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Dead Space (2023) Steam Deck (Best Settings)

Dead Space (2023) Steam Deck (Best Settings)

The Dead Space (2023) Remake is a worthy remake of the 2008 original, overhauling the graphics, and gameplay and adding a ton of additional content. What’s more impressive is how well it can run on the Steam Deck. So let’s discuss the best settings to run it?

Dead Space (2023) runs incredibly well on Steam Deck with a 1280×800 Resolution display. Additionally, capping the framerate at 60 and utilizing the Balanced FSR 2.0 profile gives you the best graphical fidelity and framerate.

If you wish to customize your settings for an even better experience then continue reading this article. We’ll go over all the key settings you need to change for the best experience.

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Steam Deck Settings For Dead Space (2023)

Dead Space Remake (2023) running on the Steam Deck
Dead Space Remake (2023) running on the Steam Deck

Maximum settings might be unfortunately out of the question for Steam Deck users. Especially, if you’re hoping for the best Dead Space Remake (2023) experience. This means that you will have to adjust several instances of your settings and tweak the display options to get the best possible result.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, however, that most of the performance issues related to Dead Space Remake (2023) go away when played at an appropriate resolution. The resolution that we would recommend to you is 1280×800, and this might be to the displeasure of some of you. But hear me out.

At this resolution, the game can function at its best. It gains over half the FPS that it was losing by running at maximum settings. And allows other smaller adjustments to be made in the settings, so that the overall experience, especially the horror of the shades of dark and grey in the game is retained.

With that said here are my recommendations otherwise for the best and most complete experience:

Graphics Options

Graphical OptionSetting
Full-Screen ModeFull Screen
Full-Screen Resolution1200×800
Refresh Rate60Hz
Vertical SyncOff
Anti-AliasingAMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0
FSR 2.0 ModeBalanced
Graphics QualityCustom
Light QualityLow
Shadow QualityLow
Reflection QualityLow
Volumetric ResolutionLow
Ambient Occlusion Off
Depth of Field Quality Low
Dead Space (2023) Recommended Graphical Settings

The settings that I’ve provided above give the best graphical look and framerate consistency. I tested quite a few different types of settings on my Steam Deck, and ultimately landed on believing that these settings not only made the game smoother but allowed me to immerse myself in the game.

After all, Dead Space has always been the type of game you drown into. The character building, the story, and the mystery of the USG Ishimura are all the major compelling factors when playing the game.

However, if you’re still not satisfied with the settings provided above then you can switch your FSR 2.0 Mode to something with a focus on performance. The “Performance” or “Ultra Performanceprofiles, while not recommended, will give you precisely the consistency that you might be looking for in the game.

Altering the settings from our recommended can be detrimental though. The Steam Deck simply does not have the hardware capacity to do more. You can push the system, but unfortunately, it will only go so far in this respect.

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Display Settings

Dead Space (2023) Steam Deck display
Dead Space (2023) Steam Deck display

The final aspect of the settings that are worth discussing when it comes to Dead Space Remake (2023) is the display settings. With the graphical options mentioned above kept in mind. There are a few display recommendations that I would like to provide for an optimal experience.

Display OptionSetting
High Dynamic RangeAutomatic
BrightnessAdjust to Preference
Motion BlurOff
Film GrainAdjust to Preference
Color Blind ModeOff unless Required
Dynamic Resolution Scale Off
Dead Space (2023) Recommended Display Settings

With these settings in mind, you should be able to experience the best display the Steam Deck has to offer whilst playing Dead Space Remake. The game heavily relies on visual and auditory cues to play the game. So good display settings are vital for enjoying the game.

That’s all you need to know about the best Graphics setting for Dead Space (2023) on the Steam Deck. For any further questions, queries or updates keep up to date with the GameVoyagers website. Keep on gaming!