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What Is Pinnacle Gear In Destiny 2?

What Is Pinnacle Gear In Destiny 2?

The Gear and Power level grind in Destiny 2 is much too real. With each expansion and Season, players will be clamoring for the latest gear in the game and increasing their Power levels to face the odds standing against them. And we all know how Power hungry we Destiny dudes/dudettes are.

You must be aware of the many types of gear in Destiny 2 and the best ones you can get your hands on are classified as Pinnacle Gear. What is Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2? How can you get them? We’ll answer all your burning questions right here Guardians.

Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2 is the best type of gear in the game. It provides the highest increase to the Power/Light level of the character. As of now in the Season of the Seraph, the highest Power cap is 1590, so Pinnacle Gear will be the one that pushes you to that level.

Destiny 2’s Leveling System

Power Level

For all Destiny 2 players, we know the appeal and the frustration of the gear and Power level grind. Power level is super important as it will not only boost your effectiveness in-game but will also allow you to take on harder challenges constantly being added to the mix.

Power level is the cumulative sum of all your equipped gear. It increases the base damage output and defense of your character. Your current Power level will also determine the level of the loot you will find in the game.

Power levels are divided into different limits or caps. Depending on the type of gear you have on and the level you are at, the Power level will gradually increase to the hard limits. These limits, levels, or caps are always changing/increasing with each season or expansion.

Currently, in the Season of the Seraph, the Power level caps and the gear need to reach them are presented in the table below:

Level CapPower LevelGear needed
Starting Level1350
Soft Cap1530Any
Hard Cap1580Powerful
Pinnacle Cap1590Pinnacle

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Explaining Level Caps

Pinnacle level

Let us get into what each of these level caps means and its implications in Destiny 2:

  • Starting Level: The lowest level you begin the game with. Every new player now starts at this level.
  • Soft Cap: Below this level, any loot drop in the game will surely be of a higher Power level than your highest-level equipment. After you have reached this cap then only Powerful or Pinnacle level rewards will increase your overall Power level.
  • Powerful Cap: Powerful rewards after the Soft cap will allow you to reach this cap. When you reach this cap, all drops will be at your character’s current highest-equippable Power level. Only the Pinnacle reward will then increase your level past this cap.
  • Pinnacle Cap: This is what is known as a hard cap in the game. It is the highest level your character can reach in Destiny 2. It is only attainable by Pinnacle Gear drops.

Pinnacle Gear

Pinnacle Gear

Pinnacle Gear is the crème de la crème of gear Power level-wise in Destiny 2. If you want to reach that coveted Pinnacle Power level cap then you must work towards acquiring these Pinnacle Gear Engrams. These will reward you with items that will certainly nudge you toward the highest Power level cap in the game.

As mentioned before, the current Pinnacle Cap in the Season of the Seraph is 1590 and Pinnacle Gear will be the one that helps you reach that level. Depending on your current level and cap proximity, Pinnacle Gear can reward you up to +4 to +5 Power levels.

A bunch of activities in Destiny 2 will reward you with Pinnacle Gear. However, it depends on the DLCs you have bought and the expansion/seasonal rotation, which activity has the potential of rewarding these.

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How to Get Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2

In the table below we have provided all the ways you can get Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2 currently:

SourceLocationIncreaseFireteam needed?Requires
King’s Fall raid
4 total rewards
Throne World+2 x 4YesFree-to-Play
Seasonal: Ketchcrash
Master completion
H.E.L.M+2NoSeason 18
Duality dungeon
Completion on Master difficulty
Cosmodrome+2YesDeluxe Edition
Preservation Mission
(Quest completion)
Throne World+2NoThe Witch Queen
Weekly Campaign Mission
Score 100,000 points
Throne World+2NoThe Witch Queen
The Wellspring
Completion on Master difficulty
Throne World+2NoThe Witch Queen
Exotic Quests: Vox Obscura
Defeat powerful Cabal and Champions
Throne World+2NoThe Witch Queen
Nightfall: The Ordeal
Score 100,000 points
Playlist: Vanguard+2YesFree-to-Play
Dares of Eternity
250,000 score
Trials of Osiris
Win 7 matches
Playlist: Crucible+2NoThe Witch Queen
Trials of Osiris
Win 50 rounds
Playlist: Crucible+2NoThe Witch Queen
Trials of Osiris
Win 7 games with no losses on a Passage
Playlist: Crucible+2NoThe Witch Queen
Reach “Legend” Glory rankPlaylist: Crucible+2NoFree-to-Play
Weekly Raid
Full completion
Weekly Dungeon
(Full completion)
Crucible Matches
Complete 3 matches
Playlist: Crucible+1NoFree-to-Play
Gambit Matches
Complete 3 matches
Playlist: Gambit+1NoFree-to-Play
Vanguard Ops
Complete 3 matches with matching element
Playlist: Vanguard+1NoFree-to-Play
Clan Weekly XPTower+1NoFree-to-Play


Pinnacle Gear is what we all thrive for in Destiny 2 and is the only way to reach that highest Power level. And once that Pinnacle Cap is acquired then the feeling of achievement is through the roof. Just be consistent in doing the activities and you will surely inch your way toward the Power level.

We have curated this article with the current season in mind so the level caps and activities are subject to change with subsequent additions to the game.