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Where to farm in Dwarf Fortress

Where to farm in Dwarf Fortress

If you want the dwarves in your Dwarf Fortress society to be happy, then they’re going to need food. And if you want to get food, then you either need to trade for food and drink or you need to farm. Setting trading aside for now, however, this guide will focus on where you need to farm in Dwarf Fortress 2.

You need to build a Farm Plot to farm in Dwarf Fortress. These Farm Plots can be built on any form of dirt, but cannot be built on stone. Suitable materials to build a Farm Plot on include: clay, loam, sand, and silt. The Farm Plot also needs to be close to the surface.

Like many systems in Dwarf Fortress, farming can be quite confusing. Especially if you’re a new player, setting up and managing Farm Plots can be quite stressful. It’s important to know all the information that you need to farm successfully. If you wish to learn more about farming continue reading this article!

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Where to Farm in Dwarf Fortress?

Farming Plot - Dwarf Fortress
Farming Plot – Dwarf Fortress

If you’re looking to start farming then you will need to know where you can farm. Farming is usually done at a Farm Plot building. These are specific locations that you construct to utilize to farm food, alcohol, and other necessities that your dwarves might require.

If you’re looking to build a Farm Plot then that’s pretty simple. All you have to do is the following:

  • Select the Build Option.
  • Enter Workshops.
  • Select Farming.
  • Select build Farm Plot.
  • Drag over to the area where you wish to build the Farm Plot on.

Note: It’s important to realize that you can only build your Farm Plot in specific areas of Dwarf Fortress 2. These areas will require a host of resources to construct the Farm Plot in the first place. And you will not be able to build the farm plot on mud-free stone.

Additionally, you will need specific labor that can use the Grower skill. Otherwise, you will not be able to construct or work on the farm plots themselves. When you hover your mouse over the Farm Plots they should display the kinds of crops you can grow on them. Select the one you wish and begin farming.

How Much Farm Land Do You Need?

When you’re first starting in Dwarf Fortress, you will not need a lot of farmland to function. This is because each of your dwarves eats only twice and drinks around five times per season. This means that the game is extremely lenient on the amount of nutrition you need to keep your dwarves happy and healthy.

Since a single seed will produce six harvestable plants. Each plant yield will easily provide a meal in the Kitchen. Even if your population is at the maximum of 200 dwarves, you can make it survive over a 6×6 Farm plot for food. You can also supply a full fortress with alcohol with a plot of the same size.

However, my recommendation is that you need to go a little bigger. Just to be on the safe side. Although it’s going to take a long time to hit the max population, it’s a good idea to start small initially. Build two 5×5 Farm Plots in a large room within your Fortress and that should be enough for all your early game needs.

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Above Ground Versus Subterranean Crops

Subterranean and Above Ground blocks - Dwarf Fortress
Subterranean and Above Ground blocks – Dwarf Fortress

The blocks within Dwarf Fortress are divided into two types. They are either Subterranean blocks or Above Ground blocks. This means you will have to decide which type of blocks you eventually build your farm plots on. And this will dictate the type of crops that will be available to you in this regard as well.

A good way to understand the difference between the two types of blocks. An Above Ground block will be one that can see the sky. However, a Subterranean block will not be able to see anything else. However, an interesting exploit for this division is that any particular block needs to see the sky only once to be considered Above Ground.

With this in mind, I propose the following: you can cover an Above Ground Farm Plot with a floor. This will essentially make an Indoor Above Ground farm Plot that you can utilize as you see fit. The fastest method to do this is to channel from the Ground level and clear an entire plot.

Once you’ve dug out a plot then you’re free to cover it as you see fit. A good idea in this regard is to cover it with something that prevents anything from sneaking in and causing a ruckus to your farm plots.

How to Get More Seeds?

Seeds - Dwarf Fortress
Seeds – Dwarf Fortress

If you wish to get more seeds then you will have to change how you process your plants in Dwarf Fortress. If you’re cooking your meals in Kitchen then you will not be receiving any seeds for your effort. However, if you process Plants at a Still or Quern then they will give you Seeds back.

Make sure that you keep a good supply of Seeds with yourself. If you feel like your store of seeds is dropping too fast then it’s a good idea to go into the Labor Menu and turn off cooking and brewing.

Finally, a good way to increase the yield of seeds for yourself is to Gather Plants on the surface or in underground caverns. This reduces plants that get queued for processing and rather provides you with seeds instead.

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Even though Dwarf Fortress can be confusing, it’s an incredibly rewarding and unique gaming experience. The lack of obvious tutorials makes it far more fun to discuss solutions within the community. To learn more about Dwarf Fortress stick with us here at Game Voyagers.