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Why am I so weak in Borderlands 2?

Why am I so weak in Borderlands 2?

Borderlands 2 is a very large and open world game that takes some time to get into. If you do have the time to invest into this amazing game, you will definitely run into roadblocks along the way.

When I play Borderland 2, I sometimes feel like I am not getting anywhere in the game because of certain things happening, for example, dying as soon as I walk into a room or some of the enemies are like bullet sponges.

If you are stuck on a part of the game and can’t figure out what to do next, I can give you some pointers on specifically what do do when you get to a situation like that.

Here are some reasons that your character is weak in Borderlands 2:

  • You don’t have a good enough weapon
  • The enemy’s level might be higher than your level
  • You don’t have a good enough shield
  • You have not used your upgrade points
  • You are playing solo
  • You are not doing side missions
  • You used too many second chances

You don’t have a good enough weapon

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There are an abundance of guns and weapons that Borderlands offers to the player. The options range from rocket launchers to light machine guns. There are even guns that when you reload and throw it, it blows up like a grenade.

When you receive a gun in your inventory, it shows you the specific stats that the gun has from damage to fire rate. You have to choose a weapon that best fits your play style. But sometimes the gun you are using just is not cutting it and you feel like you are dying way too much.

That is your cue to go and find another gun with higher damage and better stats because without a good gun, you are basically dead meat in the world of Borderlands. When looking for a weapon, you should look at the level of the weapon and see if it matches your own.

If it does not, that means you need a better one. Do not get attached to a specific weapon because you will end up changing it later on in your play through.

The enemy’s level might be higher than your level

Enemies in Borderlands 2 work a little differently from that of other games because they can usually take more hits from your gun than normal. You might be wondering why you just died when you walked into a room without a chance to fight.

One way that you can tell if an enemy is difficult is by looking at the enemy’s specific level. If it is higher than yours, then you are going to have a harder time fighting them. If it has a skeleton next to their health bar and no level, you should just run because that means they are way too hard for you to fight at the moment.

Some enemies like bosses and large enemies are very frustrating to fight when you are under-leveled because you lose so much money just trying to re-spawn every time you die. Just pay attention to every little detail about your enemies or you are going to have a hard time getting through the game.

You don’t have a good enough shield

Shields in Borderlands 2 are critical in survival. When it comes to shields, you should choose the one with the most defense and the most perks that go along with it. The higher the rarity depending on your level means higher stats in every way.

Shields are the main thing keeping your health guarded, and if it goes away, your health drains faster than you can even blink. So try to get the best shield you can because the enemies don’t get any easier.

Another important thing to have high stats and rarity in is gear. You generally want to have the highest rarity and level of gear you can find because the better items you have equipped, the easier time you are going to have.

You have not used your upgrade points

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Whenever you level up with your character, you receive an upgrade point. You can take these upgrade points and use them to upgrade any perks your character has. Depending on which character you start the game with, you will get different powers and upgrades to put your points to.

There are tons of different upgrade trees you can go down, with each character ranging from health upgrades to getting more ammo. You can also upgrade your main ability to do certain things as well.

These upgrade points are very important when it comes to getting more gear, because sometimes it boosts your percentages in things like your weapons and shields. The points should be pretty self explanatory, but it’s a crucial thing to cover because of the impact on game play it has.

You are playing solo

It might sound weird, but it is absolutely true that the game is much harder when you are playing by yourself. The Borderlands series was actually made for you and three other players to play through it together.

Because it was specifically made for co-op play but you are playing solo, you might notice that the game gets really hard sometimes and it gives you no mercy. That is because there are supposed to be three other people helping you progress in the game.

If you are having trouble progressing in a level and you are by yourself, get on a Borderlands 2 Discord or wiki page and talk to some people about helping you through it. There is no shame in asking someone to help you through a game that was meant to be played with multiple people.

You are not doing side missions

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Side missions are probably the biggest and most helpful part of Borderlands 2, because it helps you get special items and experience points that will make the main story much easier. Most people turn a blind eye from the side quests because they think that they are boring.

Actually, most of the side quests have their own little story to tell and are really interesting. If you are having trouble progressing in the main story, go do some small side quests and get your level up so you will have an easier time.

To be honest, some of the side quests were more interesting than the actual story in their own ways. Also, if you have the DLCs, each individual DLC has their own set of side quests that make the game even longer in a good way. If you are having trouble, go do some side quests for an extra boost.

You used too many second chances

Borderlands 2 has a system that, when you are about to die, you get a second chance at life. The only way you can get your life back is by killing a person while you are downed on the ground. When you kill someone, you get revived and you can keep on fighting.

If you die too many times and you keep using second chances, each time, the time limit for your second chances go down, making it harder for you to revive yourself each time. When you finally die, the timer resets, but you lose money.

If you keep having to use your second chance, that is when you know that you should level up or get better gear because you should not be dying that much. Don’t be afraid to die if you can’t find a person to kill during your second chance because you can always get your money back later.


Borderlands 2 is a very fun game that you know the developers put their heart and soul into by the amount of content in it. There was never really a part that bored me or made me want to stop playing which is very rare for a game this size.

It is also a very hard game because of all the enemies and bosses that need to be defeated. All the time, I ran into hard parts that I really wanted to have another person to help, but I pushed through it and beat the game by myself. If you want to know more about the game, consider looking at this Borderlands 2 guide I found on Amazon here.

Just remember that you have to be the right level and have the right gear or else your time in the game is going to be miserable. Don’t make that mistake or you are going to dislike a really fun game.