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Best Buffed Weapons in Elden Ring

Best Buffed Weapons in Elden Ring

Elden Ring, since its launch, has had an array of weapons at its disposal, but players have been flocking to just a few for their effectiveness. Many weapons are pushed to the side because of some small issues in their move set that make it rather unprofitable in the grand scheme of the game.

However, with subsequent updates, weapons have been completely revamped, so we will try to incorporate that into this list.

The best-buffed weapons in Elden Ring are; the Giant-Crusher, Wing of Astel, Bloodhound’s Fang, Nagakiba, Moonveil, Scavenger’s Curved Sword, Greatsword, Dark Moon Greatsword, Reduvia, and the Blasphemous Blade.


Read on to find out which weapons have been buffed in Elden Ring recently and what makes them so powerful.

10. Giant-Crusher

Giant Crusher - Elden Ring Buffed Weapons

This weapon deals the most damage in one hit, and as such, it’s undeniably one of the best weapons in the game.

Colossal weapon scalings were improved in previous patches, although this weapon is largely unaffected by that technically because you can’t take an S-scaling strength weapon and make it higher than that.

However, this weapon and weapon type has benefited over the last patches, where poise has become much more relevant.

If you have a hyper poise build with this weapon, you can easily tank most attacks in PVP and still be standing there to deal massive punishment from this massive hammer. Having this much Poise and power behind a swing is powerful in PvP.

In PVE, you can do around 5K to 6K a hit with a charged heavy attack. The unique heavy attack of this weapon deals extra damage, and you’ll find extreme success doing so. It’s an incredible weapon but it has a pretty bland move set.

9. Wing of Astel

Wing of Astlel - Elden Ring Buffed Weapons

The Wing of Astel has been improved in more than one way recently. This is one of the highest DPS weapons in the game, as you can spam the Ash of War on a single target. It’s going to deal a ton of damage.

It also has an incredibly heavy attack where you do a projectile attack at no FP cost just a bit of stamina. You can charge this attack to send out two and then do a follow-up with one or two more swings.

This is great in both PVP and PVE as it allows you to have an infinite resource where you can at medium to close range, harass/finish, or chip away an enemy in PvP.

On top of that, this is a curved sword, and they have some extremely quick damaging move sets. The recent update has improved the running attack speed, which was already quite fast.

It also improved the recovery time, so combo-ing has become better. The first attack speed for the curved sword is also sped up.

8. Bloodhound’s Fang

Bloodhound's Fangs - Elden Ring Buffed Weapons

This curved great sword has great damage, great early-game scaling, a bleed passive, a really good range, and a remarkably powerful Ash of War that has I-frames built-in. Admittedly, it falls off a bit in the late game, but it’s still rather great.

The recent patch has buffed this weapon type, and now it has increased speed, increased range, and increased recovery time for a variety of attacks.

The attack speed and range will be more evident in PVP, where you will catch many players off guard. The range and running attacks will confuse the opponent and yourself with how far your attacks will reach.


And one of the best parts is, you can apply a status effect or elemental damage on this weapon so there is tons of damage-type versatility here as well.

7. Nagakiba

Nagakiba - Elden Ring Buffed Weapons

This can be considered as one of the best weapons overall, not just because it’s an S scaling Dex weapon, not just because it’s got ridiculously good range, not just because it’s got a varied move set for wide or thrust attacks, but because of its unique ability to be utilized in all manners of builds.

Change this weapon’s Affinity to whatever you want, Occult, Arcane Dex, whatever; even affinities like Magic, Fire, and Lightening have improved too, so you can slap them on this katana too.

You can apply a variety of Ashes of War too. Combine it with insane weapon buffs like the blood flame blade. This is the most versatile Dex weapon in the game and gives the player the freedom to experiment with many builds.

The recent patch has also increased the running attack speed and recovery time for Katanas. And with that crazy long range, there are very few weapons that can rival the reach of this sword.

6. Moonveil

Moonveil - Elden Ring Buffed Weapons

This was once the best weapon in the game and I can vouch for it as it was my main weapon the first time I played this game. Despite all of the changes and nerfs made to this weapon, this can still be considered the best PVP weapon in terms of its outrageous ability to one-shot people.

To this day it is as strong as it has ever been in PVP. It deals a HUGE burst of damage in one single unsheath strike and poofs away an opponent’s health.

If you jump into a free for all match and walk up behind a player and fire off the Ash of War you will most often than not end up killing the dude. It doesn’t take much skill at all to master this weapon’s exploitative attack.

And since this is a Katana, it also receives all the improvements we mentioned in the Nagakiba section.

As for PVP, most enemies are weak to magic attacks and this katana deals a ton of this damage type. This weapon has become weaker compared to its glory days, but it can still run circles around most weapons in the game.

5. Scavenger’s Curved Sword

Svacenger's Curved Sword -- Elden Ring Buffed Weapons

The Scavenger’s Curved Swords, much like the Nagakiba, serve as a status-building dual-wielding weapon. You can run these with so many different Ashes of War, statuses, and purposes, and ultimately they are really quick attacking weapons.

They have bleed as a base on them, has a swift moveset, and compared to faster weapons like daggers, they have a bit of reach. And since this is a curved sword, it gets all the buffs that Wing of Astel got, Improved running attack speed, faster recovery time, and faster first attack of a combo.


The curved sword was one of the best weapon types in the game, and FromSoft has made it so much better in recent patches. The Scavenger Curve Swords is all about status building, and they are now even better at that.

4. Greatsword


This weapon is universally liked, especially for Strength builds. Colossal swords have had their scalings improved across the board through the patches. This was already an S-scaling strength weapon, and now it is even better.

This, too, is an adaptable utility weapon. You can use this weapon in so many ways, like putting players to sleep, running Giant Hunter Ash of War, and applying Lion’s Claw. Over the last few patches, big weapons like this do much better Poise damage, making them stagger machines.

This weapon, in particular, has a wide circular swing making it great for AOE and catching people at the range. The crouch poke for Colossal Swords was nerfed in previous patches, and now it is more viable and usable again in PvP.

You can buff this weapon with greases or weapon buffs to make it even stronger for different purposes. You can carry two of them in a power stance and create jump attack builds. Even though that damage was nerfed in PVP but it’s still outrageous.

3. Dark Moon Greatsword

Dark Moon Greatsword

Recent patches have buffed the Greatsword weapon type. They now have improved speed and range of various attacks as well as better recovery time for quick combos. This weapon surely feels a bit quicker, and they catch people just a little bit further. That makes a difference in trading.

You simply use the weapon skill to buff up and go to town. With what should cost FP but doesn’t, the stamina-consuming wide arc magical attacks you can charge to deal extra damage with charge attacks. This weapon has the highest single-hit damage ranged attack when buffed, which could rival the Giant Crusher.

This weapon also has frost buildup and amazing magic damage. There are many ways to build around this weapon, and all of them will be powerful.

2. Reduvia

Reduvia - Elden Ring Buffed Weapons

This unassuming little dagger is now faster, has better range, and has better recovery. This weapon in particular builds up bleed like no other weapon can, attacking so fast in power stance that you’re able to deal up to 30k damage in seconds.

Its Ash of War was also improved to have better damage detection which if you use it at point blank it’ll be like firing a bleed build-up shotgun blast. Even at medium range, it deals adequate damage and surely makes up for its lack of range in general.


Reduvia is easily one of the best weapons in the game and the best source of bleeding in Elden Ring. And if you are going for an Arcane build, look no further than this spine-covered dagger.

1. Blasphemous Blade

Blasphemous Blade

This is an insane fire-based weapon, and most enemies in Elden Ring are weak to fire minus the Volcano Manor; even bleed becomes weak later on. And the best part about it, it has the ability to life-steal on each hit and on kills, great stats, and great scaling.

The Ash of War is devastating with super long range and width, crazy Poise damage, and raw damage numbers are stratospheric too.

There are so many ways to use this weapon in various builds, and all of them should be very effective. It’s been one of the best, if not the best, weapons from the beginning of the game.

It also gets all the buffs of a Greatsword as well, meaning it’s got the improved speed of attack, its range is improved, and recovery times are better for combos. No other weapon is filled to the brim with sheer power than this one in every aspect.

These are all the best-buffed weapons in Elden Ring. This list could potentially be updated later on with more updates but there is little to no chance that these incredible weapons would be moving from their position any time soon.