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7 Best Curved Swords in Elden Ring

7 Best Curved Swords in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has many weapon types that you can choose from, and by far the one weapon type most people really forget about is the Curved Swords. These are insanely good weapons if you know how to use them, and there are actually quite a few really good ones to find. There is a lot in the game, but there are a bunch that is really good.

There are 7 really good Curved Swords in Elden Ring and each of them have different skills and uses. There are some that can extend themselves and there are also some that can spawn lava on the ground. Most of these weapons can be turned into some really great builds and they all have their own scaling as well.

There are many other good Curved Swords in the game that are good, but these ones have the best scaling or skills that go along with them. If we did not put your favorite sword on this list then we are sorry, and it is mainly someone’s opinion if they like a specific weapon or not.

What are the best Curved Swords in Elden Ring?

These are Curved Swords that are found in entirely different areas. Some of them are legendary weapons, and some of them are regular weapons. This list is not in a specific order because they all do different things, but we did number them to show what the weapons are. There are 7 total really great Curved Swords in the game and they are all great if you decide to use them.

Here are the 7 best Curved Swords in Elden Ring:

1. Eclipse Shotel

Storied sword and treasure of Castle Sol that depicts an eclipsed sun drained of color. One of the legendary armaments. In Sol, the sight of an eclipse inspires a dreadful awe, preventing an onlooker from averting his gaze.

Location: Found at the altar of the church in the southeast section of Castle Sol.

This is probably the coolest-looking weapon on this list because of how different it is. It is a legendary armament that you need for the achievement and it is definitely worth using. It is a special weapon so you do need Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade it so you can’t change out its skill.

Its skill imbues the weapon in death and it does a lot of damage to pretty much anything you use it against. The weapon is just an all-around good weapon, and it is definitely one of the best Curved Swords you can get in the game.

2. Wing of Astel

Sword fashioned from a delicate wing, suffused with the magic of the stars. Strong attack unleashes a wave of enchanted light. Crafted from a relic of the Naturalborn of the Void who is said to have assailed the Eternal City.

Location: Found in a small chest at the top of the ruins in southern Uhl Palace Ruins.

This is a weapon that is based on the Astel fight. The skill actually shoves a purple Nebula in front of you and explodes, dealing a ton of damage to whoever is near it. The skill does a ton of damage to Poise so it is a great way to Riposte a boss or a large enemy.

It is a special weapon so you can’t change out its skill and it is also upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones. It is a very cool-looking weapon that is very good if you enjoy using its skill a lot. If you don’t, it is still a good weapon because of its speed and damage output.

3. Magma Blade

Curved sword with a blade fashioned from the lava of Mt. Gelmir. An armament of the man-serpents, impossible for a human to have made. Deals fire damage.

Location: Dropped by lizardmen wielding the Magma Blade at Volcano Manor.

If you have ever seen an enemy use this weapon, it looks very fun to use. Yes, you can get the weapon from them. You just need to defeat them until they finally drop it. Having lava come out of the sword is a nice skill for this weapon and it actually deals insane amounts of damage if you can get the enemy stuck in it.

Most of these weapons on this list are special weapons so you can’t swap out the skills on them. This is made easier by Somber Smithing Stones only needing 1 per level. Regular Smithing Stones actually take 12 per type of Stone and it can take a lot to fully upgrade them.

4. Nox Flowing Sword

A grim weapon wielded by swordsmen of the Eternal City, this shotel has a blade as fine as a needle. Forged from the liquid metal of a Silver Tear, it is thoroughly tempered until hardened.

Location: Dropped by the Nox Swordstress and Nox Priest boss duo upon defeat.

This is the most unique sword on this list because of what the skill is. Apparently, this blade was crafted with liquid metal and it can actually deform and reform into a longer blade. It almost works like a whip, and it makes it a very interesting choice for Curved Swords.

It is relatively easy to get pretty early on in your playthrough, but don’t rush to get it. It is found in Caelid and you need to defeat a boss to get it. The scaling on it is actually pretty good and is a good weapon choice for anyone.

5. Serpent-God’s Curved Swords

Curved sword fashioned in the image of an ancient serpent deity and tool of a forgotten religion practiced on Mt. Gelmir. Formerly used to offer up sacrifices, this sword restores HP upon slaying an enemy.

Location: Can be found at Ruin-Strewn Precipice behind the Land Octopus.

This sword is probably a great choice to use because it actually restores 5% of your HP when you defeat an enemy. You don’t even need to have it equipped in your main hand for it to heal you. The damage isn’t crazy on it, but it is a great weapon for the buff it gives you. Dual-wield this weapon with another to get multiple bonuses.

6. Mantis Blade

A curved sword with a blade at both ends wielded by the Cemetery Shades, the insect-ridden grave keepers. The blade is thin and sharp, and strong attack unleashes a far-reaching slash.

Location: Dropped by Cemetery Shade in Gelmir Hero’s Grave.

This blade is a normal weapon, so you can infuse it with Ash of War. That is what makes this weapon worth it. You can put blood attacks on it, poison attacks, or whatever you want. It has great scaling if you use the correct Ash of War and it is definitely worth the upgrades if you want to use this weapon.

7. Beastman’s Curved Sword

Curved sword forged of dull iron wielded by the beastmen of Farum Azula. The blade is heavy but well-balanced. Comparatively easy to wield for the damage it delivers.

Location: The Beastman’s Curved Sword has a chance to drop from any Azula Beastman carrying this weapon.

Same with the other weapon, this one can be infused with an Ash of War. The skills on these weapons aren’t the best, but the infusions are totally worth the time if you want to get any of these Swords. You won’t get this weapon until the late game so keep that in mind. You could also use this weapon for another playthrough, or you can save Smithing Stones for it later on.