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13 Best Ways To Keep A Gaming Laptop Cool

13 Best Ways To Keep A Gaming Laptop Cool

Making sure that your laptop is cool is an important thing to keep in mind when you’re going through an extensive gaming session. Any person who uses gaming laptops knows the importance of cooling in the overall system. If you are new to the world of gaming, you will learn all about the principles of cooling your gaming laptop in this article.

Gaming laptops have demanding workloads which lead to heat being generated in the hardware. This overheating can cause performance issues in the laptop. The best kind of laptop setup keeps all of its components cool enough without affecting the overall performance. Gaming laptops are created specifically to provide high performance. They often have to facilitate heavy, demanding tasks.

The graphics processing unit of a gaming laptop has to work extra in order to provide good performance and quality images during the games. For continued good performance, these special processing parts have specific voltage and thermal demands. If the GPU heats beyond the specified range, it could greatly affect the overall performance of the gaming PC. Many newer GPUs come with advanced thermal regulation technologies.

Here is everything you need to know about how to keep your laptop cool:

Heat and Performance


Heat is an unavoidable by-product of any computer hardware but too much heat can result in performance issues in the computer. Overheating often results in the computer system slowing down. When the CPU temperature gets too high, a mechanism is triggered which reduces the performance of the computer.

This is done in order to avoid damages to the processor. This is known as dynamic frequency scaling. It keeps the processor protected from any potential damage.

There are more parts other than the CPU that need temperature management. In gaming computers, the GPU is a critical part. The GPU is the graphics processing unit. This part of gaming computers/laptops must also be kept cool at all times.

Most laptops have pre-installed GPU cooling systems. GPU cooling systems are usually made up of fans that surround the graphics processor. You can find other cooling solutions as well. These include liquid cooling blocks and custom coolers.

It is very important to remember to keep both the GPU and the CPU cool. Both these parts are the primary processing centers of a gaming computer or laptop. Therefore, it is important to keep them both cool so as to not compromise the performance of your gaming unit. In addition to the CPU and GPU, there is other hardware that you should pay close attention to in terms of heating.

How Do Processors Stay Cool?

There are many different ways through which a CPU is kept cool. Mineral oil and passive cooling are some of these techniques. Though the most popular way is through either air or liquid CPU coolers. There are many different features and options for these coolers. They can be used in all sorts of cases from desktop computers or portable devices.

Laptops usually use more complicated cooling systems. Laptop cooling systems are designed to be smaller and cannot be upgraded or replaced. Thermal paste is the bridge between the CPU and cooling plate of the CPU cooler. Thus, it is very important that the thermal paste is correctly applied.

Additional Hardware To Pay Attention To

All electricity consuming hardware or components produce heat. This is essentially every part of the gaming laptop. Therefore, it is important that a cooling system is incorporated into the overall laptop. different parts of a gaming laptop come with different ways to deal with heat.

The RAM usually has a metal heat sink, that is made specifically to disperse heat. The power supply parts have fans that are also designed for the purpose of heat dispersion. Motherboards also have heatsinks that take care of the parts that get hot. Some more modern features include heat shields that help prevent potential shutdowns that might be caused by overheating.

All the above-mentioned features work to move the heat away from the components. After the heat has been moved away from the main laptop components it is dispersed into a small area inside the laptop case. The case needs to be properly ventilated or else the temperature can rise very quickly. If the case is not ventilated this can result in overheating and performance issues. This is why airflow is very important in gaming laptops and computers.

Factors that Contribute to Overheating

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Positive airflow in gaming laptops means that the fans within the system bring more cool air than that us being expelled from within the system. Negative airflow is when more air is being taken out of the system than there is cool air being brought into the system. Equal airflow is when equal amounts of air are being taken in and out of the system.

It is usually assumed that negative airflow would be the most beneficial but the vacuum created through this kind of airflow can cause problems. The best airflow system is the positive airflow system as more cool air is taken into the system without the creation of a vacuum.

Placement of The Gaming Laptop

The physical position of your gaming laptop is extremely important. The laptop needs to be placed in a way that ensures maximum airflow. That means that the position of the laptop needs to make sure that warm air is constantly being taken out into the environment and cooler air is being taken into the laptop system.

This also means that the gaming laptop needs to be placed in a cool environment. If the laptop is in an already hot environment, then the air being sucked in will also be warm. The laptop will simply be circulating warm air within the system. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the temperature of the environment in which the laptop is placed. The gaming laptop must be placed in cooler rooms.

The Cast of the Laptop

The structure of the case of the laptop or the computer can also play a role in overheating. A more spaced-out system remains cooler due to the extra space provided due to the structure. Spaced out systems also have clever pathways for the flow of air through the laptop. The clearer airways mean that there is a clear path through which the heat can escape the device.


Fans are probably one of the most important factors to consider when talking about the heating of laptops. Fans play a major role in the ventilation and airflow of the laptop. The size, speed, pressure etc. of fans are important factors in determining their effectiveness. Larger fans provide higher amounts of air displacement. Faster fans circulate air more quickly and provide better cooling. Slower fans tend to be quieter but are not as effective in terms of cooling.

Static fans are used in areas with more restricted airflow. They are used to move the air around in the structure of the laptop.

The direction of the airflow is also an important factor to be considered. The movement of the air should be from the front to the back and from the top to the bottom. The fans in the laptop need to be signed and positioned according to this. This alignment makes it possible for the heat to be removed from the laptop in all directions.


Keeping the system in the gaming laptop or computer is very important. clean, clear airways help in removing the heat quicker and more effectively. Dust particles can also act as heat insulators. This means that dust particles can play a role in the overheating of electrical components of the gaming laptop. Positive airflow pressure is when the fans pull in more air, and negative airflow pressure is when more air is being pushed out than there is being pulled in.

In case of the negative airflow pressure air is pulled through vents and gaps. This can cause nearby dust particles to be pulled into the laptop body.

Dust filters can be attached as a preventive measure. These filters keep dust particles from entering the laptop system. Dust filters for laptops can easily be found online.

As mentioned above negative airflow can cause dust to get moved into the laptop system from the environment. Positive airflow is helpful in preventing the movement of dust particles into the laptop body.

How to Keep Your Laptop Cool


To keep your gaming laptop or computer properly cool you need to take many factors into consideration. The following tips can be used to keep your laptop cool and ensure the best gaming experience.

1.      Put the Gaming Laptop on A Hard Flat Surface

The surface on which the laptop is placed is very important. Certain parts of the laptop tend to get more heated, and it is important that these areas have good airflow in their surroundings. If the laptop is surrounded by clothes or blankets, these can act as heat insulators and cause the laptop to overheat. Flat, hard surfaces provide better airflow and greatly help in the circulation of cool air through the inlets and outlets.

The cooling system of laptops usually relies on fans that used to pull in cool air from the surrounding to a vent inside the case of the laptop. Fans are also used to remove the hot air from within the laptop body to the surrounding environment through outlets. Having bulky objects in the surrounding can obstruct the airflow and reduce the effectiveness of the air circulation system.

2.      Laptop Coolers

Laptop coolers are a cheap and effective way to keep your gaming laptop from overheating. Since gaming laptops produce a lot of what you will need, a cooler that performs very well. It is suggested that you invest in a laptop cooler with a lot of fans when using a gaming laptop.

Laptop coolers come in all different shapes and sizes. There are coolers that can be used on the bed as well. Using these coolers you will not be restricted to having to use your laptop on a flat surface like a table or desk.

3.      Keep The Air Pathways And The Fans Clean

It is natural for the dust to accumulate in space over different spans of time. Likewise, dust tends to acclimate in the cooling systems of gaming laptops and computers. Dust can act as heat insulators and can greatly affect the heating of the laptop. In desktops, preventive measures can be applied to prevent the acclimation of dust. Unfortunately, that is not an option for laptops.

Given the design of laptops adding dust filters as a preventive measure is not possible. For gaming laptops, your only option is to get the laptop checked and serviced by professionals every year.

If you want to clean the cooling system yourself you will need to use an air compressor or a can of compressed air. Use this compressed air to blow into the vents. Continue until you do not see any dust coming out of the vents or holes of the laptop. Clean fans are very important to a good cooling system. Avoid using vacuums to clean fans since this can produce a lot of damage to the internal components of the laptop.

It is recommended that you get your cooling system checked professionally. Professionals can help do a thorough checkup of the laptop and look for any other issues that might be causing the overheating.

4.      Avoid Sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause problems to laptops and other electronics as well. It is important to keep your laptop out of direct sunlight at all times. It should be kept away from the sun both when it’s in use and when it’s not in use. It is known that sunlight heats objects and places them up very much. Too much heat can distort the plastic parts within the laptop.

Using the laptop in the sun will raise the internal temperature of the laptop much faster and to higher degrees. If the laptop is used like this for long periods of time then it can negatively affect the lifespan and performance of the different components of the gaming laptop. Keeping your laptop in hot environments like hot cars or rooms can have a similar effect on its internal components.

5. Keep An Eye On The Fans Of The Laptop

Fans are probably the most important part of the cooling system of a laptop. Having fans that are not working properly or not working at all can be a major cause of overheating in the device. While using your gaming laptop if you notice that no noise is coming from it you might need to get it checked.

No noise from a laptop, while it is in use, means that the fans might be damaged. Without a functional fan, the laptop will heat up to alarming degrees very quickly, which causes major damages to other components of the laptop. Therefore it is important to get it to check on time.

A rattling sound from the fans means that the fans might be worn out. In this case, it is important to get the fans replaced. Since the internal system of laptops is compact and delicate, you must visit a professional when getting the fans of your laptop checked or replaced.

6. Using Software For Temperature Monitoring

There is lots of different software that functions to keep you informed about the temperatures of the different components of the system. Using these you can keep a close eye on the functioning of these different parts. There are also software packages that help you monitor the speed of the fans and that also give you updates with temperature information. 

This helps you keep a check on the internal temperature of your gaming laptop and also on the performance of different internal components.

7. Capability Of Hardware

The capacity and capability of the hardware of your gaming laptop should also be taken into consideration. If your hardware is old and you are using a modern operating system, this can cause issues and performance problems.

If the hardware is older it will expend more load trying to do basic tasks, increasing the overall internal temperature. More batteries will also be used in order to sustain the operation of the CPU and GPU. in this case the only solution is to get a new gaming computer.

8. Check Settings On The Laptop

It is important to make sure that there are no settings that hinder the performance of the fan. Make sure to check the fan control settings to see if they can handle the heat that might be produced by your laptop.

9. Do Not Overload Your Laptop

Try to keep the number of programs running on your laptop to a minimum. Having too many programs running puts a load on the processor and hence leads to overheating. Keeping the number of tabs open low will help both with the laptop’s performance and the heating.

10. Check The Power Setting Of Your Laptop

Laptops usually come with a few different settings for the management of power consumption. There are certain settings that help keep the computer cooler. If you have a windows laptop your options are;

  • Changing the power plan to balanced
  • Changing the system cooling policy setting to balanced.

11. Placement of the laptop

You should try to keep your gaming device away from vents and windows. Make sure that you are not using your laptop in areas that have high temperatures. Windows get a lot of sunlight so it is smart to keep your system away from a window. In addition, changing the position of the laptop frequently is also helpful.

You must also make sure that the positioning of the laptop is not an obstacle to the airflow. For the best performance, it is important that there is space around all sides of the laptop for good airflow.

12. Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is a substance that is used on different components of the laptops internal system. It is in the form of a paste and it takes heat away from the processor and the GPU. This paste-like substance helps in transferring heat away from the processing units and into the heatsink of the laptop. This keeps the entire system from overheating.

This paste dries up over time. The drier it becomes the less effective it becomes at dispersing heat. There is also a chance the thermal paste has been poorly applied by the manufacturer, which results in less heat being dispersed. Therefore reapplying this thermal paste can be helpful in keeping your gaming laptop from overheating. A better quality thermal paste helps cool down the entire system even when the game is on a heavy load.

Though it must be kept in mind that the reapplication of thermal paste is a delicate process and the type of thermal paste being used differs depending on your laptop model. Therefore it is suggested that you go to a professional to get thermal paste reapplied to your laptop.

  1. Try Undervolting the CPU to reduce heat

These days due to a competitive market, CPUs have been made to run faster and faster. This increase in the speed of processors can also lead to the processors overheating very quickly. Undervolting is a solution to this.

Undervolting refers to a process through which the voltage that goes to the CPU is reduced. This may confuse you. Because why would anyone want to reduce the power the CPU gets? It must be kept in mind that most of the heat being produced in a laptop comes from the CPU and its processes.

The higher the voltage the CPU gets the more what it is bound to produce. Undervolting can help greatly decrease the heat being produced by the CPU without affecting the speed of the processor too much. Since undervolting reduces the heat being produced by the processor this also lowers the chances of your laptop overheating during gaming.

Surprisingly, undervolting the CPU can also increase the performance of your laptop in terms of gaming. If you want to learn how to undervolt your CPU there are many helpful tutorials present on YouTube that can help you in learning the process.



Reducing the overheating of your gaming laptop or computer can not only ensure good performance but also helps in the longevity of the internal components. Because of the design of laptops, their internal components are usually placed very close to one another.

This means that if one part overheats it can have an effect on the components in the surrounding area. Therefore it is important to keep a check on all the different parts of the laptop that produce heat. The physical ways in which you can reduce or control overheating of the components of your gaming laptop have been mentioned above.

Once the physical adjustments to the gaming laptop or computer have been made, you can also invest in applying cooling software to the CPU and GPU of the gaming device. The use of cooling software in addition to the aforementioned physical consideration should greatly help in keeping your gaming laptop from overheating.

Properly placed radiators are also very effective in terms of keeping a gaming laptop cool. Fans are the prime operators in the circulation of air within the laptop system. The effectiveness of the fans depends upon their size, speed, alignment etc.

Keeping the gaming laptop or computer clean and taking preventive measures in order to avoid the build-up of dust is also important. Since dust can act as heat insulators and therefore cause overheating in the system. Keeping the gaming device dust-free is an effective way to avoid overheating.

Hopefully using these tips will be able to significantly reduce the overheating of your gaming laptop. If you can get the overheating to stop even after using these tips it is suggested that you go to a professional to get your laptop thoroughly checked.