  • Once you have it, climb the ladder and head to the Crystal Hall towards the left and jump on the wooden roof and head towards the opening.
  • Keep running straight avoiding the ambush and up a ladder. Behind you, is a Level 4 stone!

Level 5

Level 5 is perhaps the easiest one yet. For it, go to the grace that leads you to the Swamp of Aeonia. After you get it, head North until you find a small opening in the landscape. Once you do, head towards Caelid until you meet an enemy. You’ll be able to find the stone right behind them! You can also choose to kill the enemy for fun. However, they don’t drop anything special.

Level 6

For the final sixth one, you’ll need to take down the Fallingstar Beast who you should have already spotted inside the Tunnel mentioned earlier. After taking him out, you’ll be able to get the sixth stone allowing you to get a fully upgraded Sword!

Finding The Incantations / Spells

You’ll need The Flame of Frenzy and Flames Grant Me Strength to complete this build. Getting both of them is relatively easy and doesn’t require much effort. In fact, you might have already gotten them by this stage of the game.

The Flame Of Frenzy

Head to the spot shown above in the Callu Baptismal Church. Once there, you’ll be able to find the Incantation nearby. You might need to take a few rounds before you can get it though. However, it is in the same general location in most cases.

Flames Grant Me Strength

This particular Incantation is found between two Firebreather Machines and Caelid. It is located exactly behind Fort Gael on a body between the two Firebreathers.

With this build locked in, you’ll be dealing massive damage with the Sword of Night and Flame from the very beginning. While you might need to change your armor as you move towards the later stages of the game, investing in the stats we’ve mentioned above should set you up for a pretty smooth ride throughout!