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How to Unlock Charms in Monster Hunter: World

How to Unlock Charms in Monster Hunter: World

ARPGs provide multiple avenues of exploration and skill expression. Whether it’s in the form of gathering resources or optimizing your build. There’s always something new to learn and experience. Getting started with learning is a slow process yet it is extremely beneficial.

To get started, you need to collect your desired items. However, many of these are locked behind a certain set of requirements. This is also the case with Charms, these accessories provide certain bonuses but are needed to be unlocked before anything else.

The Charms can be unlocked after you gain access to Elder Melder along with the Third Fleet’s Research Base. After that, simply head to the Coral Highlands and unlock the cutscene. Monster Hunter World features an exorbitant amount of such charms. 

Needless to say, you need to go through the proper story before having any chances at unlocking these Charms. Therefore, focus on completing as many missions as possible. 

Monster Hunter World: Charms

Monster Hunter World features many accessories that can boost a player’s stats while also providing unique effects. However, good-quality charms are hard to get by. You also need to unlock them before proceeding with anything else. 

A charm cannot be used unless the system is unlocked. Furthermore, it is near impossible to gain such charms without unlocking the subsystem. With that said, here is how you can unlock these accessories:

How to Reach The Elder Melder

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The Elder Melder is the very first requirement to unlocking charms. She is is an NPC that allows item melding. However, only certain items can benefit from this process to become more useful. 

Elder Melder can be found in the Tradeyard area of Astrea and will be responsible for adding more items as you progress through the story. She can also be found in the Central Area of Seliana in the later portions of the game. 

Elder Melder: Uses

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Once you have access to Elder Melder, you can ask her to perform the following operations for you:

Item MeldingElder Melder will meld the given items into their useful or better variants. For Example, Consumables will be melded to form materials while higher-ranked items will require special sub-items to meld. 
Decoration MeldingUnwanted decorations can be melded into new ones. The process is random. Therefore, there’s no guarantee to gain a set item. However, you need to complete the following quests:
A Colossal Task
Old World Monster
A Wound and a Thirst
Banbaro Blockade
Guiding Lands
Sealing AlchemyAwakened Safi’jiiva items can be converted into Large Dracolites. 
First Wyverian Ritual Items These rituals meld unwanted decorations while costing Streamstones depending on the quality. There are a total of 8 rituals, which are mentioned below:
Spire Sorcery
Coral Concoction
Strange Stream
Strange Stream + Soul Stream I + Soul Stream II + Soul Stream III 
Guild AlchemyMelding Tickets can be used to forge new decorations. These come in Steel, Silver, Gold, and Astral Tiers. 
Awakening AlchemySpecific monsters can be melded into unique weapons. These processes come in the Safi, Kulve, and Kjarr tiers.
Guiding AlchemyUsed to create analyzed special tracks called lures.

How to Gain Access to the Third fleet’s Research Base

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You need to purchase the Iceborn Expansion to be able to access the Research Base. These bases are located in the north of Astera and can be found at the end of the Great Ravine. 

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The official name for this Research base was the Third Fleet’s ship. However, it was later renovated to carry out research and observations regarding the land of Astera. This incident happened when the Airship tried to further than the initial destination.

They were attacked and the ship faced near destruction. The stranded researchers and scholars then decided to make that their base of operations. The damage at the time was so severe that the bow of the ship is still pointed downwards even after 20 years. 

Who is the Third Fleet Master?

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The Third Fleet Master resides in the upper level. She will be responsible for providing you with A Tingling Taste and RRRRRumble in the Waste! main quests for the game’s progression. You will also be getting the Affinity booster from here along with the usual rewards.

She was one of the few that tried to cross the Great Ravine with an Airship, but she was met with disaster mid-journey. Now, she can be found in the Coral Highlands continuing her research.

What Are the Best Charms in Monster Hunter World?


Charms are a vital part of Monster Hunter World. They provide you with many bonuses and can be pivotal in important fights. With that said, here are some of the most popular and useful charms available in Monster Hunter World.

Charm NameDetailsUses
Clearmind CharmGives a rand of Heat Guard, Effluvial Expert and protects against situational heat damage. Nullifies environmental head damage, and effluvial buildup. 
Gale CharmGrants a rank of Affinity Sliding and Airborne.Boosts your aerial damage and provides good DPS
Rider’s CharmGrants a rank of Master Mounter and Jump Master,Useful for Aerial IG Build and prevents you from getting knocked during aerial attacks.
Awakening CharmGrants you Free Element/Ammo UpThe Free Element lets your weapons deal elemental damage while the Ammo Up increases the clip size.
Blessing CharmGrants damage reduction and allows to achieve the maximum level possible on the skill.Certain Lethal Hits become manageable.

Most of the mentioned charms are useful in general builds and tackle the adversities associated with fighting and exploration. Choosing the correct charm is essential to make the most out of your build. Therefore, we recommend you focus more on compatibility than the raw use. 

All in all, charms are unlocked in the earlier portions of the game. Therefore, emphasize exploration over anything else early on. With that said, it is also important to find and collect gears that can synergize with one another. 

Take everything slowly in the early half as it is going to help you build a strong base for your character.