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How to Respec Your Attributes in Lords of the Fallen

How to Respec Your Attributes in Lords of the Fallen

Your success in Lords of the Fallen, much like any other Souls game, is largely based on how good your build is. If this is your first rodeo or even a veteran, you can still make mistakes while putting together your first build, or you change your mind about your playstyle halfway through. Whatever your reason might be, Lords of the Fallen lets you respec your attributes, and here is how you can do it too.

You can visit Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, to respec your attributes in Lords of the Fallen. You will need one Rebirth Chrysalis and can reassign all your points however you want.


With this guide, we are going to provide you with a deeper insight into how you can respec your character in Lords of the Fallen.

Respecing Your Character In Lords of the Fallen

Talking to Pieta

If you are not familiar with the concept then let us give you the gist of it. While you can add more points to a specific attribute in Lords of the Fallen, once you have assigned it, you cannot use it for any other attribute.

Respec allows you to redistribute those points in whatever way you desire to change your build. There are some things you should know before you move on to the next step.

  • All of the stats will drop to the lowest number. That threshold is determined by your origin, and you cannot take any stat below that threshold.
  • You will need to reassign all the points you had before respec until you reach your present level.

You cannot respec your character right off the bat in Lords of the Fallen. There are a couple of prerequisites that you will need to fulfill if you want your mistakes to be corrected.

  1. Defeat Pieta: Before you can do anything, you will need to defeat Pieta which is going to give you access to her as an NPC at the Skyrest Bridge.
  2. Obtain Rebirth Chrysalis: You are going to offer this to Pieta in exchange for letting you respec your attributes. One Rebirth Chrysalis will let you respec your character one time and will only be consumed once you have pressed “Confirm” after reassigning all of the points.

If you have everything then it is time to move toward our main objective. Find Pieta at the Skyrest Bridge and talk to her. You will have three options. Select “Chrysalis Rebirth” (as seen in the image above).

You will see all of your stats and the total points you currently have. You can redistribute those points to suit your current needs. Press Confirm to finish the respec.

Respecing Stats in Lords of The Fallen

We also have a video that you can check out to get help on the topic.

How to get a Rebirth Chrysalis

Rebirth Chrysalis in your inventory
Rebirth Chrysalis

We cannot respec our attributes in Lords of the Fallen without the Rebirth Chrysalis so you need to get your hands on one if you are looking to respec any time soon. Here are a few places that we recommend where you can get it.


Molhu the NPC - Respec in Lords of the Fallen

Molhu is a merchant NPC and you will be going to him a lot for the upgrades to the Umbral Lamp. You can buy the Rebirth Chrysalis from Molhu for 8000 Vigor.

image 14

You can find him in the Skyrest Bridge. Go to the main hall where Pieta is standing. Right across from her to the left, there is an inclined path. Once you are inside, use your lamp to travel to the Umbral Realm and there you will find Molhu.

Shrine of Putrid Mother

image 12

You can also buy it from the Shrine of Putrid Mother. She resides in the same room as Molhu and you will need 75 Plucked Eyeballs to buy it from her.

You can only buy this if you are playing the game online and the whole community has contributed enough Plucked Eyeballs to upgrade the Shrine of Putrid Mother to tier 2.


This is another NPC that will sell you the Rebirth Chrysalis for 8000 Vigor. You will find Winterberry in the Revelation Depths, which can be unlocked by using the drainage key to reduce the water level in Cistern after taking down the Skinstealer Boss.

Other Locations

There are two more locations where you can find the Rebirth Chrysalis, and they are as follows:

  • Fief of the Chill Curse
  • Tower of Penance

If have been following till this point, you will now be able to respec your character in Lords of the Fallen and get ready to take on the horrors in this game with a new attitude and possibly a new play style.