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Bloodborne Ultimate Armor Guide

Bloodborne Ultimate Armor Guide

Bloodborne has a lot of armor sets that you can collect and you don’t even have to worry about upgrading them. The game is actually really big if you have played it and It might be difficult to know exactly where everything is. Each armor set has its bonuses and defense that you must take advantage of if you want to get the most out of your armor. Here are all the armor sets in the game and where to get them.

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Ashen Hunter Set

Location – Can be bought from the Insight Messenger shop for 6 total Insight after killing Djura. This is true whether or not you befriend him at first.

Has the 2nd highest Beasthood among all attires, with the Brador set beating it by 28 points. The garb piece, on the other hand, has the highest Beasthood, surpassing Beast Hide Garb. Has the highest Frenzy resist among all attires, minus the headpiece, which is surpassed by Beak Mask from the Crowfeather Set. Decent physical and blood defense; low arcane and fire defense overall.

Black Church Set

Location – From the Hunter Chief Emblem gate, go left, past the enemy with the Flamesprayer, and to an alley where several enemies will attack you as you talk to NPCs indoors. The Set is on a corpse.

Has very high elemental defense. Adella the Nun is inconsolable unless the Hunter speaks to her while wearing a chest piece representing the Healing Church, such as the White or Black Church Set, Gascoigne’s Set, Choir Set or the Executioner Garb. If this is done, she will calm down, offer some lore, and ask if there is any place safe where she can go. The hunter can then choose to send her to the Cathedral Ward or Iosefka’s Clinic

Cainhurst Set

Location – Purchased from the Messengers after you receive the Cainhurst Badge from joining the Cainhurst Vilebloods. The full set will total at 113,000 blood echoes.

This armor set features very high Physical Defense but is poor against Blunt and Elemental/Status damage types. Relevant lore theories can be found under The Mysteries of Cainhurst Garb & Architecture. This could be considered the best PVP armor set since it offers the highest physical and one of the highest blood defenses in the game. Blunt and elemental damage (this armor’s weakness) are rare in PVP.

Charred Hunter Set

Location – On the top floor of a hidden building in Old Yharnam. From the area, you fight the first NPC (not Djura), drop-down where the railing is missing in a corner and land on the ledges below.

The Charred set is what the player character is wearing in the ‘Project Beast’ trailers. It is believed the set belongs to Powder Kegs members, as suggested by the note left by Djura. Features incredibly high Fire Defense (as the description suggests), and is the most fire-resistant attire available as well as having only slightly lower frenzy resistance than the ashen hunter set. However, the set has low Thrust, Arcane, and Bolt defense.

Choir Set

Location – Upper Cathedral Ward, accessed from the Healing Church through a ladder.

It would seem that wearing parts of the Choir set, or the Church garb set, periodically prompts Yharnamite enemies to shout ‘Death to the minister!’ while attacking the player. This armor set is effective against Rom the Vacuous Spider, due to being effective against her Ice Rain. This Armor set is a good all-around set. the main drawback being the low Frenzy resist.

Crowfeather Set

Location – Bought from Messengers after receiving the Crow Hunter Badge from Eileen the Crow by finishing her quests or killing her.

Has good physical defense and blood defense. This set’s headpiece Beak Mask notably has the highest frenzy resistance, the rest are surpassed by Ashen Hunter Set.

Executioner Set

Location – The Gold Ardeo can be bought from the Messengers after acquiring the Wheel Hunter Badge key item, which is given by Alfred after completing his quest, or by killing him and looting his corpse.

Adella the Nun is inconsolable unless the Hunter speaks to her while wearing a chest piece representing the Healing Church, such as the White or Black Church Set, Gascoigne’s Set, Choir Set or the Executioner Garb. If this is done, she will calm down, offer some lore, and ask if there is any place safe where she can go. The hunter can then choose to send her to the Cathedral Ward or Iosefka’s Clinic (after speaking to the resident NPCs of those two areas)

Foreign Set

Location – Starting Equipment

Has the weakest stat among all attires. Should be replaced by the first substitute the player finds (the Hunter Set can quickly be found in the Central Yharnam sewers)

Gascoigne’s Set

Location – Can be bought from the Insight Messengers after defeating Father Gascoigne.

It has fantastic poison resistance. Great when fighting the Blood-Starved Beast and similar poison-using enemies.

Graveguard Set

Location – Found on two dead bodies (the mask is separate) in the second half of the Forbidden Woods, where you encounter the snake parasite mobs. Keeping searching areas on the left side of the path and you’ll eventually see a gap you can jump across.

This set of armor is extremely similar to the Crimson Set of Dark Souls.

Hunter Set (a)

Location – It can be found if you go to the Great Bridge, from the stairs you used to reach the bridge directly across are stairs leading down. At the bottom of the stairs go left breaking boxes that will bring you to a ladder leading to some sewers. Work your way to the bottom and at the end of the tunnel before the next drop off the set will be off to the left.

Features good all-around defense. This set has two possible chests.

Hunter Set (b)

Location – It can be found directly left of the Cathedral Ward lamp. It’s behind some gravestones on the right. (Do not linger when picking it up. There is a hidden enemy that will most likely one-shot you if you do not move aside)

Features good all-around defense. This set has two possible chests.

Knight’s Set

Location – Forsaken Cainhurst Castle – The Wig can be found on the roof before the boss. The rest of the set is in the hidden section of the library in a chest. To access this area you have to go to the second floor of the library and through the open window jump down the ledges until you find yourself on the balcony, from there enter a room which contains the chest with the remainder of the set.

The knight set changes its look depending on the gender of your character. There’s actually a small dagger on your character’s back when you equip these clothes.

Student Set (a)

Location – Byrgenwerth in the chest you can find trousers and chest pieces.

The variant uniform has lower blunt and thrust defense. This may be to represent the lack of the added layer of the robe on the Student Uniform.

Student Set (b)

Location – A variant of the chest piece can be found in Lecture building, require the key to the theatre.

The variant uniform has lower blunt and thrust defense. This may be to represent the lack of the added layer of the robe on the Student Uniform.

Tomb Prospector Set

Location – Hunter’s dream, available upon obtaining the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.

The torso piece costs 18,000 Blood Echoes, while the rest of the pieces cost 6,000 Blood Echoes each. The total cost for the set is 36,000 Blood Echoes.

White Church Set

Location – Forbidden Woods, atop a roof in the village. Climb the ladder on the side of the house by all the dog cages. It will be guarded by a pair of crows.

It would seem that wearing parts of the Choir set, or the Church garb set, periodically prompts Yharnamite enemies to shout ‘Death to the minister!’ while attacking the player. (Was wearing both a piece of the Church garb set and the Choir set when this happened; not sure which caused the dialogue)

Yharnam Hunter Set

Location – Purchase from the Messengers at Hunter’s Dream from the start of the game. Each piece costs 500 Blood Echoes, except for the chest piece, which is 1000.

This Attire looks different on male and female hunters.

Yahar’gul Set (hood)

Location – Leave the building with the Hypogean Gaol lamp, then go right and down the stairs. The set is on a body sitting on the front of a wagon on the right side of the path. Be warned that a Maneater boar guards this set.

It is possible to acquire the set (minus the secondary headgear) before killing Rom. Head into Old Yharnam and defeat the Blood Starved Beast, after doing this, kidnapper enemies will appear around the world, the quickest being right outside Cathedral Ward. Allow the kidnapper to kill you, this will launch a cutscene which reveals you’ve been taken to Hypogean Gaol as a prisoner. Simply escape your cell and proceed with the instructions above to acquire the set early.

Yahar’gul Set (helmet)

Location – A secondary headpiece is located within Yahar’gul, Unseen Village after defeating Rom the Vacuous Spider. From the dark cathedral (with the same Amygdala that takes you to the nightmare frontier) go down the stairs and continue to the lamp.

It features excellent physical defense.

Bone Ash Set

Location – Insight Vendor, after defeating the second boss within the Central Pthumerian Labyrinth.

Features excellent physical and fire/bolt defense, but has very low blood and arcane defense.

Gehrman’s Hunter Set

Location – You can buy it from the messengers in The Hunter’s Dream in NG+ after choosing the refuse option in the end and defeating Gehrman, The First Hunter

This set is worn by Gehrman when he’s in the wheelchair. He switches the hat into Top Hat and adds an unobtainable cape and gloves after standing up from his wheelchair.

Doll Set

Location – Chest in Old Abandoned Workshop. Enter Healing Church Workshop, go right around the outside of the building and drop to the lower level. Enter the doorway, notice the rope hanging the plank at the left of the entrance, drop down left side twice and open the door, it will lead to the Old Abandoned Workshop.

The set can be sold for 35000 Blood Echoes. The set overall provides very little defense against any type of damage/status and is the second-worst attire in the game in terms of defense.

Madman Set

Location – Available after killing the Forgotten Madman in Lower Hintertomb Chalice.

It has the lowest Frenzy resistance in the game (8 in total), which makes sense from a lore perspective.

Henryk’s Hunter Set

Location – It can be purchased for 6 Insight from the Messengers in Hunter’s Dream after defeating Henryk in the Tomb of Oedon during Eileen the Crow’s questline.

Henryk’s armor has the highest total bolt resistance of any set in the game, surpassing the Bone Ash Set by a total of 20 points (and the Choir Set, the next highest, by a total of 70 points). Yarhnamites will sometimes yell “Death to the Minister!” when you are seen wearing this set.

Arianna’s Shoes

Location – Can be found on one of the Celestial Mobs if Arianna is sent to Iesofka’s clinic.

They are just shoes.

Crown of Illusions

Location – On the Ground after the Martyr Logarius boss fight.

It is a crown with no bonuses.

Mensis Cage

Location – Besides Micholash, summoned NPC Mensis Scholar Damian, and corpses in the Nightmare of Mensis and the Unseen Village also wear this massive helm.

You look alright pairing it with Amygdala arm and charred hunter armor or harrowed armor. Insane hunter look. It’s very strange. Gives shorter hunters that much needed boost in height. Not bad against Ludwig the holy blade, but the harrowed hood is better.

Noble Dress

Location – Chest at Cainhurst Castle behind the first door up the stairs to the left next to the tables.

This is the dress worn by Arianna.

Shabby Set

Location – When first arriving at the Healing Church Workshop, before going up the stairs, make your way around the first walkway and drop down. Fall from down the platforms past where the entrance to the Abandoned Old Workshop is located, going all the way to the bottom and entering Old Yharnam. The Shabby Set can be found on a body on the street.

A simple outfit with no bonuses.

Butcher Set

Location – The Hunter’s Nightmare: From the Nightmare Church Lamp run past the Nightmare Executioner with a cannon and go left. The path is between the two Nightmare Executioners. The complete set is there.

Not really good for anything.

Brador’s Set

Location – This set is found one piece at a time after defeating each invasion of the NPC, Brador, triggered after you reach the Lighthouse Hut Lamp. 3 will attempt to prevent you from reaching the end of the Fishing Hamlet, and a 4th will guard Brador’s cell. The sound of a ringing bell signals a nearby invasion spot. Even if you defeat one of the invaders, dying or resetting the map will cause them to respawn indefinitely.

Frenzy resistance is oddly low for a set that offers such a high beasthood stat. This may be due to Brador knowing about Kos and Byrgenwyth’s research into the Old Ones. Has the highest Beasthood total out of all attires, minus the Ashen Hunter Garb.

Constable Set

Location – Master’s Iron Helm: First, speak to Valtr in the Forbidden Woods to join The League. Next, obtain and crush five Vermin before speaking to Valtr again. Finally, reset the area to find Valtr went and the helm on the floor. Another option is to kill Valtr and retrieve his helmet which he drops after killed. The remaining three pieces are found separately within The Hunter’s Nightmare.

Decorative Old Hunter Set

Location – Can be found in one of the side rooms in the Research Hall.

Enlarged Head

Location – Patient Room Floor 5 of the Research Hall surrounded by enlarged head creatures in the left-hand corner.

Good armor to use against the Living Failures.

Harrowed Set

Location – From the Fishing Hamlet first lantern, take the shortcut ladder up and immediately to your right will be a second floor opening into a shanty shack. It is being guarded by two enemies and is at the end of the room.

This set has surprisingly high stats overall. The Harrowed Hood is worn by The Suspicious Beggar NPC in the Forbidden Forest.

Maria Hunter Set

Location – Sold by the Insight Bath Messenger after defeating Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower.

Has the highest blood defense. Looks very cool.

Old Hunter Set

Location – The Hunter’s Nightmare, found piece by piece in the starting area.

Yamamura Set

Location – Kill Old Hunter Yamamura in The Hunter’s Nightmare. In the jail hallway after killing Ludwig, Yamamura is in the lone cell to your left.

Only the Charred Hunter chest and the Bone Ash Armor has higher fire defense than Khaki Haori, however, the rest of the Yamamura set has significantly higher fire defense than the Charred Hunter set. For the highest fire defense (without equipping runes) in the game equip Charred Hunter chest along with the gloves, hat, and legs of this set for 380 fire defense.


In conclusion, there are soo many different armor sets in the game and a bunch of them don’t really have a purpose. A bunch of them are really hard to find so they are more collectibles than something you should use. There are only a few armor sets that I would use because of the defense they have. You might have a different opinion on what armor to use but use the one you want to use.