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How To Speak With Djura In Bloodborne?

How To Speak With Djura In Bloodborne?

Bloodborne is home to some of the weirdest characters in video game history and on top of that the From Software formula of zero hand-holding when following along an NPC quest or story arc ends up with some unusual interactions with the said characters. One such character is Djura which is on face value a hostile character but there is whole another way you could make him friendly.

To make him friendly and talk to him you will have to follow these simplified steps:

  • Kill the Blood-starved Beast boss in Old Yharnam to spawn Snatchers.
  • Awaken at the Cathedral Ward lantern, exit straight, look to the right side, and get killed by the Snatcher in the corner.
  • After being taken to Hypogean Gaol, make your way to Darkbeast Paarl and enter the boss room.
  • Kill Darkbeast Paarl then open the big gate into Old Yharnam (alternatively, during the fight, use a Bold Hunter’s Mark or die then awaken at Church of the Good Chalice)
  • Walk to Djura and climb up the ladder to talk to him. Do not attack anything.
  • Choose “Spare the beasts of Old Yharnam” and receive rewards.

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Djura – First Interaction

Djura Machine Gun Firing

When you make your way into Old Yharnam and you are moving forward the usual path you will get shot from a clock tower by a machine gun, this gunner is Djura and he wants to stop and kill anyone who is hurting the beasts that roam this area. According to the lore, he as a hunter of these beasts one day realized it was wrong to kill them as they were once human and ended up protecting them from any incoming threat.

As a new player, most people end up dodging the gunfire, climbing the tower, and fighting him on top to kill and get rid of him. It’s a hidden fact that you can make this NPC-friendly if you just follow some very specific steps. If he is killed in this way then he will drop 875 Blood Echoes and Powder Keg Hunter Badge, this badge will open up new weapons to buy from the Messengers shop in Hunter’s Dream.

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Friendly Interaction With Djura

To have a friendly interaction and gain access to some unique dialogue and a gesture you will have to befriend this gentle idiot and to do so you will have to:

Beeline to the Blood-Starved Beast at the end of Old Yharnam, try to run to the boss without killing any beast along the way as this may render Djura hostile forever as you have hurt the beast he has proclaimed to defend.

Bloodborne Blood Starved Beast Fight
Blood-Starved Beast Boss

Killing this boss will spawn the Snatcher enemies in random locations throughout the game world. One of these enemies is located straight outside the Cathedral Ward lantern in the corner to the right. These are hard enemies to fight and in this case, you will have to let them kill you so that they drag you to a new location Hypogean Gaol.

Snatcher Frontal

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Waking up after getting killed by the Snatchers you will be locked in a cell in this mysterious new location. Get out of the cell and fight your way out to a spiral staircase and follow it to the basement where there are many prisoners and enemies, kill them and at the end of the basement, there will be a hole in the wall which you can use to get access to the Darkbeast Paarl boss fight.

Bloodborne3F 20151014105036
Hypogean Gaol

Fight this electrified freak and defeat it to open the huge gate behind this arena. This gate will lead you to the other end of Old Yharnam. From here walk back to the tower where Djura is and climb the ladder to the top without going in front to make him hostile.

maxresdefault 2
Darkbeast Paarl Boss

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When you reach the top, Djura will not be hostile this time around and will let you talk to him where he will give you a choice of two options either “Spare the beasts of Old Yharnam” or “Hunt the beasts of Old Yharnam”. The hunt option will make him hostile so avoid that and choose the spare option. This will make him happy and he will reward you with Powder Keg Hunter Badge and the Brush Off Dust gesture.

maxresdefault 3
Friendly Djura

The badge which you would have gotten by killing this dude can easily be acquired without bloodshed and a unique gesture along with it. This badge will let you buy Rifle Spear and Stake Driver weapons and the Ashen Hunter armor set from the Hunter’s Dream.

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Djura will remain friendly throughout the game but some instances will make him hostile again and these are:

  1. When Djura is friendly and the player attacks him.
  2. When Djura is friendly and the player chooses to “Hunt the beasts of Old Yharnam”.
  3. When Djura is friendly and the player agrees to spare the beasts, but attacks one of the monsters in front of the tower (including the hunter at the base of the tower and excluding the ravens).
  4. When Djura is friendly and a mob in front or at the base of the tower dies for any reason, including fall damage, fire damage, or the player directly attacking said mob.

Djura is a very fascinating character in the world of Bloodborne and knowing his back story will make you even more guilty if you happen to kill him already as I did in my first playthrough. Although there isn’t much benefit to befriending him in terms of rewards it’s nice to see these hidden ways From Software designs their games and in situations like this you can end up changing the perspective with which you viewed a character.