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How to Move Villagers in Minecraft (Ultimate Guide)

How to Move Villagers in Minecraft (Ultimate Guide)

Minecraft is a challenging game, especially when it comes to making the people and creatures in the world do what you want them to do. When you first create a world, you will come across at least one Village in your travels, and you might want to take some of the inhabitants back to your base for easy access to their goods.

There are three main methods to easily move Villagers: by moving them in a Boat, a Minecart, or using Beds to move them to where you want them to be. The Villagers are pretty dumb, so they will follow you anywhere as long as you know what you are doing.

Most people don’t know you can take Villagers back to your base and use them for their shops. You can trap them in a room and trade items with them, which will greatly help you in the future. Here are all the different methods and ways to transport Villagers in Minecraft.

What methods should you use to move Villagers easily?

There are 3 pretty simple ways to transport Villagers, but the only downside is that it will take a while. If you successfully transport them, you will be rewarded with a permanent shop where you can trade whatever items you can.

You just have to check out the specific Villager’s goods before you go through all the trouble transporting them because it might not be worth it in the long run. All these methods are pretty simple to do, and you most likely already know how to do them, but here they are:

1. Move them in a Boat

Moving them in a Boat is probably the one way most people know how to do it. It can be a little slow and tedious, but it is the best way to ensure your Villagers will be safe on the journey. The plus for moving them in a Boat is that you can go over land and water with them.

Just be careful not to hit them if you end up getting into the boat with them. If you do get in, ensure you don’t have any weapons out, so you don’t kill them if they are low on health. If you don’t know what else to use, just use a boat. It is the most reliable way to move them.

2. Move them in a Minecart

Minecarts are the fastest way to move them, but it takes a lot of setting up to make them work properly. If your base is far, you must build a long track from the Village to your base. It is a little tedious initially, but it is the best way to transport your Villagers.

You might need to dig through mountains or build over large bodies of water to get them where they need to go, but once you have everything built, you can even use the track to get back and forth. Building the track for yourself is worth it because it is a fast way of travel that is very cheap to craft.

3. Move them with beds

This is one of the longest and hardest methods because you must build many beds. The Villagers do move toward beds, so what you can do is every 30 blocks, set up a bed and slowly destroy each one to make the Villagers move to the next one.

The plus to this method is that you can move multiple Villagers simultaneously, but it is scary because they aren’t protected from mobs. They can easily be attacked if you aren’t watching them at all times, and it is not like they can protect themselves. It is a good method, but you should probably stick to an easier one, just in case.

How to move Villagers through the Nether

Moving Villagers through the Nether is terrifying if you don’t put the necessary precautions in beforehand. Yes, you can move them through the Nether, but it will take some work to get every Villager through safely.

The first thing you will want to do is determine the distance from either Nether portal. Find a good route between them and make better routes through tunnels to make it even faster. You will want to use Minecarts for this because it will be the fastest method in this area.

Make a track leading to the other portal that lets no mobs in, and it is safe from the Ghasts explosions. We would say the best option is to dig under the ground because Netherack doesn’t take that long to dig, and it is the safest way to transport your Villagers.

If you don’t, cover the track in some harder material like cobblestone or any material you think will be the safest. Just ensure the Villagers won’t get harmed by any mobs around the track.

How to move Villagers uphill

This is a much easier thing to do than sending them through the Nether, but it will also take some work to do. If you need to get them up a hill it a mountain, you will also need some tracks. You can do it with a Boat, but you will need to set up a Redstone Piston system that is very tedious to craft.

The best thing to do is build a Minecart Track up to the height you want it to be and take the Villager up that way. It will be worth your time when you finally do it because of all the good loot you can trade the villagers for once you get them to your base.

If it is a mountain you want them to get up, consider building a track all the way around it so that it is easy to reach the top as quickly as possible. A Minecart is much easier than a boat to get Villagers uphill.

How to move Villagers long distances

Moving Villagers long distances can be a little annoying, especially if you don’t want to risk them dying along the way. The best way to move Villagers long-distance is through the Nether, like we said before, or over a body of water on a boat.

It is an extremely fast way to move and only takes a boat. Setting up a track will take a long time, but building a boat just takes a few blocks of wood, and you are ready to go. If you take the Villagers through the Nether, good luck, but it is much faster because 1 block in the Nether is 8 blocks in the overworld.

It does take a lot less time, but it is more dangerous, especially with the relatively new update adding new biomes to it. If you are going to go long distances, just go by boat in the water; otherwise, think about making a track to save time later on.

Can you lure Villagers?

Yes, you can. The only way to lure Villagers towards you is to hold an Emerald Block. It will make them follow you just like Wheat is to Cows. It is a simple way to get them to follow you, but it is difficult since you have to be holding the block for them to follow you.

At least with other methods, they are safe in a Boat of Minecart, but they are wandering with the only thing keeping them going is the block in your hand. It is a good way to take them to your base if it isn’t too far.

If you want to use it all the way, take a boat with you, and if you need to put the block away, just throw them into the boat, and they will be secure. Ensure everything is all good, and then prepare to proceed on your journey.

Once you are ready to transport them, destroy the boat and lure them to your base. Just remember always to watch them, so they don’t wander off or get killed by a mob randomly hiding in a nearby forest.

Does it matter which Villager you take?

It does. You always need to look at what each Villager is ready to trade because you might just lure a Villager with terrible trading prices, and you realize that you wasted a ton of time for no reason. Always look at what they are trading because you might find a Villager with some amazing trades.

Always look for Villagers with great trading prices because it will benefit you a ton in the future. The trading items are always random, so if you can’t find a good seed with amazing trades, there are always lists of good seeds online, or you can just make a new world and test the trades to see if they are worth it.