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Ultimate Guide To The Mastermind in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Mastermind in Dead by Daylight

The Mastermind or Albert Wesker is the iconic killer from the Resident Evil franchise. He was added back in August 2022 with the Chapter 25 DLC in Dead by Daylight. What makes this killer a standout? Does he come packing with a good set of perks and which ones are worth upgrading? What are his abilities and powers? All this is more will be covered in this ultimate guide to The Mastermind.

The Mastermind is a one-on-one chase specialist. His Uroborus Infection slows survivors down as you continually grab them. The virus also builds up over time. Additionally, his Virulent Bound ability turns most chases in your favor. He is easy to understand and an effective killer.


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Mastermind in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Mastermind (Albert Wesker) good for beginners?

The Mastermind (Albert Wesker)

The Mastermind is a great killer for beginners. His powers are easy to grasp although you must first practice with them. The Virulent Bound ability is a pretty straightforward lunge attack, making most chases insignificant.

The Uroboros Infection is also another thing that passively builds as you grab survivors and they have to find the cure for it, slowing them down in the meantime. This killer is a good combination of not very complex and powerful enough to attract novices.

Are The Mastermind Perks worth upgrading?

Superior Anatomy is an excellent perk for catching up to survivors after they vaulted. When used at the right time, survivors won’t be able to outrun you by vaulting, you can just as quickly close the distance and grab them to finish them off.

Awakened Awareness is great at spotting survivors and planning your next move. Upgrade it as soon as possible to increase the radius of this perk for a better reach.

What are The Mastermind Perks?

The Mastermind has 3 unique perks with three tier levels in Dead by Daylight:

Superior Anatomy

Superior Anatomy

When a Survivor performs a Rush Vault action within 8 meters of you, this perk kicks in:

  • Increases your Vaulting speed by 30/35/40 % the next time you vault a Window.
  • Superior Anatomy deactivates after vaulting.
  • This perk has a cool-down of 30 seconds.
Awakened Awareness

Awakened Awareness

While carrying a Survivor, the Auras of all other Survivors are revealed to you when they are within 16/18/20 meters of your location.



Once the Exit Gates are powered, this perk activates:

  • All Survivors, who are either injured, dying, or hooked, suffer from the Broken Status Effect until the Exit Gates are opened.
  • This effect lingers for an additional 20/25/30 seconds after the Exit Gates are open.

What Weapon does The Mastermind have?

Combat Knife

Wesker carries the Combat Knife as his main weapon. This unassumingly ordinary weapon contrasts the polar opposite hidden infectious monstrosity of this heavily experimented-on super soldier.

What Powers does The Mastermind have?

Virulent Bound

This killer starts off with 2 charges of Virulent Bound power. It is basically a special lunge attack that needs to be charged up before executing. The first lunge is shorter while the second covers a massive distance.

When the Virulent Bound lands on a survivor, there are a few outcomes; the attack will grab the survivor and push them into a wall damaging them in the process, and if there are no solid objects then the killer will throw the survivor directly in front and if they hit a wall they will receive damage, if there is no wall then they fall to the ground without any damage, they can run away at this point.

Each time you grab a survivor they will get Infected. You need to grab them multiple times before they reach a Critically Infected state. Fully infected survivors will get inflicted by the Hindered Status Effect, slowing them down.

If you grab a fully infected survivor, you will instantly carry them without needing to down them. Uroboros Infection builds over time too.

To cure the infection, survivors must find a randomly placed Supply Case to get their hands on a First Aid Spray. While using the spray, their location is briefly revealed to the killer.

Is The Mastermind fun to play?

Is The Mastermind (Albert Wesker) fun to play?

The Mastermind in Dead by Daylight is tons of fun. This killer is an expert at straight-line chases. Easy to pick up and comparatively easier to master. The Virulent Bound ability turns this killer into a rocket, ready to destroy anyone who stands in his path.

You should practice the right use of this ability, controlling the second burst is somewhat harder but very rewarding. It is a great killer for noobs and a menace in the hands of veterans. He only lacks map control, mass slowdown, and tracking, which can be countered with different perks.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Mastermind?

 tips and tricks - The Mastermind (Albert Wesker)?

Here are some tips that you can employ when playing as The Mastermind in Dead by Daylight:

  • The Uroborus Tendril add-on increases the speed of the killer while he is charging his Bound ability. It counters the slowdown that comes with the ability, giving you better mobility when you are getting ready to lunge.
  • Add-ons like Leather Gloves lower the time in between Virulent Bound charges. Perfect for swift subsequent lunges.
  • The throw after the grab is a good way of hurting survivors but try to use the power when the survivor is near a surface. This way, even after you slam them into a wall, they won’t get too far away from you and you can continue the chase.
  • The Virulent Bound’s first charge can used to move around the map swiftly. Do not use both since the cooldown will be longer and you might need that for end chases.
  • The second charge of the Virulent Bound ability propels the killer much farther. Practice this particular lunge. Many times in your effort to catch prey, you end up over-shooting yourself totally missing the mark. On the other hand, it is perfect for grabbing distant unsuspecting survivors.
  • Charge the power while chasing and try to lure the survivors into a straight line and then fire the ability. If done right, there is no way they can outrun you.
  • Focus your attention on survivors who are fully infected since they are slower and the Virulent Bound ability will insta-carry them.
  • You can quickly vault over anything by thrusting into it while using the Bound ability. Really helpful to keep up the pressure in a chase.
  • You can toss one survivor into another and they both take damage. If you line them up just right, this is the best way of taking two birds with one stone.

Albert Wesker is an incredibly simple and powerful killer. His power thrusts him all over the trial and the joy of grabbing your victim and slamming them into a wall is oh so satisfying. A good recommendation for newcomers and veterans alike.