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How to Keep Creepers Away in Minecraft (Easy Guide)

How to Keep Creepers Away in Minecraft (Easy Guide)

Creepers are by far the most annoying enemy you run into when exploring the overworld, besides the Witches. If you are just messing around in your base and go outside for a couple of seconds, you will most likely lose a wall on your base if there is a Creeper near you. It can be extremely annoying, but there are a few ways to keep Creepers away from your base.

You can keep Creepers away by ensuring your base has a ton of light, building a fence or moat around your base, building your base on an island or Mushroom Biome, or having a Bow and Arrow on standby. All these options are great for keeping Creepers away from your base.

Plenty of mobs are in the game, and Creepers are by far the most annoying since they can blow holes in any structure or object they are near. It can be extremely annoying to have holes all over your base area because of all the Creepers, and it is just a hassle to fill in the holes or even fix the part of your base they destroyed.

How to keep Creepers away

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Keeping Creepers out of your base is an extremely important part of the building. Not only does this help defend against them, but it also helps to ensure that no Villager or Pet near the Creeper doesn’t die. There are actually a bunch of ways you can make sure they never even get close to your house, but you always have to be careful.

Make sure your base has a ton of light

The best way to fight against them is to fill your base with light. Place torches everywhere. Don’t light if there are any dark sections of your base because mobs can’t spawn in lighted areas. This is why mobs only really come out at night time. If your base is sectioned off, make sure to place down any light source available so that no mobs spawn within the confines of your base.

Glowstone is another great light option because it looks very good for most base designs. Try to find the best light source that fits your base design and use it. Ensure every dark area is gone, so you don’t have to worry about those stupid Creepers.

Build a fence around your base

Fences are your best friend when it comes to keeping mobs out. It won’t keep the Spiders out if you have a regular fence, but it will keep everything else out. This also allows for placing light all around the fence. You can build a large fence wall around your base and place Glowstone at the top. This will give your base the necessary lighting.

It will also keep the Spiders and Creepers out because of the high wall it will make. Everything you can do to make your base safer is a good idea, and this one is amazing. It will also keep all your Pets and Villagers safe as well.

Build a moat around your base

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Moats are an amazing option when trying to keep Creepers out. You can put water or lava at the bottom or make it into a mob farm. This way, you can gain items from them falling into the hole. You need to be careful so that you don’t fall in, but it is a great option to keep mobs away from the main area of your base.

If you put lava inside, you will destroy all the items from the defeated Creepers and mobs, so if you don’t care about Monster materials, go ahead and place lava in it. You can also make the moat look very cool if you are building a castle.

Build your base on an island

An island is a great place to build your base, even though you must still follow the previous steps. You will need to light up the entire island and make sure there are no dark areas, and you will also need to build some sort of fencing around you. This can be avoided if you build an underground base also. You must light it up, but it is a cool idea.

Islands are cool base areas and make for much space because you can technically move out onto the water if you build giant dock areas. Fewer mobs are out on the islands, so it is a great place to build a base.

Build your base in a Mushroom Biome

The best area to make a base in the game is in a Mushroom Biome. These islands don’t spawn any mobs, even at night time. This makes it the perfect place to build a base. Not only will you feel safe, but you will also have the Mooshroom Cows everywhere. You must build a bridge to the mainland, but it is worth it.

You can make your base however you want, but there will be no mobs to blow up your house at night. If you want a peaceful place during the day and night, then the Mushroom Biome is the definite place to build if you can find one.

Have a Bow and Arrow on standby

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If you don’t make your base on an island or have all the safety precautions we mentioned, the best way to fight a Creeper is with a Bow and Arrow. You don’t have to get close, and it will prevent any explosions near important areas. Pull out your Bow and eliminate the target if you see a Creeper.

If there aren’t any Creepers around, always have a Bow and some Arrows on you at all times, just in case you run into one. They are annoying and not worth the hassle of getting too close. Try your best to follow all the ways to keep them away, and always have weapons on standby when you need them.