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What to Do After Defeating the Wall of Flesh – Terraria

What to Do After Defeating the Wall of Flesh – Terraria

A long time ago, in a world before Terraria version 1.1, Skeletron was the final boss of the game. I started playing the game years ago on 1.1, and ever since then, the game has been massively updated.

Whether you’re gearing up to beat the fleshy monstrosity or you have finally taken him out, you’re gonna need to know exactly what to do next. There’s A LOT to cover here, but I’ll give you the best guide possible in the shortest amount of time. I’ll even give you tips on beating some of the hardest bosses, so normal and expert mode players will both benefit.

Check out your new world

Remember your home in the safety of the overworld? Well, all of that safety is thrown out the window. Not only is the Corruption (or Crimson) much deadlier, but there’s a new biome called the Hallow, which is basically the happier counterpart of the Corruption.

Unicorns and fairies abound in this biome, which can be farmed for some useful items. Both Corruption and Hallow spread at an alarming rate and the Corruption/Crimson can no longer be kept at bay with sunflowers.

New enemies and invasions can also happen during this time. Goblin invasions are ramped up in difficulty, and you can be invaded by pirates. A Solar Eclipse can also occur, which spawns Halloween type monsters like Vampires, Frankensteins, and Reapers. Later on in hardmode, you can get invaded by aliens, but you don’t have to worry about that yet.

In addition to these overworld changes, new biomes and ores are found underground. Underground versions of the Hallow and Corruption/Crimson have appeared in place of normal underground areas, and are extremely deadly to early hardmode players.

You won’t have access to any new ores just yet though, as you’ll need to spawn them in the world using a tool given to you by the Wall of Flesh.

Destroy the alters

The Pwnhammer is a pretty decent weapon dropped by the Wall, but combat isn’t it’s main function. The Pwnhammer is able to break Demon Alters, which causes hardmode ores to spawn randomly underground.

You’ll find the bulk of these alters in the Crimson/Corruption, but some of them are randomly found throughout the world. As soon as you start breaking them, the world will immediately spawn a couple of Wraiths and will spawn more each time you break one.

In addition to hardmode Corruption being more difficult to survive in, Wraiths are very deadly to early hardmode players. Use a penetrating weapon to slice through a group of them, and you should be able to survive.

There are 3 tiers of ore that the alters spawn:

  • Tier 1 – Cobalt/Palladium
  • Tier 2 – Mythril/Orichalcum
  • Tier 3 – Adamantium/Titanium

The first alter you break will spawn a tier 1, the second a tier 2, and the third a tier 3. After the third one, you’ll get a tier 1 ore and the cycle continues.

Tier 3 ores are really hard to find, so you should strive to break as many alters as you can find. SAVE ONE ALTER NEAR YOUR HOUSE, as you’ll need it to craft items in the future. Breaking all of them will mean you have to make another world for crafting certain items, and that would be an annoying hassle.

Dig up some ores

With your newly spawned ores in the world, it’s time to actually go collect them. Keep in mind that you can only mine a tier of ore with tools made from the previous tier, so you’ll need to collect all 3 to get the next best armors available to you.

To farm a tier 1, you’ll need a Molten Pickaxe. You probably already have one, so use a spelunker potion to find gear. The deeper you go, the better ores you’ll find. You’ll find the most tier 1 ore towards the start of the cavern layer, so focus your efforts in that area.

Personally, I don’t make armor or weapons using a tier 1. Simply make a pickaxe of tier 1 ore and get to mining the next tier. The armor and weapons you get from these ores are decent, but not worth wasting your time on.

Take your new pickaxe (or drill) and head back down underground. You’ll start to see an increase of tier 2 towards the cavern layer center, so drink another spelunker potion and start mining.

This time, you’ll need to make a new anvil to craft the next level pickaxe. Only get enough of the next ore to craft the Orichalcum/Mythril anvil and pickaxe, then go searching for the tier 3 ore.

The best way to find tier 3 ore is to mine in the cavern layer directly above the underworld. You might have Imps spawning on you, but you can easily deal with them at this point. I’ve always had difficulty finding Titanium, as it’s dark color is hard to distinguish from other ores. You definitely need a spelunker potion, and a metal detector would also make your life much easier.

You need more of this ore to craft a bar than you do the other ores, so you’ll be spending a lot of time farming to get everything. The only items you’ll really need are the armor and pickaxe. There are much better weapons to spend your time farming, so don’t waste your time with these.

Get your first pair of wings

It’s time to be able to fly wherever you want! Wings give you the freedom to go pretty much wherever you want to. They don’t let you fly indefinitely though, but you can go a good distance before gliding.

Some of the first wings available to you are the angel and demon wings. For your first set of wings, farm 10 feathers, 20 Souls of Flight, and 15 Souls of Light/Night. Souls of Light will give you angel wings, while Souls of Night craft demon wings.

Feathers are found by slaying harpies on floating islands. While you’re on a floating island, long, snake-like monsters will spawn called Wyverns. You’ll need to defeat a couple of Wyverns to get all the Souls of Flight you’ll need, but it’ll be well worth it.

Farm for powerful gear

Now that you have the best armor available to you right now, it’s time to get weapons to slay the next bosses. One of my favorite weapons in the game, the Daedalus Stormbow, will help you absolutely wreck these bosses. This bow rains arrows from the sky, which becomes extremely deadly when paired with piercing arrows. Expert mode players will have a much more difficult time, but the Stormbow is an awesome tool to have.

To get the bow, you’ll need to slay a Hallowed Mimic until he drops it. Mimics are chests that turn into monsters when you get close, so you may run into a few while farming. Running into a naturally spawning Hallowed mimic is basically a death sentence for an early hardmode expert character, so stay away from large chests.

You’ll need to farm 15 Souls of Light for each spawn key that you need. Souls of Light are found in the Underground Hallow, so keep killing enemies until you get one. With the 15 souls, craft a Key of Light at a workbench, and place it into an empty chest to start the boss.

I recommend spawning it away from your NPC’s and on a sky bridge if possible. Ranged weapons such as the Clockwork Assault Rifle (dropped by the Wall of Flesh) are awesome to use against these minibosses.

Defeat the Hallowed Mimic until he drops the Daedalus Stormbow. You’ll get some other good gear along the way, but the bow is what you really need. With the bow in hand, you’re ready to start taking on some bosses.

Slay The Destroyer

The first boss you should fight is The Destroyer. He has the most health out of these bosses, but the bow will destroy him insanely easily. Holy Arrows are the ammo type you’ll need, which can be crafted with Pixie Dust, A Unicorn Horn, and wooden arrows. Around 1,000 arrows to start will be good enough. These arrows rain shooting stars on impact, allowing for massive damage.

Next, farm a Ranger Emblem from the Wall of Flesh. The emblem increases your ranged damage, so it’ll be an immense help in the fight. When you’re ready to fight, you’ll need a 6 Vertebrae/Rotten Chunks, 5 Iron/Lead bars, and 6 Souls of Night. Make sure you use a hardmode anvil to craft the Mechanical Worm.

Some sort of sky bridge made out of wooden platforms will do just fine. Make sure it’s not too far away from the ground though, or else The Destroyer will despawn. Equip all your gear, and spawn the giant beast!

With an Expert mode character, I killed him in less than 30 seconds using a Daedalus Stormbow and damage increasing gear. Now it’s time to farm The Destroyer until you have a full set of Hallowed Armor. A Hallowed Repeater is also beneficial to have, but the armor is a must. Crafting a Hallowed Pick or a Drax is also essential, so make sure to make one.

Beat the next mechanical bosses

I personally believe Skeletron Prime is much easier than The Twins, so go for him next. Once you get his boss spawner, simply Spawn him in the same area you fought The Destroyer.

Use the same arrows and bow, as the falling stars will help take out his 4 deadly arms. Avoid him as best as you can while bombarding him with arrows, and eventually, he’ll die.

Unfortunately, The Twins are a different story. Normal mode players will have no problem beating them, but The Twins in Expert mode can be a nightmare. The best way to defeat them is to use a Unicorn mount or a minecart on a sky bridge. Laying out minecart tracks may take a while, so the mount may be the better option.

I’ve used the Stormbow for them as well, but it might take you longer. Make sure you start the fight as soon as nighttime starts, or they might despawn before the fight ends.

As soon as you beat all 3 bosses, you’ll get a message saying “The Jungle Grows Restless.” This means that you need to head to the jungle for the next part of your journey, so prepare for some intense fights.

Defeat the guardian of the jungle

The hardmode jungle is a deadly place, especially for Expert mode players. You’ll probably die a lot, so you should set up a small base with a bed to spawn in.

With your bed set up, it’s time to search for some new ore. This ore is called Chlorophyte, and it starts to spawn as soon as you beat all 3 mechanical bosses. Chlorophyte will grow in jungle block overtime, so if you wait longer to mine it you’ll find more of it.

What you also might find in the jungle are large bulbs growing in the mud. DO NOT BREAK THEM YET, as breaking a jungle bulb will spawn Plantera. This is the next boss you need to beat, but you should prepare beforehand.

Keep farming the Chlorophyte until you have enough to make Chlorophyte armor. Hallowed armor is good, but not good enough for this boss. You’re gonna need a good-sized arena, along with a ton of potions to buff your character into victory.

Weapons such as the Magic Harp are good, as they allow multiple hits on an enemy. Chlorophyte bullets will follow enemies you shoot at, so those are also really good options. There are a number of ways to beat Pantera, so use whatever works best for you.

Explore the new dungeon

Beating Plantera unlocks a number of items, such as the Jungle Temple Key and the upgraded dungeon. The Dungeon holds a ton of new enemies that drop gear and items needed to get some of the best items in the game.

Exploring and farming here isn’t a completely necessary step, but spending some time here will net you some decent gear to use in the coming fights.

Destroy the Golem

The Jungle Temple Key that Plantera gave you will unlock the large, orange structure that spawns in the Jungle. To use the key, simply walk up to the door and unlock it. Inside the temple are traps and some pretty hard enemies, so be extremely careful.

Place torches around you so you can actually see, and break as many traps as you can. Chests spawn here, which you need to loot to gain the boss spawn items called Lihzahrd Power Cells. Once you have finally reached the final room of the temple, it’s time to clear the area of danger.

Place torches everywhere in the spawn room, and clear all the traps out. I like to block the entrance with stone or something so that enemies can’t come in during the fight.

I should make the note that some temples are completely closed off by Lihzahrd Brick, which in that case forces you to beat him in another world. Once you get his Picksaw, you can mine your way into the room in your main world.

Use the Power Cell on the alter to begin the fight! Golem isn’t an extremely hard boss, but he may still defeat you a few times. If you happen to run out of Power Cells, simply farm them on another world to easily get them.

Killing Golem will allow for one of the most difficult bosses in the game to spawn, so get ready for lots of fun!

Have fun with the Moon Lord

The Moon Lord is not only crazy hard, but also he is quite annoying to spawn. The first thing change you will notice after Golem is that a bunch of random Cultists are sitting in front of the dungeon. Attacking them will spawn the Lunatic Cultist, a small boss but still a somewhat difficult one.

After beating him, 4 Celestial Towers will spawn in the world, and you must defeat them all. Normal players will need to kill 100 enemies before the tower becomes unshielded, but Expert mode players need to kill 150. Only 2 of them really give me trouble, but they are more of a hassle than they are hard.

After defeating the 4th tower, you’ll get a message saying “Impending Doom Approaches.” Only 60 seconds after receiving that message, the Moon Lord will spawn. He is considered the final boss of Terraria, although we’ll see what happens in the Journey’s End update.

He is such a difficult boss that you should refer to the wiki for tips on beating this monstrosity. My brother and I managed to kill him several times using Cosmic Car Keys along with some powerful weapons, but we died many times in the process.

The worst part about this boss is that if you die, you have to kill both the Cultists and the Celestial Towers again, which can get annoying if you have to repeat this several times.

Eventually, beating the Moon Lord will reward you with some of the best items in the game. It’s an annoying fight, but the rewards you get are well worth it.


Terraria is a huge game with a lot to do, and I only really scratched the surface. I didn’t even cover the optional bosses like Duke Fishron, or any of the player-summoned invasions. For now, these tips are exactly what you need to do once you’ve beaten the Wall of Flesh.