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When can you Fast Travel in Dark Souls Remastered?

When can you Fast Travel in Dark Souls Remastered?

The world of Dark Souls is too big for a player to simply run around from one corner to another. Moving around different corners of the map just to complete a few quests can feel tedious. However, there is a way to skip most of that “walking” part by a mechanic that turns travel near-instantaneous. 

Fast travel is a mechanic used in open-world titles that allow the player to travel from one location to the other instantly. It is usually performed from an in-game menu upon clicking on a map or an object. While some games feature “free-of-cost” fast travel, others are not as generous. 

However, the fast travel in Dark Souls Remastered is not as identical to the textbook definition as one might have hoped. There are certain conditions and locations one needs to go to in order to use fast travel. Here is how it works:

You can fast travel in Dark Souls Remastered once you get the Lord Vessel in Anor Londo. It will enable you to travel instantaneously to certain bonfires. You’ll have to kill Ornstein and Smough in order to reach this point. 

Fast Travel Locations in Dark Souls Remastered

As mentioned, there are only a few locations that support the bonfire fast travel. Therefore, you will have to memorize the layout of the game in order to find success with this mechanic. While this may sound like a hassle, it is nothing compared to the number of boss patterns you would have to memorize to reach this point. 

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If you haven’t played Dark Souls Remastered in a while then you may be finding the delight of finding the correct route all over again. For new players, this can incline towards being more tedious than fun. Therefore, here are the locations you can Fast Travel to in Dark Souls Remastered:

Firelink Shrine
Sunlight Altar
Anor Londo
Chamber of the Princess
Undead Parish
Painted World of Ariamis

Benefits of Fast Travel in Dark Souls Remastered

You will gain this ability near the end game. However, there is still a lot you can do with it. Fast Travel can be especially useful when you need to jump back and forth between faraway locations. It can help you gather resources from a location that would’ve taken a good amount of time to reach otherwise. 

It can be particularly helpful in reaching obscure locations like Firelink. Therefore, you have lesser chances to get stuck in limbo before reaching your desired location. 

All in all, Fast Travel is an insanely useful mechanic that is available in the later portions of the game. The reason for it appearing so late is to make it easier for the player to travel after unlocking the majority of the map. 

You can Fast Travel using bonfires however, the locations are limited. Using these bonfires doesn’t cost you anything therefore, prioritize them if you can. Getting the Lord Vessel is quite hard thus don’t expect to reach this point easily. Good luck on your journey!