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Are Minecraft Villagers Human? The Lore Explained

Are Minecraft Villagers Human? The Lore Explained

The Villagers have always been the passive mobs that players can interact with to buy and sell items. However, that might be not all there is to that, as the villagers have more human-like facial features than anyone else in the game. 

Like humans, they live in villages and have the basic senses to escape danger immediately. They wear different clothes and have different attitudes ranging from priests to nitwits. However, there are subtle differences between them and a player.

The Villagers in Minecraft seem to be very close to human beings. They possess culture and basic clothing. Every villager works for their family except for children and nitpicks. 


Other than this, there are many reasons why a villager can be considered a human being. Despite being limited in movements, they have a story to tell. Therefore, let’s dig a bit deeper into the lore of Minecraft villagers

How Are Minecraft Villagers Human?

Here are the aspects of a villager that makes them more human than anything else in Minecraft,


Villagers are generally taller than a player, which makes them feel realistic. You might have some real-life friends with heads and bodies slightly taller than yourself. Other villagers are not as tall as you, which creates a nice variance among them, just like regular human beings. 


The villagers in Minecraft seem to have a cultural reason for hiding their hands in their clothes. Once again, it could be an artistic choice, but it is comprehensible.


You could hide your hands in your sleeves because of the cold or for cultural or religious purposes.

Sense Of Danger

Every villager will run away if it senses danger. They will go inside at night and attempt to escape if thrown into the waters. They run away from zombies and possess six types of human professions:

  • Farmer
  • Nitwit
  • Blacksmith
  • Priest
  • Librarian
  • Butcher

The Lore Behind Villager In Minecraft

The villagers seem to exist in Minecraft before a player enters the game. They are an older civilization that learned and invented multiple professions. These ‘humans’ used their knowledge to create iron golems to protect their future generations. 

However, disaster struck, and they lost their ability to handle weapons and tools. Some of these villagers were punished for their crimes and were exiled. Now, their descendants wander the worlds of Minecraft as pillagers while the villagers are still unable to wield weapons to this day. 


Mojang Studios have not made an official statement regarding this theory. However, this seems to be closest to the real thing. With that said, villagers still face multiple disasters in the form of zombie invasions for their past crimes, sometimes even turning into zombies.

All in all, the villagers in Minecraft are completely human. They were an older civilization where the player learned how to live in confined areas called villages. 

Needless to say, there are multiple convincing hypotheses out there that can be satisfying to some extent because the real lore has always been a real mystery.