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Are the DLCs worth it in Anno 1800?

Are the DLCs worth it in Anno 1800?

Anno 1800 has received over 4 seasons’ worth of DLCs. You might then wonder how many of these DLCs are truly worth purchasing. Especially since buying them all together with the base game can quickly add up in price. So in this guide, we’ll be discussing whether all Anno 1800 DLCs are worth it.

Yes, the DLCs for Anno 1800 are worth it. The DLCs add more quests, landscapes to the world map, more islands, and many more types of resources to the game. The DLCs add many more hours of gameplay.

Each of the DLCs for Anno 1800 has something unique to offer. If you wish to know more details regarding each of the DLCs. And if their specific content is worth purchasing, keep reading this article!

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Overview of All Anno 1800 DLCs

Since the release of Anno 1800, the game has received many DLCs. These have been added to expand and elaborate the content within the game. The four DLC seasons provide several additions to the gameplay of Anno 1800. This includes Arctic Expeditions, Botanical Gardens, the construction of gigantic Grand Palaces, and much more.

However, not all DLCs are created equally. This is why in the following section I’ll go over each of them individually. While providing you with a detailed breakdown of the facilities that each DLC contributes. We’ll also discuss whether it’ll be an enjoyable or worthwhile addition to your game.

1) Botanica

Botanical Gardens - Anno: 1800 DLC
Botanical Gardens – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno 1800: Botanica was released in September 2019. It is a DLC that is entirely dedicated to increasing your options for decorating your city. The DLC allows you to create beautiful Botanical Gardens within your city as a new cultural building.

Additionally, the DLC adds new rare plants and specific quest rewards for taking care of the Botanical gardens appropriately. A Music Pavilion has also been added to the game, which can be added to the cultural buildings you already have. And will allow you to play music from older Anno titles.

Is the Botanica DLC worth it?

If you enjoy spending time and effort within the game to improve the attractiveness of your city, Then Botanica will be a worthwhile DLC for you. However, I would highlight that there are very few options for customization that are provided by the DLC.

The DLC assumes that you would be quite into certain aesthetics. Then it merely provides you with buildings and structures that adhere to that design format. An interesting addition is the Pavilion. However, if you’re not someone familiar with older Anno titles, or aren’t interested in the in-game soundtrack, then this offers little for you as well.

2) Bright Harvest

Bright Harvest - Anno: 1800 DLC
Bright Harvest – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno 1800: Bright Harvest was released in June 2020. It adds several incredibly necessary agrarian features to the game. Perhaps the biggest additions are the new tractors and silos. Which can be used by your farmlands to work three times more efficiently.

However, these new additions required some tweaking to operate well. Because of the need for integration of the new machinery into your existing farm layouts and railway network connections. Effective farming now actually provides benefits, like more space on your island. Which adds a nice system within the system to the game.

Is the Bright Harvest DLC Worth It?

If you’re someone who likes to maximize the efficiency of your farmlands. And the prospect of an endgame centered around developing your agriculture excites you. Then Anno: 1800 Bright Harvest is the perfect DLC for you to get.

But if you’re someone that doesn’t like to painstakingly design the layout of their farm. Instead likes to simply having them operate neatly in the background as you engage with more interesting systems then I suggest you don’t purchase this DLC.

3) Sunken Treasures

Sunken treasures - Anno: 1800 DLC
Sunken treasures – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno 1800: Sunken Treasures was released in July 2019. It provides one of the largest island additions to the entire game, Crown Falls. Also, you receive several other unique items and instruments to utilize. Perhaps most importantly, you obtain the new area Cape Trelawny and the Salvage Ship.

You get a large Jules Verne-inspired story campaign to play through with this DLC as well. An extensive treasure hunt awaits you with this DLC. Which can be argued as being Anno: 1800’s best.

Is the Sunken Treasures DLC Worth It?

Regardless of who you are, Anno 1800: Sunken Treasures is a DLC worth your money. It not only adds a new island for you to build your projects and structures on, but it also adds a new island for you to build on. But it also adds a respectably sized story campaign to play through.

Additionally, the salvage ship and the diving bell are extremely nice end-game items that can increase the fervor and play time of the most hardcore players. This is one DLC that is worth having, regardless of what you enjoy or do not enjoy.

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4) Speicherstadt

Speicherstadt - Anno: 1800 DLC
Speicherstadt – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno: 1800 Speicherstadt revolves entirely around the construction of a new monumental building project. The building is inspired by the massive harbor district that was built in Hamburg, Germany, in the real world. With this DLC, you can expand your harbor considerably and gain several advantages as a result.

Speicherstadt has various integrated building types and additional special piers, warehouses, and Harbor Master offices to expand your areas. These can add several in-game advantages to your construction. However, largely serve a similar purpose as the alternatives to these buildings provided in the base game.

Is the Speicherstadt DLC Worth It?

You can essentially build the Speicherstadt at any time in the game, and for a relatively small price. This means that both new and veteran players, whether starting a new game or continuing one they’ve been playing for a while, will be able to use the new constructions.

Although the advantages provided by the new buildings are minimal. They add a decent amount of depth and nuance to the gameplay to make the purchase worth it. If you’re into having greater control over the exchange of goods and like to further customize your harbor area, then this DLC is a nice bonus to have.

5) Seat of Power

Grand Palace - Anno: 1800 DLC
Grand Palace – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno 1800: Seat of Power was released in March 2020. It added the construction of specific government departments and the ability to create prestigious palaces to showcase the power of your city. These newly created centers allow you to simulate enacting laws and carrying out governmental duties far better.

Additionally, you gain several economic and social advantages as a result of having this DLC. You can unlock ministries, and add permanent buffs to work, culture, administration, trade, and welfare. The size of your palace can be adjusted as well and can influence the amount of influence you have on your populace.

Is the Seat of Power DLC Worth It?

Construction and upkeep of the Palace is a unique end-game challenge that can be quite enjoyable. Additionally, for any beautifiers, the Palace and its assortment of accessories can add tremendously to the gameplay experience.

If you enjoy resource management and creative freedom in constructing more attractive builds. Then this DLC will be worth your time and money. However, if you’re looking for new story content or new mechanics then the Seat of Power leaves a lot to be desired.

6) The Passage

The Arctic - Anno: 1800 DLC
The Arctic – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno: 1800 The Passage was released in December 2019. It was the centerpiece of the first season pass for the game. And it lives up to this tall order with a host of additional facilities for the game. The DLC adds a massive and perilous Arctic journey storyline in which you must search for the lost Franklin expedition.

Within these new areas, it adds new production chains and population levels for you to manage and sort through. These can persist even after you’ve completed the main storyline of the DLC. Even when you master the deadly cold, you will be able to further expand your horizons through airships and go on further adventures.

Is the Passage DLC worth it?

If you’re a beginner, then the Arctic and the additions to the Passage will not be entirely appealing. This is because this DLC functions entirely as additional end-game content. and thus does not have a major influence on the day-to-day play of someone who’s just starting their journey.

If you’re a seasoned veteran player, however, and have gone through the main storyline once and are looking for an additional challenge. Rarely will you find a fully realized DLC for yourself as much as Anno 1800: The Passage. It is thus definitely worth your money in that regard.

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7) Land of Lions

African Country
African Country – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno: 1800 Land of Lions was released in October 2020. It is regarded as one of the best DLCs to have ever been released for Anno: 1800. It brings with it the best additions to the main game with the new African country. And adds new productions, populations, and production chains to manage for the player.

The scholars are an exciting aspect of this DLC. With this DLC, you can simply move oil wells, adjust ore deposits in mines, and turn potatoes into rum. The story campaign also introduces a new area to explore and confronts you with tricky, difficult, questions that will require planning to overcome.

This is perhaps the best Anno: 1800 DLC you can get in the game.

Is the Land of Lions DLC Worth It?

This DLC allows you access to the third population level in the game. This is a massive expansion to the base game and the previous seasonal pass. You can utilize this to play through an African country in a new save, and you will have access to a wide variety of constructions, buildings, productions, and management tactics.

Regardless of whether you’re a new player or if you’re a veteran, you will enjoy playing through the Land of Lions DLC. So yes, it is worth it.

8) Tourist Season

Tourist Season
Tourist Season – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno: 1800 Tourist Season will be available in May 2021. It had quite a few additions. Which makes the DLC worthwhile for beautifiers. It adds hotels and other tourist residential buildings. Additionally, it adds restaurants. So you can impress your guests with delicious cuisine.

It adds bus lines for tourist-level travel. And gives you the ability to add on things such as Museums and Zoos to further expand your Tourist attractivity. Finally, certain industrial landmarks are also added, such as the Eiffel Tower.

Is the Tourist Season DLC Worth It?

This DLC isn’t worth it unless you’re interested in developing a thriving tourism industry. You might also enjoy this DLC if you’re into beautification. Otherwise, the DLC simply does not add the necessary additions to warrant a costly DLC of this nature.

9) The High Life

The High Life
The High Life – Anno: 1800 DLC

Nothing says extravagant quite like a skyline full of skyscrapers. The Anno 1800: The High Life DLC allows you to construct unique skyscrapers in your areas. You can use these additions to enhance the look of your city by constructing the Skyline Tower, the tallest building in the game. You also gain access to the air balloon.

Is The High Life DLC Worth It?

The High Life is a DLC that is good for two types of Anno players. If you’re into the end-game challenge of collecting and managing resources to build the Skyline Tower then you will enjoy this DLC. Or if you enjoy the further beautification of your city with a skyscraper skyline you’ll find the DLC worthwhile.

However, if you’re into neither, and instead enjoy additional story content then this DLC will not provide you with much value for your buck.

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10) Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change
Seeds of Change – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno: 1800 Seeds of Change was released in April 2022. Several features were introduced through this DLC. It attempted to make use of something that had not received a lot of content until lately, the New World.

The biggest addition of the DLC was the Hacienda, which is an agricultural hub in the New World. It also acts as a warehouse and can impact affected buildings through one of its policies. The DLC also added new Fertiliser silos, and several new goods such as Spices, Hot Sauce, Atole, and Dung.

Is the Seeds of Change DLC Worth It?

The Seeds of Change is an incredibly strong DLC. And lays a good foundation for DLC to come afterward. It’s one of the first DLCs that addresses and adds content for the New World. It adds new buildings and provides more options to players without feeling intrusive in its game systems.

However, the lack of a story mode addition does leave a lot to be desired from his DLC. And there are certainly some improvements that could be made to make the overall experience more engaging. This DLC is only worth it if you’re interested in more New World-related content and gameplay.

11) Empire of the Skies

Empires of the Skies DLC
Aircraft – Anno: 1800 Empires of the Skies DLC

The Anno: 1800 Empire of the Skies was released in September 2022. It’s one of the best additions that come from the DLCs in Season 4. Its biggest addition is a new scenario where you play as Paloma Valente called A Clash of Couriers.

other additions within this DLC include 9 new production chains – Bauxite, Aluminium Profiles, Industrial Lubricant, Helium, Bombs, Sea Mines, Pamphlets, Care Packages, and Water Drops. You’ll also get to engage with a new monument called the Rigid Airship Hangar. Finally, a new Postal Service System will also be added.

Is the Empire of the Skies DLC Worth It?

Empire of the Skies is a fantastic DLC addition to the game. It quite considerably increases the various systems in the base game. But never feels like it is bloating the systems for the sake of increasing new features. The Postal Service and Airship Platform are a welcome addition. The new production chains are great to engage with.

And we can’t ignore the incredibly fun new scenario that they’ve added through this DLC Giving you quite a fun perspective during this time. Personally, this is a fantastic DLC that only increases the content of the game and further makes Anno: 1800 enjoyable.

12) New World Rising

New World Rising
New World Rising – Anno: 1800 DLC

Anno: 1800 New World Rising was released in December 2022. It is the latest DLC content to be released for the game and is one of the most substantial increases we’ve had to date. It adds a new Residence area called Artista residence, with houses that have specific needs.

The game also receives a massive expansion in the form of Electricity. This has wide-ranging applications, especially if you enjoy playing in the New World zones. New monuments such as Dams on Manola and the Grand Stadium are also made available. You can also upgrade to Emergency Services now.

Most significant of all, however, is the addition of a new scenario called Pride and Peddlers. In this scenario, you can play Madame Kahina in the region of the New World. Where you will have to contend with ever-changing economic circumstances with no earnings from taxes.

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Is the New World Rising DLC Worth It?

The latest DLC release, and the final DLC to be released with Season 4 is a resounding success for Anno: 1800. This DLC includes with it everything that a new or returning player might want from the Anno:1800 DLC content. Not only does New World Rising add more content to the base game, but it expands on systems without compromising on the entire experience.

It adds everything someone might want from Anno: 1800 DLC. Not only do we get treated with a new scenario to play. But we also get a host of customization options, new buildings, upgrades, and ornaments too. This is the most complete DLC Anno: 1800s developers have ever released. And it is worth buying.

Many of the DLCs in Anno: 1800 are worth purchasing. But there are a few that are merely additions to the number of decorations and ornaments available to you. Ultimately, which DLCs you purchase will be based on what you value more in the game, and how you want to customize your unique experience.