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How To Fix The Shotgun Glitch in Sons of the Forest

How To Fix The Shotgun Glitch in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest has already captivated the audience with its immersion and survival mechanics. However, we have to keep our expectations in check before diving into this game as it is still in early access. So, it’s obvious that you’ll be running into some very annoying glitches in Sons of the Forest like a very common shotgun glitch as well.

There is a very aggravating bug that is troubling some players concerning the Shotgun in the game. What is the shotgun glitch in Sons of the Forest? How can you fix it? Let us find out.

There are two kinds of shotgun glitches in Sons of the Forest and there is no fix for them as of right now. The first glitch happens as you Interact with anything like a tarp while holding the shotgun may cause it to spazz out and you could not use it again. Putting attachments on the shotgun will remove it from the inventory altogether.

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Shotgun In Sons Of The Forest

shotgun in inventory

Guns are a godsend in Sons of the Forest. The game already has a very stringent ammo availability so using them is not as easy as one would hope for. We generally have to rely on craftable or other melee weapons to fight all those monstrosities and firearms only make an appearance if and when desperately needed.

The Shotgun is one of the best weapons to have in your inventory. There will be countless enemies that just want to rush you and having this short-range weapon on you will help in blowing them to smithereens.

The shotgun can be obtained by either digging up the operative’s grave marked on the map by a GPS tracker, or on the bar counter near the guitar. This gun can be upgraded with an attachment rail and a flashlight or laser sight further improving its utility.

But how would it feel when such an important piece of equipment in your inventory gets ruined due to some stupid bug?

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Shotgun Gitch in Sons of the Forest

shotgun in sons of the forest

There are currently two types of bugs that are ruining shotgun in this game:

  • If you put any attachments on the shotgun, it will cause the gun to glitch. For some, it completely removes the gun from the inventory along with the attachments, everything will disappear. For others, the gun gets stuck to the hand and you could not do anything else other than fire the gun, and can not even interact with other items in the world.
    • It is recommended to just skip attaching anything to the shotgun as this issue is quite prevalent.
  • With a shotgun in hand, if you interact with anything else in the world like setting up a tarp, the gun gets glitched. It will start to hover over the hand blocking your field of view yet you can not use it.
    • Only a few people have reported this glitch and it is not that rampant.

For both these bugs you will have to quit and load a previous save file. You can not simply save at the moment of the glitch and load back to solve the issue, it will persist. You will have to load a previous save file.

The shotgun will not return to your inventory and if it’s hovering in front of the camera then quitting is the only way to remove it. You will have to get the gun back from its sources if it isn’t permanently gone from the world. In that case, say goodbye to the shotgun for the entire run.


Presently, there is no fix that you can apply on your own to solve this issue. We just have to wait for the developers to fix this matter in some future update. We will update this article with any fix that might surface later on so stay tuned.