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Why Do Beds Explode in the Nether in Minecraft?

Why Do Beds Explode in the Nether in Minecraft?

Minecraft releases tons of updates in order to keep the content fresh and fix the underlying bugs in the game. However, there are times when a fully intentional feature looks more like an error caused during the development process. 

Many games house such ‘features’ but nothing is nearly as interesting as the phenomenon of exploding beds in the Nether region of Minecraft. It certainly derives many questions to mind. Why does trying to take a nap in hell turn your wood and wool bed into TNT? Is this supposed to happen? What is the logical reasoning behind it? 

If you are one of the players that have such questions then you are at the correct place! The reason why beds explode in the Nether region of Minecraft is that the Nether is supposed to feel like a dreary place. Therefore, there is no reason for something as calming as a bed to exist. There should always be a sense of restlessness in Nether. 

Aside from the lore’s standpoint, there can also be another reason why your beds explode in terms of technicalities. However, there has been no official statement on that as of yet. 

Beds Exploding in Nether: A Logical Perspective

There’s no quantifiable measure of time in the Nether. Therefore, time does not exist in the dimension since there is no day and night. Beds are supposed to help you leap into time. Thus, they end up exploding in the Nether since there is no practical way to advance the time when there is no time, to begin with. 

If you had the option to sleep in Nether, you will end up sleeping for an infinite amount of time. Therefore, a small explosion is set in place to remind you why it is such a bad idea. Thankfully, the explosion doesn’t guarantee instant death. However, it is still better to learn from your mistakes. 

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It is also worth noting that spawn points don’t work in Nether, therefore, it is much easier to make them explode instead of changing a chunk of the game’s fundamentals. There is no physical relation between 3 wooden planks and 3 wool blocks exploding as strongly as a TNT.

Differences Between Nether and Overworld

The Nether is supposed to be a dangerous dimension where you experience different forms of distress while exploring. The Nether has no daylight cycles and no weather. The main source of light is the lava and fire in this dimension. 

Most items and blocks function identically to the overworld with the exceptions of:

  • Exploding Beds
  • Powered Respawn Anchors
  • Liquid Placement
  • Flow of Lave
  • Not-Working Clocks 

The biomes in the Nether differentiate from the overworld on the basis of aesthetic and design as well.

All in all, beds in Nether are simply a better version of the TNT and can be used to splendidly kill yourself. However, if you do not want this to happen, then make sure to go back to the overworld in order to place your bed. Otherwise, you might die from the point-blank explosion that comes out of some wool and wood.