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20 Best Seeds in Minecraft (Updated)

20 Best Seeds in Minecraft (Updated)

Minecraft has developed some amazing worlds you can spawn using a seed number. The seed is the actual code that generates and builds a particular world. Many worlds in the latest update are mind-bogglingly beautiful, with massive mountains and a mix of previously unheard-of biomes.

When you spawn in a Minecraft world, you will be given a seed number for the world; if the world is to your liking, you can share the seed code with the world. Due to this, the Minecraft community is compiling codes for some of the best worlds that don’t feel random but rather intricately designed.


Keep in mind that the seeds that will be mentioned here will work on the Minecraft Java Edition. There is a chance they won’t work in other versions of the game.

1. Jungle Temple Village

  • Seed: 1169788832
  • Coordinates: -2469, 63, -1382

This world is filled with parrots, pandas, and ocelots, and that too inside a jungle village on top of that, there is a jungle temple nearby as well. Trade with the locals while surrounded by beautiful fauna and flora. You can even take refuge in one of the village buildings and make this your home even the temple is up for grabs here.

A huge hollow bamboo mountain is just a distance away from this village. The green caves and openings in the mountain can also be used for a secluded abode. The view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking.

2. Shipwreck in a Temple

Seed: 1731084842
Coordinates: 615, 65, 10

This location has a shipwreck inside a desert temple, a unique thing to witness, and sparks curiosity as to how it got here.

Surrounding this temple are a lush jungle, coral reef, badlands, and a desert village. Underneath the above-mentioned village, you can find an end portal with 5 eyes filled in, requiring only 7 more.

3. Windswept Village

Seed: 2100201543
Coordinates: 308, 177, 103

If a view and a village are your jam, then this is the seed for you. The village here is a sight to behold. The village is located on top of a complicated mountain structure thing.


The complexity of the mountain is one of the reasons for this weird and beautiful seed at the same time.

4. Shipwreck Village Spawn

Seed: 503820740
Coordinates: 163, 72, -553

One of the most fun you could have in a spawn point. This seed spawns you in an abandoned cobweb-covered village with a perfectly intact and placed the ship in the middle; it’s on the land, so we assume it is shipwrecked here.

An amazing location where you can remodel it to your liking, bringing it back to life from its desolate state and using the ship as your base of operation. You can create a fishing town, befitting the overall theme.

5. Tall Mansion

Seed: -892884632
Coordinates: 536, 164, 312

This seed spawns you near a lush flower forest hill. Near the hill is a village, some jungle mountains, and some snow-covered ones. There is a river valley in the middle of all of this which, if you follow to the end, will lead you to this huge tall mansion, a towering behemoth.

The mansion’s cobblestone interior can be descended into a lush cave. This insane house can be yours without having to mortgage your kidneys!

6. Tallest Ice Spike

Seed: 1114478226
Coordinates: 275, 208, 1516

This location has the tallest ice spike that we have ever come across. The whole area is an ice spike biome. To get a sense of the height, it goes from y:74 to y:208. You can see a snow-covered spikey haven at the top of the ice spike.


You can spot an island village very far away in the distance, but getting there is quite a journey. If you have come across a bigger spike, then let us know.

7. Mansion Island

Seed: 216493279
Coordinates: -1113, 107, 1881

This seed spawns you in a jungle that houses a ruined portal. Enter the nether, and you will be teleported to a fortress with a Piglin bastion. This nether location has amazing aesthetics and plenty of loot. You can also access the mansion island from the seed location, coordinates listed above.

The island is serenely on a green island, a perfect place to settle down and call home. There is even a Mooshroom island and loads of sea monuments close by to this island.

8. Amazing Village

Seed: -1529254152
Coordinates: 811, 68, 836

This location has such an amazing village. The village is in a beautiful meadow and includes a ruined portal. Within the village is a basement igloo that is surprisingly hiding a stronghold.

Besides this igloo, an exposed dripstone cave blows my mind with every visit. Further away from all this, there are more dripstone caves and a tall outpost; on top of that is an Iron Golem.

9. Two Mansions

Seed: -1473434828
Coordinates: -545, 123, -226

Another mansion seed. It spawns you by the forested landscape and a tall birch crater, perfect for building your favorite creations.


Near this is a meadow village which is positioned between two mansions. It’s rare to come by two mansions that are rendered in such proximity to a spawn. This seed has a great combination of rare structures and beautiful terrain.

10. Incredible Lush Cave

Seed: -1429322363
Coordinates: -545, 123, -226

This is your seed if you want to experience a lush cave scene. This seed spawns you near this amazing cave structure. It has a combination of multiple levels and waterfalls and many things that we would like you to discover. This place is worth getting lost in and soaking in all the sights.

These types of caves are becoming the pinnacle of beauty in Minecraft. A bustling underground city can be established here if you are up to the task.

11. Huge Mooshroom Island

Seed: -1486424938
Coordinates: -1147, 72, -727

This seed will spawn you next to the badlands and a desert village. Under the village is a stronghold, a rare spawn since version 1.18 has rolled out. But these locations are not the reason for choosing this seed.

If you sail across the ocean to the coordinates listed above, you will come across one of the biggest Mooshroom island biomes we have ever seen; you can see the size in the picture.

12. Luckiest Village

Seed: 113460335
Coordinates: -792, 64, 1374

This seed has it all and is one of the best locations to start building, as there is so much variety here. At the spawn is a peaceful village, including a blacksmith, an exposed cave, and a tall outpost. When we venture underneath the surface of the village, there are two different end portal locations.


Building a nether portal here will send you to a nether fortress. A huge flat surface near the village can be used to build a snowy valley and, further away, an ice spike village. This location is truly an amazing and lucky find in Minecraft.

13. Five Mansions

Seed: 1194066632
Mansion Coordinates: First: -570, -4865 Second: 505, -4350 Third: 2856, -520 Fourth: -1832, 280 Fifth: -846, -932

There was a time players would scour the seeds to locate mansions. Having one mansion within 5000 blocks was rare enough; this seed has 5 mansions within this radius. This seed is best suited for a party of five friends where each owns one of the mansions. What you do after this is up to your imagination.

14. Skeleton Spawner

Seed: -1709578933
Coordinates: -928, 97, 2799

Here is another amazing village with a stronghold. It has a snow village with an end portal and an exposed skeleton spawner.

This is the perfect village for grinding levels and farm bones and getting access to the end. Loads of ice spikes are nearby, and an island is surrounded by a frozen river that can be used to build a winter wonderland.

15. Multi-Biome

Seed: 79067

This seed is a good old multi-biome spawn. If you want a varied place with many locations you can visit, this is the one for you. You have an ocean, a Mooshroom Island, badlands, savannah, jungle, and mountains of different types at some distance.


This seed has the potential to be a long-term investment for survival. As for structures, you get a temple, a village, and an outpost close by too. This seed has an amazing variety.

16. Eye of Nature

Seed: 3854341
Coordinates: 1268, 90, 348

The finder of this seed has dubbed this Eye of Nature. There is a nearly perfect oval hole in the ground that contains grass, trees, and a lake, and many waterfalls flow down to the lower cave section, elevating this area’s beauty.

It’s super unique to discover and explore. Players with a keen eye for building can make this place into something breathtaking.

17. Dripstone Cave and Multiple Biomes

Seed: -1973119683
Coordinates: 242, 70, 1502

This seed is a sort of culmination of the last two seeds. The holes here are located beside a village, and dropping down these; you will come across a dripstone cave with a mineshaft and many waterfalls that can be used as free elevators to go in and out of the caves.

This seed also has many biomes like deserts, oceans, savannahs, plains, roof forests, jungles, and badlands. A marvelous seed indeed.

18. Stronghold Village Mountain Crater

Seed: -1624341177
Coordinates: 1139, 120, -1336

A beautiful mountain crater seed. Though there are many crater seeds, this one is extra special as it contains a meadow village. It’s one of those scenic locations where you would want to live in real life—a nice, peaceful, secluded area with surrounding forests, flowers, and flowing water.


The mountains protect you from any raids. You can easily build your own house alongside the villagers. Outside the crater, you will see even more snow-topped mountains and villages.

19. Windswept Village Island

Seed: -960582422
Coordinates: -1060, 181, 1224

This seed has the most mesmerizing windswept desert island village. The village is located way above the clouds, and some parts are gravity-defying. It’s up to you whether you want to live on the ground level of the village or the “penthouse” level.

In its random creation, many parts of the village and the villagers are stuck in weird spots, and to make this into a functioning village, a bit of engineering is required to create pathways that connect it all. Maybe you can make it work!

20. Huge Cave

Seed: -271126904
Coordinates: -331, 65, -38

The spawn point of this seed is placed right beside the opening to the biggest cave anyone has seen in Minecraft. Drop down here; this cave’s spectacular beauty will blow you away. You could not just start exploring these cave systems and not get lost.

There is a huge central part of the cave that is already big enough on top of this, there are offshoots of the cave that goes in all directions and seemingly go on forever. This is the ideal spot for building a subterranean civilization and never being bothered by the sun.

These are some of the most wonderful seeds we have discovered. Some are practical, while others are aesthetically pleasing. It’s up to the player to select which one serves their purpose. With the newest version, the caves have become the pinnacle of beauty, and we recommend players build some awe-inspiring creations in these.