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How To See In The Mistlands In Valheim (Ultimate Guide)

How To See In The Mistlands In Valheim (Ultimate Guide)

Valheim just got the new Mistlands biome update. The Biome isn’t accessible in the normal version of the game as it’s part of the Test Update. Visibility is pretty much non-existent in this biome, but we’ll help you see the Mistlands in Valheim in today’s guide.

Defeat Yagaluth in the Plains biome to obtain a Torn Spirit. Collect 10 stones using a Pickaxe. Combine 10 stones and the Torn Spirit at a Workbench to craft a Wisp Fountain. Place it outside at night and collect Wisps. Combine the wisps with Silver to craft a Wisp Light or use the Wisps with one Yggdrasil Wood to craft a Wisp Torch.

The Mistlands in Valheim is known to be the darkest Biome in the game so far. The light of day never makes it into the biome. You’ll find loads of giant cobwebs here on everything. With cobwebs come numerous spiders which are the general inhabitants of his biome.

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Download the Mistlands Update in Valheim

You can access the Test Update for the Mistlands biome for Valheim on Steam by going into >Properties>Beta. Redeem the code “yesimadebackups” and voila! You now have access to the update.

Once it’s all said and done, you can now access the Mistlands Biome in Valheim. But one thing to note here is that the Mistlands Biome doesn’t have a specific location. It’s basically randomly generated for every player.

How to Find the Mistlands in Valheim

  • But we can still make an approximation. The Mistlands generally spawn farther away from the center of the map in Valheim. So, to make your way to this biome, you’ll need to navigate with the help of a boat.
  • Being the sixth biome entry into Vahleim, it’s still unfinished. But this biome has still made a lot of headlines.
  • Aside from cobwebs and spiders, the biome is practically empty as it’s still in the middle stages of development. It’s expected more NPCs and enemies will be added to this biome later down the line in Valheim.

How to See In the Mistlands

Once you’ve made it to the Mistlands in Valheim, you’ll find out that’s practically impossible to navigate the area due to the thick mist. So, you’ll need something to voyage the Mistlands, and your answer would be a Wisp Light.

Craft a Wisp Torch

Yagluth in Valheim
Yagluth Boss
  • You’ll need to defeat Yagluth in the Plains Biome. After you’re done, it’ll drop something known as a Torn Spirit.
  • Now, collect 10 stones by picking at rocks with an Antler Pickaxe.
  • Collect 10 stones to create something known as a Wisp Fountain. Combine the Torn Spirit with the 10 stones on a Workbench Place it outside. Anywhere and any Biome in Valheim is fine. It doesn’t have to be the Mistlands Biome.
  • At night time, the Fountain will prompt you with a message stating that the “Wisps are coming.”
How to see in the Mistlands in Valheim
  • You’ll easily get your hands on one Wisp at night. After you obtain a Wisp. You can construct a Wisp Torch.
  • To craft a Wisp Torch, you’ll need to use one Yggdrasil Wood and one Wisp.

You can also craft a Wisp Light by combining one Silver and One Wisp.

Wisp Light and The Wisp Torch

Equip either the Wisp Light or the Wisp Torch to your hot bar. Using the Wisp Light will allow a Wisp to follow wherever you go in Valheim. This will clear any mist or fog that would normally hinder your visibility in the Mistlands. 

Wisp Light

But keep in mind, Wist Lights only remove fog temporarily so your best bet would be to remove the fog permanently and that’s where a Wisp Torch comes in handy. Place the Wisp Torch on the ground and that’s pretty much it. 

But another caveat here is that the Wisp Torch only removes Fog at ground level. You’ll have to craft higher structures and buildings to place Wisp Torches at elevated positions.


So, that’s pretty much how you can see clearly in the Mistlands in Valheim. While the Mistlands don’t have to offer a lot currently, considering the Biome is still in testing, there are bound to be more additions later down the line. And we’ll keep you updated as soon as more content makes its way into Valheim