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How Many Chapters Does Last Epoch Have?

How Many Chapters Does Last Epoch Have?

Last Epoch has been in development for quite some time now. Now with the release of the game and it finding its way into the hands of many new players, people want to know how long the adventure is going to last in this game. The developers have been adding chapters throughout the development cycle so it is time to take stock and find out the real number of chapters in the Last Epoch.


Chapters in the Last Epoch

Chapters in the Last Epoch

Since Last Epoch was launched back in 2018, it had only eight chapters, and only in 2021, with the Sands of Majasa update, did the game receive a new chapter, bumping the total number of chapters to 9. From that date to now, when the game was finally released, the number of chapters has remained the same.

The chapters are separated into different eras in the timeline of Eterra:

  • Chapter 1: Divine Era
  • Chapter 2: Ruined Era
  • Chapter 3: Ruined Era
  • Chapter 4: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 5: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 6: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 7: Ancient Era
  • Chapter 8: Ancient Era
  • Chapter 9: End of Time

You can visit/revisit these eras by interacting with the Monolith of Fate.

As you progress, you will travel through all these various timelines and uncover the mysteries and lore of the land. These chapters have been the same since 2021; however, the final release saw some welcomed padding to the main and side quests.

You can expect to spend upwards of 15 to 20 hours just on the current campaign. Not to mention, if you are a completionist of sorts, you can invest more than 60+ hours of gameplay.

All of this does not include the mind-boggling replayability that comes with testing new classes and masteries and coming up with some badass builds.

Upcoming Chapters for Last Epoch

Upcoming Chapters for Last Epoch

Last Epoch’s time-bending adventure uniquely positions its campaign to keep on expanding. Vigilant players have noticed the unresolved nature of the current campaign and thus we expect more to come. Nine chapters don’t feel like they are enough to tell the entire rich history of the land.

Sadly, it has been a long time since any new chapter has been added to the mix, there is a glimmer of hope as per the developers.

Eleventh Hour Games, the studio behind Last Epoch, has promised us three new chapters are in the works.

We have no clue what eras, lore, and timelines will these new chapters unfold. Neither do we know the release date for the new chapters. We just have to hold on to our horses till the new chapters get cooked.

In the meantime, Last Epoch’s epic replayability and build experimentation will have to hold us over.

Last Epoch’s campaign is unique compared to other ARPGs out there. It is not a one-and-done kind of deal since the story spans across multiple eras in the world of Eterra. The potential of extensive timelines and new eras opens up endless possibilities for the developers to explore new and exciting chapters in its twisted lands.