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How to Stop Losing Runes When You Die in Elden Ring

How to Stop Losing Runes When You Die in Elden Ring

Dying is a common mechanic found in RPGs. There is a penalty system that activates whenever a player dies. While there are games where failure is not death, and death is not failure, it can still feel unfair to keep losing your hard-earned items. FromSoftware’s titles have been rather well known for their tendency to make the players ‘die’ a lot, therefore, there is not much to be done.

Elden Ring lets you take on a myriad of enemies and bosses where even a small mistake can lead to death. It is completely fine to die continuously while battling a tough boss. However, each and every death costs you in the form of runes. This can feel extremely punishing, specifically when you have a decent stack of these runes before dying. 

Luckily, there are items to counter losing runes whenever you die. An Elden Ring player can save their runes by using Sacrificial Twigs. It is worth mentioning that the twig counts as a consumable and will be lost in the place of runes upon death.

There is also an NPC that steals 10% of the player’s runes when they die. To stop him, you need to to go Stormveil Castle and defeat Gatekeeper Gostoc. Once you do that, players will stop losing part of their runes.

There are multiple methods of gaining Sacrificial Twigs in the open world of Elden Ring. It is recommended to not die in the first place. However, Elden Ring is a title from the same company that made Dark Souls thus, it makes sense even if you do die a lot. 

What Happens When You Die in Elden Ring

You will get used to dying in Elden Ring a lot earlier than expected. While you will be facing a small penalty on death, it is generally not that punishing. You will most likely be able to retrieve the lost items. 

When you die in the game, your character will drop all its runes and will respawn at full HP at the last checkpoint. These checkpoints are your most recent Site of Grace. Alternatively, you can use the nearest Stake of Marike as your respawn location. However, there is a constraint of distance on this method as you won’t be able to spawn close to your enemies.

You can increase your vitality in order to gain some sort of resistance to death. If you do die, you will be losing all the runes collected up to that point. However, this is not the end for them, you can go back to your recent respawn point where you can, in fact, claim them all back.

It is worth mentioning that if you die again before collecting your dropped runes, then those runes will be lost forever. Therefore, try to play extremely safe before reaching your last death point. You will be leaving bloodstains on the place of your death. Upon touching those, the player will be able to see their death cam.

How to Use Sacrificial Twigs in Elden Ring

As mentioned, a sacrificial twig can prevent you from dropping any runes upon death. It is considered a talisman item, which is generally used to boost a variety of stats. Here is an official lore description for this item:

“A talisman fashioned from a dried twig, so slender that it might snap at the slightest touch.

Prevent rune loss upon death, but will be lost itself in exchange.

Believed to be a twig pruned from the Erdtree long, long ago.”

The effect of this item is automatic and will automatically be triggered whenever the player dies while having the twig in his/her inventory.

Where Are Sacrificial Twigs In Elden Ring?

The sacrificial twig can be bought from the Isolated Merchant available at the sleeping peninsula. The sale price for this talisman is 3,000 Runes, which might sound a bit steep. However, it is all worth it considering the passive effect. 

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If you are having no trouble retrieving your runes then it might not be a worthwhile investment. But if you are someone that wants to skip the hassle of dealing with unneeded chores then try purchasing one, you might like it a lot.

Isolated Merchant (Weeping Peninsula)

This merchant can be found sitting in a hut at the southwest corner of the Weeping Peninsula. If you have not yet discovered this location then you should try going southwest from the Fourth Church of Marika. This is a site of grace that is unlocked rather easily during your adventures. With that said, here is everything that the merchant sells, including the Sacrificial Twigs:

Lantern1800 Runes
Arteria Leaf1000 Runes
Sonesword Key2000 Runes
Zweihander3500 Runes
Lost Ashes of War3000 Runes
Arrow20 Runes
Great Arrow300 Runes
Bolt40 Runes
Ballista Bolt300 Runes
Sacrificial Twig3000 Runes
Note: Walking Mausoleum600 Runes

Worst Ways to Die in Elden Ring

Not all deaths are equal in Elden Ring. Some can feel exceptionally daunting while others can pass by like a breeze. In the world of Elden Ring, dying is commonplace, therefore it is all about picking your poison. Here are some of the worst ways to die in Elden Ring:

  • Getting Devoured in a Statue: You’ve heard that right, there is a pendulum statue-like boss in Elden Ring that can pull you into itself to devour you.
  • Getting Disconnected by the Sheer Damage: A recent bug from Elden Ring has disconnected the players from the game upon dying from the hands of Raya Lucaria Sorcerer.
  • The Horse Glitch: A recent glitch in the game teleports you in the sky to dematerialize and die whenever you try to spawn your horse.

While there are a lot of ways that can feel gruesome and disturbing, nothing beats the mentioned three. Retrieving your runes will be very hard especially when you die from glitches and bugs. Therefore, keep a sacrificial twig with you just in case.

All in all, dying in Elden Ring is not the end for you. The death penalty is extremely lax, but it can get exceptionally harder if you drop your guard. Therefore, make sure to play extremely safe if you drop a lot of runes. Sacrificial Twigs are your best buddies when it comes to nullifying the death penalty. However, they can be costly for a one-time item, so use them wisely.