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How to Find, Summon, and Beat Plantera

How to Find, Summon, and Beat Plantera

Terraria is a very large game that takes some getting used to the first time you play it. It is no different with all the bosses you can defeat in the game because of how many there are. From giant bees in a beehive to a giant floating eye that shoots out little floating eyes.

To even get a Plantera Bulb to spawn, you will first have to defeat all 3 of the Mechanical Bosses once you defeat the Wall of Flesh. You can then break the Plantera Bulb in the Jungle and summon Plantera.


Plantera is a very challenging hard mode boss that is very hard to find because of everything you need to do to get the spawner to spawn in your world.

Beat the three Mechanical Bosses

Before you can do anything in hard mode, you have got to defeat the three main Mechanical Bosses. You will also have to get their armor set to because Plantera is not an easy boss; harder than anything you have fought before unless you know what you are doing.

You are going to want to get all the Hallowed armor and the weapons as well. Also, choose the best helmet that fits your strategy.

There is a helmet for melee, magic, and ranged weapons, so choose wisely. The Mechanical bosses are hard, but you must defeat all three to progress in the game, so just push through it. Once the third one is defeated, you will see a message that the jungle grows restless. That is how you know you are ready for the next step.

Find a Plantera Bulb in the jungle

The hardest part is finding a Bulb because it is a hit or miss whether you find it right away or it takes a long time. To find the bulb, look for a giant purple bulb that looks out of the ordinary. You might get lucky and find one as you walk into the underground jungle. When you find one, ensure you don’t hit or break it because it will spawn the boss when you destroy it.


Finding it can be easy sometimes. If you zoom in on the map, you can see a small purple square, and you will know the difference in color from other things because you will never have seen it before. Just be careful not to destroy it and build a house near it so you can spawn there if you die of any enemies around the area.

Finding the Plantera Bulb is one of the hardest steps to fighting Plantera. The Hardmode Jungle is a difficult place to survive.

Create the boss arena around the bulb

It might be annoying if you have to dig out a huge area around the Bulb for a boss arena, but you will be very happy you did so because you will need a big space to move around when fighting the boss. Plantera can move through walls, and you can’t, so the easiest thing to do is open the area so it is easier to fight.

When you dig the area out, place wooden platforms everywhere or use potions during the fight to make it easier to move around.

Also, placing torches all over the place makes it easier to see, so everything you can do to make the boss fight easier helps. It just sucks when you die, and you have to make the boss arena somewhere else afterward.

Prepare for the fight

To prepare for the fight, one must know exactly their strategy. If you are doing a melee build, you probably want a melee weapon that can hit from longer ranges.

To do a melee build, you must get up close and personal. For a ranged build, ensure the arena is big, and you have a lot of ammo, depending on your weapon.


Also, ranged potions can be very handy as well. If you are doing a magic build, ensure you have mana potions and high-damage magic weapons so you do the maximum damage to the boss. Ensure you have many items in your arsenal so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Plantera’s phases

The First Phase – Plantera creeps after the player, firing pink Seeds with increasing speed as she takes more damage. When below 80% health, she begins dispensing bouncing Thorn Balls and firing green Poison Seeds.

The Second Phase – Once Plantera is brought down to half her maximum health, she changes to her second form: her pink petals fall away to reveal a thorn-filled mouth. In this form, Plantera moves more aggressively and attempts to make contact.

Enraged Form – Plantera only becomes “enraged” if she follows the player out of the Underground Jungle. This causes her to obtain double damage, double defense, and increased movement speed, as well as change her attack patterns and directly rush the player.

Boss strategy 1 (melee)

You will want to have the highest defense possible because you will be very close to the boss. The best weapon you can use for melee is the Death Sickle because it can tear right through her and her spawns easily.


You could also use the Yelets, Terra Blade, Light Disks, Shadowflame Knife, or the Fetid Baghnakhs; anything else will not do well against this boss. Take your potions, then circle the arena, slowly taking the damage off her. This strategy is hard but effective if you can get it down to a tee.

Boss strategy 2 (magic)

Defense does not mean much with magic, but it is good to have armor that boosts magic damage and mana regeneration.

The best weapons to use are the Crystal Serpent and the Sky Fracture. Other weapons like the Nimbus Rod, Shadowflame Hex Doll, Magic Harp, Magic Dagger, and Life Drain also work well against this boss.

First, take your magic potions and fly in circles around the arena, avoiding her attacks while throwing out ones of your own. Once and a while, use a mana potion, and you are all set.

Boss strategy 3 (ranged)

Like magic, the defense does not mean much when it comes to surviving, but it is good to have range-boosting armor. Also, having ranged potions can sometimes mean life or death, so use them.

The best-ranged weapons to use are the Uzi and Megashark paired with Crystal or Ichor Bullets, depending on which ones you want to use. You can use the Chlorophyte Shotbow, but it is better to use a faster shooting weapon like a gun and not a bow.

The Flamethrower works, too, if you have it. Use your potions and go in a circular pattern while unleashing destruction on the boss.

Reap the rewards

You get many items from Plantera, but there is one in particular that is very important and you will receive one every time you defeat her.

It is the Temple Key. You can unlock the giant temple in the jungle biome, and it leads you to the Golem boss fight. He is another story entirely regarding strategies, so I am not going to go into details, but he is harder than Plantera.


Before you go farther into the game, congratulate yourself and reap all the rewards from the boss you just defeated.


In conclusion, Plantera is a hard boss, but she is a really fun boss to defeat. It is challenging, and it takes a lot of work to fight her once, but once you do it, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Once you receive that achievement, it is the most satisfying thing.

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If you have not played Terraria, then I would highly recommend that you do, and if you know anyone else who hasn’t played, recommend it to them because it is worth your time.