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Astronomy Table Bug in Hogwarts Legacy (Can You Fix It?)

Astronomy Table Bug in Hogwarts Legacy (Can You Fix It?)

Hogwarts Legacy just came out but like all action-adventure games released these days, Hogwarts Legacy has its fair share of bugs and glitches-especially ones that pretty much make side quests soft-locked. It’s pretty much the same case with the Astronomy table in Hogwarts Legacy, so here’s what you can do to fix it.

The Astronomy table is sometimes bugged in Hogwarts Legacy after aligning the stars in the mini-game, but nothing really happens. You can fix this by tweaking the Engine.ini and GameUserSettings.ini files. Alternatively, let the countdown timer expire, abandon the quest, and initiate another side quest.

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Astronomy Table Quest – Hogwarts Legacy

Astronomy Table Bug Hogwarts Legacy

When you first make it to Astronomy class, Professor Shah will enlighten you regarding the existence of these tables. Later, Amit reveals to you that he’s found an Astronomy Table. You scour the ruins to find your first Astronomy Table.

The Astronomy Table gives you a little mini-game where you align the stars with a pre-disposed layout. Line up the stars to finish the mini-game. The first table you find with Amit reveals the Lyra Constellation. You can find a total of 15 Astronomy Tables:

  • Lyra Constellation – Astronomy Class Quest
  • Phoenix Constellation – Hidden Herbology Corridor Path
  • Draco Constellation – Forbidden Forest
  • Leo Constellation – Upper Hogsfield
  • Scorpio Constellation – North of Hogwarts Castle
  • Corvus Constellation – Southwest of Brucborrow
  • Capricornus Constellation – Keenbridge
  • Horologium Constellation – Feldcroft, Southwest of Rookwood Castle
  • Lacerta Constellation – North Feldcroft
  • Centaurus Constellation – San Bakar Tower
  • Lupus Constellation – Clagmar Castle
  • Hydra Constellation – South Poidsear Coast
  • Canis Major Constellation – South of Coastal Mine Floo Flame
  • Saggitarius Constellation – Henrietta’s Hideaway
  • Cetus Constellation – Cragcroft

Astronomy Table Bug in Hogwarts Legacy?

Astronomy Table Bug Hogwarts Legacy

Currently, players are reporting that the Astronomy Table isn’t working quite as they expected. The stars don’t shine brightly as they do on other copies of the game. When aligned, players don’t get output or response from the game suggesting that they’ve completed the table and aligned everything properly.

Rebooting or relaunching the game won’t fix this issue for some reason. But there is a fix that works for this issue in Hogwarts Legacy and it isn’t as straightforward as one would expect.

How to Fix Bugged Astronomy Table in Hogwarts Legacy?

Edit The .ini Files

Find the GameUserSettings.ini file.

  • To do this, navigate to C:\Users\PCNAME\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.
  • Open up the .ini file in a text document and scroll down and locate sg.EffectsQuality and change the value to 4.
  • If that doesn’t work, then this will help. Locate the Engine.ini file in the same directory.
  • Scroll down to r.BloomQuality and change the value to 5.

Leave the Quest

Another method to fix the bugged Astronomy Table in Hogwarts Legacy is to just let the countdown timer deplete and leave the area. Abandon the quest entirely and busy yourself with another side quest. Afterward, come back to the Astronomy table quest and redo it. That should fix this issue too.


If you’ve done everything right, the Astronomy Table bug should resolve itself. Now you can set out to find all the Astronomy Tables and earn those juicy rewards. But remember, you can only get them via the Quests Tab in the menu!