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How to Use Runes in Bloodborne

How to Use Runes in Bloodborne

By etching Caryll runes into their minds, hunters can attain wondrous strength. For the player, it means the difference between a face roll boss fight or a blood-curdling nightmare.

Before using runes in Bloodborne, you must obtain the rune workshop tool. Once you do, return to the Hunter’s Dream, and bring it to the memory altar by Gehrman. Interact with the altar, and you will be able to equip up to three memory runes and an oath rune, provided you have them in your inventory.

How to Get the Rune Workshop Tool in Bloodborne

You find the tool you need to use runes in Bloodborne by Hemwick Charnel Lane. You must go through the area until you reach the fight with the Witches of Hemwick. The fight is one of the easiest in the game, so you shouldn’t have trouble defeating them.

Once defeated, you can find the tool in the Witch’s Abode, which is in a room accessible by taking the staircase near the lamp that spawned after slaying the boss.

The Best Runes in Bloodborne

Along with blood gems, runes are vital when it comes to low blood level playthroughs, new game plus runs, or for a new hunter’s first foray into Yharnam. What Caryll runes you should be using depends on the build you are working on. However, for beginners, you want to prioritize runs that will add to your survivability.

Clockwise Metamorphosis rune: There are three runes in the game, each adding 5% percent extra health that stacks multiplicatively. You can find them in the Forbidden Woods, the Nightmare Frontier, or as a chance piece of loot in the Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice Dungeons.

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis: This rune has the same effect as the Clockwise rune, except the buff is to stamina, not health. You can find the first of this set in the Forbidden Woods. You find the second by speaking to Patches the Spider in his room. Lastly, you can find an Anti-Clockwise rune on the first layer of the Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice Dungeon.

Great Lake: Finishing out the trio, the Great Lake Rune bestows a damage reduction buff upon its bearer. The percentage reduction stands at three, four, and five percent for each rune equipped and stacks multiplicatively with other sources of damage reduction. You can find these runes in the Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice Dungeons, Isz Root Chalice Dungeons, and Upper Cathedral Ward.

Can you unequip runes in bloodborne

If you’ve equipped a rune in Bloodborne and later decided you didn’t want the gifts it bestowed upon you, then you have the option of unequipping it. The process is incredibly simple. Return to the memory altar in the Hunter’s Dream (the same one you equipped the rune at). Interact with it, and click on the rune in its equipped slot.

The rune will be taken off, and you can equip another one in its place. So now return to the hunt, good hunter, blessed with the knowledge of how to use Caryll runes in Bloodborne.