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How To Skip The Campaign in Last Epoch

How To Skip The Campaign in Last Epoch

Looking to quickly access end-game content for your alternate characters in Last Epoch? Unlike other ARPGs, Last Epoch has several ways to skip the campaign. You only need to know the most efficient route to do this. This is where our extensive research will come into play. We have put together the most effective route to skipping the campaign in Last Epoch.


The guide is split into what levels you need to be on at certain points in the game and the things you need to do. Follow along!

Requirements For Skipping the Campaign in Last Epoch

Campaign Skip Requirements - Dungeons keys

Before we embark on the campaign skip journey, you must have the following keys to the three dungeons in the Last Epoch:

  • Lightless Arbor Key
  • Soulfire Bastion Key
  • Temporal Sanctum Key

These keys drop from pretty much anywhere in the game. You’ll accumulate them passively while playing the game so you needn’t worry about actively looking for them.

Do keep in mind that entering the dungeon will consume the key, and if you die in the dungeon, you will have to find another key. Make sure to level up appropriately before accessing the dungeons.

Level 1 to Level 25

Sanctum Bastille

You’re going to be running through the Ruined Era and completing the Sanctum Bastille then go into the Imperial Era.

A Study in Time

Do not finish the Imperial Era but instead look for the A Study in Time side quest. Finish this extremely cool time-traveling quest to level up and gather the reward from the quest.

Level 25

Lightless Arbor Dungeon

By this point, you’ll be level 25. This is the level requirement for tier one of Lightless Arbor Dungeon. Lightless Arbor is found in the Ruined Era shortly after The Council Chambers.

You can right-click on the key to show you the exact location of the Dungeon. This applies to all the keys and dungeons.

Lightless Arbor is your gold dump dungeon with a very straightforward mechanic to tackle. At the end of the dungeon, you can spend gold to get different chests with different rewards. It is a great dungeon for farming runes and items.

Level 26 to Level 35

The Oracle's Abode

When you are done with the previous path, you will show up in Risen Lake in the Imperial Era. From here, our next target is the Soulfire Bastion dungeon. Before we dive into the dungeon, you must unlock the dungeon’s waypoint but continue with the campaign normally.

Whenever I’m telling you to run through the campaign that means checking for side quests along the way. If you see a side quest that gives you a passive and/or an Idol slot reward, make sure you do that side quest.

From Risen Lake go towards The Fallen Tower up until you reach The Oracle’s Abode. This point will be a bit later in the campaign so level up along the way.

The reason for reaching the Oracle’s Abode is important for unlocking the Temporal Sanctum area. When you first arrive at Shining Cove, the door to the area is locked. To access that area you do need to continue to The Oracle’s Abode and pick up a side quest called The Sapphire Tablet.

This quest will end up opening the door and you can unlock the waypoint to the Temporal Sanctum.

Level 36 to Level 45

Fall Of The Outcasts alternate timeline

Now let’s head over to the End of Time and enter the Monolith of Fate. From here we are looking for the Fall Of The Outcasts alternate timeline. Go ahead and start doing the nodes or maps within this timeline. Do be careful; this is a level 58 timeline; hence, you’ll be severely under-leveled for the job.

There are a couple of different things you can do here if you’re struggling in the Monolith of Fate. You can leave the map and reenter and it’ll spawn new monsters to fight. There is a chance that the game will spawn enemies that deal with certain damage types that you are not adequately resistant to.

You can leave and go back in to reset the monsters. Once you do find monsters that you can kill efficiently without dying I do recommend just clearing that full map. We’re not looking for full Echo completion here. Ideally, with effective killing, you’ll be leveling up quite often and accumulating a huge sum of XP.

There is no penalty for dying in these timelines so you can keep on engaging these tough enemies without any repercussions.

You can also always resume the regular campaign to level up a bit before facing the horrors of the Monolith of Fate. Keep mowing down enemies until you reach level 45.

Level 45

Soulfire Bastion Dungeon  - Last Epoch Skip Campaign

Now that you are level 45, it is time to head to Soulfire Bastion Dungeon. This dungeon has a special mechanic where as you’re going through you can collect Souls which you can use at the Soul Gambler at the end of the dungeon for some really strong items.

There is a shield alternating mechanic in here, too, where you can switch between a fire-resistant shield and a necrotic-resistant shield. Depending on the incoming damage type, quickly swap between the shields.

Kolheim Pass  - Last Epoch Skip Campaign

The dungeon has nothing to write home about and you will blow past it in no time. The only point of completing this dungeon is to bypass a huge chunk of the campaign and reach Kolheim Pass.

Go towards the east side of the map and pick up the Liberating the Nomads side quest. Complete the quest and move further down to the town of Heoborea to turn it in and get yourself some nice rewards.

Level 46 to Level 60

With the previous part done, it is time to return to the Monolith of Fate. It is just a matter of farming the enemies like before to reach level 60. You should be able to complete the Fall of the Outcasts timeline if your build is strong enough and hopefully RNG is on your side.

If not, remember you can always craft in this game to help get the items you want.

Level 60

Temporal Sanctum  - Last Epoch Skip Campaign

Once you’ve hit level 60, we are nearing the end of the campaign skip. Now it is just a matter of completing the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. Tier one of the dungeon has a level requirement of 55 and thus can be bested if you are level 60. If you want, you can always attempt higher tiers, but just be aware of losing the key if you end up dying.

Temporal Sanctum is the dungeon that you use if you want to craft a legendary item. You have to have an Exalted item that has four affix slots full on it and a Unique item with at least one Legendary Power. You can craft the item at the end of the dungeon.

The boss at the end of the dungeon Chronomancer Julra is going to be a tough nut to crack. Level up before engaging or asking others for help is a good approach.

Maj'Elka Upper District. - Last Epoch Skip Campaign

Once you’ve completed the Temporal sanctum, you’ll emerge in Radiant Dunes in the Divine Era. Next, run over to Maj’Elka Upper District. There will be two side quests that you can grab here; Desert Treasure and Arjani, the Ruby Commander. Complete both of these quests to get idol slots and passive rewards.

Now continue progressing through the main story from here all the way to the end. You will complete the campaign and still unlock your permanent plus one to all attribute points.

Following this guide will unlock all the passive and idol rewards up to this point and you won’t be weak for the end-game. And this is by far the shortest and most rewarding campaign skip in Last Epoch.

We highly recommend beginners play the whole campaign like they are supposed to when they are first starting. You will miss out on a lot of details if you apply this skip in your initial playthrough. Leave the campaign skip for veteran Last Epoch players who want to level up their alternate characters and swiftly unlock the endgame.