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How to save Wrex in Mass Effect (Easy Guide)

How to save Wrex in Mass Effect (Easy Guide)

During the Virmire: Assault mission in the original Mass Effect, Wrex stands off against Shepard. If things don’t go well, you could end up having to kill him. So what if you wanted to save Wrex? This guide will discuss all you need to know about saving Wrex in Mass Effect.

An easy way to save Wrex in Mass Effect is by completing his Loyalty Mission. And retrieving his family armor before the Virmire: Assault mission. Alternatively, Shepard can use his high Paragon or Renegade score. Either Charm or Intimidate Wrex into standing down during the standoff.

The original Mass Effect was set in a densely populated world and had a riveting story. And you could influence the outcomes you would receive by actively engaging with the characters and their story. If you’re bent on trying to save Wrex. Then continue reading this article to find out everything you need.

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Saving Wrex in Mass Effect

Wrex - Mass Effect
Wrex – Mass Effect

If you’ve recently played Mass Effect, originally released in 2007. Then you know that many scenarios can leave you in shock and awe. One of the most engaging moments of the game is when in the Virmire: Assault mission, Wrex, a member of your squad, draws his gun to confront your character.

Wrex is concerned about Shepard’s, your character, intentions to destroy the Saren base. The problem is that this particular base houses a cure for the Krogan Genophage. Which is a deadly biological weapon used by the Turians and Salarians as a form of population control.

Shepard, Wrex, and the rest of the team can discover that a cure has been found in Saren. This occurs near the end of the game. And Wrex shows anger, frustration, and rejection when Shepard highlights his idea to destroy the Saren base with the cure. If you can’t calm Wrex down, then you will have to kill him.

1) How to Save Wrex in The Virmire: Assault Mission

Standing Off against Wrex - Mass Effect
Standing Off against Wrex – Mass Effect

You will receive the decision regarding whether to spare or kill Wrex during the Virmire: Assault mission. The central theme revolves around Wrex and the Genophage. This is a non-skippable section that you experience at the Salarian Base Camp right after the opening Mako section.

After arriving at the camp, you and everyone else will be informed of the cure found at Saren’s base by Captain Kirrahe. When discussing a plan on how to deal with the situation, Wrex will chime in angrily regarding the plan to destroy Saren’s base because it will also destroy the cure.

The challenge most new players end up fumbling with is cooperating with Wrex to stand down, especially when it comes to something that the character is so incredibly passionate about. To successfully get Wrex to calm down, you will need either 8 Charm Points or 8 Intimidate Points.

  • If you have 8 Charm Points, pick the dialogue option, “These aren’t your people!” This will convince Wrex to stand down. Additionally, you will receive +28 Paragon Points.
  • If you have 8 Intimidate Points, pick “Don’t be so naive” This convinces Wrex to stand down. Additionally, it will give you +9 Renegade Points

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2) Completing the Wrex: Family Armor Quest

Wrex's Family Armor - Mass Effect
Wrex’s Family Armor – Mass Effect

If you’re looking for an even easier solution to calm down Wrex. Then we have just the solution to help you out. However, this particular solution will take longer and require more effort on your part. To get Wrex to stand down, simply complete his Loyalty Mission, and retrieve his family armor.

You can trigger this mission if you ensure that Shepard talks to Wrex after every Main Story Mission. You should especially ensure that you ask questions regarding Wrex’s family. If you build up enough trust, then Wrex will eventually explain that his family armor was taken by Turians.

As Shepard, you can then embark on a quest to recover the lost family armor. You can go to the planet Tuntau in the Phoenix System in Argos Rho. And can retrieve the armor back from the Turian pirate named Tonn Actus. Simply return to Wrex and give him his armor. This should secure his loyalty.

You will still have to select the “I wouldn’t do this otherwise” or the “We are” options when Wrex asks if the team is destroying Saren’s base.

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3) Getting Wrex to Stand Down Automatically

Squadmates Selection - Mass Effect
Squadmates Selection – Mass Effect

The final method that can be used to get Wrex to stand down on Virmire is quite odd. It relies on an internal failsafe within the game, that does not allow you to remove all your potential squadmates. If, when you arrive in Virmire, you have only four squadmates, then Wrex will stand down automatically.

You can only have Kaiden, Ashley, Tale, and Wrex himself in your lineup. Refuse to allow Garrus to join the squad until after Virmire. You will also need to avoid going to Therum and finding Liara.

The game at this point will require Shepard to have three squadmates, but due to Ashley or Kaiden being left behind, Wrex will be forced to stand down without a morality check or securing loyalty.

That’s all there is to it, folks! This is how you can make sure that you save Wrex in Mass Effect. And you can get him as a squadmate in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 when you continue through your saved game progress.