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Best Minecraft Discord Servers Ranked

Best Minecraft Discord Servers Ranked

Minecraft has been a long-running sensation only because the players have taken the series to these soaring heights. The loyal community has been with the trademark blocky world since its inception and with the help of innovation by the developers, the loyalists have been able to carry their love for this game to stratospheric heights with the game maintaining its position as one of the most played games in the world.

Speaking of the community, they have played an integral part by creating new and exciting worlds within this sandbox and all the role-playing that comes with it. To share their creations or games and to create a sense of brotherhood, Minecraft players unite on many forums, and these days Discord is the “IT” place to be.

The best Minecraft Discord servers currently players can join are as follows:

  • Official Minecraft Discord
  • Mystic
  • Purple Prison
  • Skyblock Simplified
  • Mantle

Do keep in mind some of the servers are at their full capacities so you can always check back to secure yourself a position.

Official Minecraft Discord

Join Official Minecraft Discord here.

The official Discord of Minecraft, with 800,000 members is the biggest and the most sought-after server there is for the game. The server is most likely always full and getting in here is a pain sometimes. People have to wait for hours for a place to open up.

Being an official server, here you can get the chance to talk to the developers, you can get early announcements of any upcoming new feature, and the best thing of all you can easily lodge complaints or give feedback regarding anything that might trouble you in the game. If you are a die-hard fan of Minecraft then this server is a must.


Join Mystic Discord Here.

This is one of the top Discord servers out there for Minecraft with 30,000+ members. It houses an embracing community and there are giveaways for Minecraft-related goodies all the time. The people here are eager to talk to you and discuss ideas and new gameplay possibilities.

You can get access to Minecraft mods here as well making it an over-encompassing server for the game. And if you are into anime or anime games then that is aloe supported here with giveaways inspired by the genre. Join here to explore an amazing community.

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Purple Prison

Join Purple Prison Discord here.

A member base of 60,000+, it’s a huge server that is dedicated to Minecraft prison game style. That’s not all as with so many members this is one of the most active Discord communities out there for Minecraft, a perfect place for new and old players alike. You can get into talks any time of the day and there are giveaways for the Discord Nitro premium subscription.

This server’s strict guidelines and Discord bots keep things in check of any toxicity or spamming of useless posts, hence it’s a haven for the players. So if you are looking for a nice place to talk to like-minded people about your favorite game then join this server ASAP.

Skyblock Simplified

Join Skyblock Simplified Discord here.

A huge community of 100,000+ members who are dedicated to the SkyBlock game mode from Hypixel. The game mode is quite popular, so this server has made it easier for players to focus on the mode here and can discuss strategies, make guilds, and seek help.

This server has many splash services for Minecraft like in-game transitions, trading, crafting, and many others. The member base is under heavy moderation at all times to keep the sanctity of the server intact so it’s another happy place, especially for young players.

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Join Mantle Discord here.

If you are into superhero fantasy and capes are your life then this server is where you have to be. A dedicated community of 80,000+ members to the creation and sharing of capes in Minecraft. Along with capes, the server space facilitates lounges where you can chat and make friends.

Capes have a huge fanbase in Minecraft and here you can find designers and a whole community of cape lovers. The community will cherish your caped crusades and can literally discuss just capes. It truly is cape-tatstic! The community is tight-knit just like the capes.

These are some of the best servers you could get into to share the love for Minecraft with fellow blockheads. We have tried to list those servers that are non-toxic and are especially welcoming. Most of the servers here are joined easily but for the official one you might have to wait for a while as it is one of the crucial ones to be part of.