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Why Are Prismatic Lenses Locked in Destiny 2?

Why Are Prismatic Lenses Locked in Destiny 2?

With Season of the Splicer doing strong, Destiny 2 has been hard at work at releasing new content and updates. Known previously as the [REDACTED] Engram, the Season of the Splicer has blessed us with the return of Umbral Engrams. 

These Engrams can be picked from any activity present in the world and can be transformed into high-level gear. Farming Prismatic Lenses to unlock these Engrams sounds like a good idea. However, they primarily appear to be locked, and for a very good reason. 

The Prismatic Lenses can only be unlocked once after performing specific tasks. Most of these tasks are unique and can be considered as missions to create Focused Umbral Engrams. You can head to the Triumphs section Season of the Splicer to unlock them. 

Before collecting Prismatic Lenses, it is essential to have a basic level of understanding of the entire event. Therefore, let’s start from the very start and work our way towards the root. 

What are Prismatic Lenses in Season of The Splicer?

Prismatic Lens is a mission-based item that is rewarded upon doing certain tasks. For example, you might get a Prismatic Lens by getting 1200 Rocket Launcher kills. However, each lens is unique from the others and can only be used for unique engrams. 

The Prismatic Lens is commonly mistaken as an acquirable currency. However, there is only a limited amount of them, and only the players that own Season of the Splicer can use these Prismatic Lens.

While many consider this to be a deliberate attempt from Bungie to muddy the waters for their season Bundle pack, there is no concrete way of knowing the truth. 

How to Unlock Prismatic Lenses

As mentioned, there can be two reasons that justify this issue. While one of them is easy to solve, the other can be a big pain in the butt. Needless to say, you will be needing Prismatic Lens to unlock specific Umbral Engrams. 

Enough complaining for now. Here are the possible solutions to this issue:

  • Complete The Requirements: Almost all of the Prismatic Lenses can only be acquired after completing their specific requirements. Therefore, not much can be done here except following whatever the mission indicates. 
  • Purchase The Deluxe Bundle: Compared to the past years, Bungie has changed its approach to Destiny 2. The temporary content is gradually becoming permanent. However, you need to pass the paywall to access it. Therefore, get ready to make a worthwhile investment. 

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All Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses

The following Prismatic Lenses can be unlocked within the Season of the Splicer:

  • Splicer Regalia
  • Splicer Armory
  • Splicer Kell’s Armory
  • Splicer Vandal’s Armory
  • Splicer Captain’s Armory
  • Blades
  • Sol System Archive
  • FWC Armory
  • FWC Davored Arms
  • FWC Close Range
  • Long Shot
  • Shock Trooper
  • Splicer Mobility
  • Splicer Intellect
  • Splicer Recover
  • Splicer Discipline
  • Splicer Resilience
  • Splicer Strength

All of the mentioned Prismatic Lenses have their own Umbral Engrams. Therefore, it is better to collect them on the go. 

Ultimately, the Season of the Splicer’s content is mostly for paid players. Therefore, you might not have that big of an incentive for farming for it. However, if you’re going for them then we suggest you collect as much as you can before redeeming your rewards.