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This is the Recommended Level for Godrick the Grafted

This is the Recommended Level for Godrick the Grafted

Most people who start playing a FromSoft game, especially if it is their first one, always wonder if there is a recommended level for anything. Yes, to a point, there is, but veterans of the genre will say that it is mostly up to your skill level. When it comes to Elden RIng, it is no different. It is easier than most other Soulsbournekiro games.

The recommended level for Godrick the Grafted is around Level 20 – 30. You don’t necessarily have to follow these specific levels because it is just a guideline on when it will be easier to defeat him. He is not an easy boss, but the higher your level, the easier he will be for you.


If you are having trouble with him, you can always explore. Coming back later is a new addition to the series because you didn’t have the option to leave and level up as you have had in Elden Ring. If you want to stick it out, good for you, but the option to leave is there if you want it.

There is a point in the game where you have to defeat bosses to progress, but there is still soo much to do that you can easily come back later for those as well. If you want to follow levels, as we said before, Level 20 – 30 is a good place for Godrick, and if you want to go higher, then, by all means, do it.

Is Godrick a hard boss?

Godrick is not an easy boss, but he is one of the first major bosses you fight in the game. He is one of the Shardbearers, so the developers didn’t want them to go easy mode on you. You really need to watch his moves; if you are patient and careful, you won’t have much issue with him. It is especially easy if you explored most of the first area as well.

Any items and weapons you found before fighting him will help, and if you have any Spirit Phantoms, use them if you are struggling against him. There are a lot of mechanics that are new to this game that helps new players ease into the way these games work, so don’t hesitate to use any means that you have to beat him.


When you find him for the first time, don’t try to beat him on your first try unless you are good at the game. Study his movesets and use his weaknesses against him. It is not good to defeat bosses on your first try unless you are only going to do one playthrough of the game.

If you do multiple, you want to study the moves, so you generally know how to fight them for the next playthrough. If you do NG+, it is much easier than before because you have everything again, but if you start over from scratch with a new class, it might be more difficult to learn the moves again.