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Can’t Mount in Lost Ark? How to Fix It

Can’t Mount in Lost Ark? How to Fix It

Lost Ark is another MMORPG that from the cover, might look like just another mediocre MMO. One aspect of the game that is an obvious part is the mounts you can get. You can get a mount pretty early on in the game, but there are a lot of people who can’t use the mount for some reason.

If you can’t mount in Lost Ark, then try either relogging in or swapping characters. There are a lot of weird glitches so you need to be patient with the game.

If you are in a server with big queues, then just switch characters and it will most likely fix the mount for you.

What if your mount disappears from your inventory?

You can’t lose a mount from your inventory so you aren’t looking in the right area for it. If you favorite the mount, it will show up in the highlighted section and not in your inventory. If you are missing a mount that you unlocked, then we would recommend contacting support.

Lost Ark has been riddled with bugs and glitches, so they don’t know what to look for exactly. They need to find out what they can fix that is important before going into small details like the mount.

All mounts are account bound so any that you unlock can be used across all your characters no matter what the class or level. Just make sure you know where to look when you favorite anything in your inventory.

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Are premium items bound to your account?

Premium items are account bound. Things like the mounts are easy gifts players can get without having to pay for them, but they are premium items. Things like cosmetic items for your characters are also premium so you won’t have to worry about losing them if you ever make a new character.

You can also get a lot of items that are account bound from doing certain quests. Some of the permanent pets and mounts you can’t lose as long as you don’t delete them from your inventory.

There is a Lost Ark trick where if you keep switching characters, it will increase the chances of one of your characters something premium. You won’t lose any progress but it will take a long time until you get lucky.

Can you delete a character?

Yes, you can delete a character, and if they are under level 10, you can change their name to whatever you want to. If they are above level 10, you have a cooldown of 60 days that you need to wait before you can change the name of your character, unless you talk to support about it.

The name-changing cooldown is mainly for people who are naming their characters racist or offensive things because Lost Ark doesn’t want to deal with that. It also allows you to pick whatever name you want as long as it isn’t taken already. Lost

Before you make a character, make sure you put in a name you want because you will be stuck with that name for a long time.