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How to get the Map in The Forest (Easy Guide)

How to get the Map in The Forest (Easy Guide)

If you’re new to The Forest and have been finding it hard to navigate the Peninsula without a compass or a map like most games provide, that’s because you have to find the map and compass in this game.

Head out of The Forest and find the White Mountain. Head in the opposite direction till you find a cliff. Walk left along the edge of the cliff till you find a hut. Follow the hut’s dust path until you stumble upon the village. Find the cave and climb down it. You’ll find the map and the compass.


Fortunately for you, you’ll find the compass next to the game’s map. But finding it without dying multiple times can be pretty hard. But if you’re a straight-up newbie in The Forest, you can still pull it off with no sweat.

Find the White Mountain in The Forest

The White Mountain
The White Mountain in the Forest
  • Regardless of where you’ve spawned, you need to ensure you get out of the thick and dense forest into a grassland area. This is to ensure an overall better view of the surrounding regions.
  • Once you’re outside the thicker parts of the forest, you’ll need to locate the big white mountain to use as a reference point. We’re not heading in its direction.

Head to The Edge of The Map

Get the map in the Forest
Edge of the Map
  • Turn around and head exactly in the opposite direction. Avoid any cannibals, and don’t wander elsewhere, or you might get lost.
  • Now, you’ll reach the edge of the map with a cliff edge. Watch your step and start walking left along the side of the cliff.

Find The Hut and Village

  • After a few minutes, you’ll find a small hut. This is another reference point.
Hut along the Cliff.
  • Walk along the hut’s dusty path until you reach the village. This is the biggest village in the game so far.
  • Make sure to walk around it towards the right so as not to alert any cannibals.
  • Towards the end of the village, you’ll find a cave.
Cave in The Village
  • Go down the rope and you’ll see a small light shining.
  • Amongst the dead bodies, you’ll find the compass and the map.
How to Get the Map in The Forest
The map on the Floor.


Get The Map in The Forest
Map and Compass!

And that pretty much covers how to find the map in The Forest. And it’s blank? Well, the Forest, being a survival game, gives you a blank map, just like in Minecraft. Explore the Peninsula and its regions to uncover the whole picture. Till then, use the compass to get an idea of where you are.