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How to Efficiently Demolish Your Own Walls in Rust

How to Efficiently Demolish Your Own Walls in Rust

Rust is a survival video game. Most survival games have threats like monsters or zombies, but in Rust, players have to watch out for animals and, most importantly, other players as it is a multiplayer game. Other factors, like hunger, health, cold, thirst, radiation, and other natural conditions, may also become an obstacle in the player’s strength to survive. 

The first most issue that will come in the way of your survival is the temperature. In Rust, when your body temperature falls under 5 degrees Celsius, your avatar goes under the “Too Cold” effect. When this effect is set into place, your avatar starts taking damage, and you have to race against time. 

You must build a shelter to avoid undergoing the “Too Cold” effect. A robust set of walls will serve as a good source of protection against the cold and potential enemies. Although taking these walls down is not as simple as it might seem as building them up. 

Is Demolishing Walls Difficult?

Taking down walls in Rust is not considered impossible but rather complicated. The difficulty itself depends on the material of the wall, and it increases with better material and decreases with the weaker. Stone walls are tough to destroy, while wooden walls will not give you a demanding time. 

Rust provides you with a building mechanism that allows you to fix construction mistakes within a set time limit. You have 10 minutes to remove a wall after placing it down. This proves to be quite helpful for the players and helps them avoid going through hard labor because of a small placement mistake. 

During these 10 minutes, players cannot only delete the wall but also move it around to place it in a different position, and after the 10 minutes have passed, the wall cannot move. 

Realism has a lot of emphasis on the game, so being able to move around the walls or magically remove them seems pretty unrealistic. For that reason, after you have placed a wall down, it will take a few minutes to move.

Let us see how to demolish different kinds of walls and ensure your survival in the game.

Demolish Walls with a Hammer

Demolishing a wall with a hammer does not mean you will strike the wall to tear it down. Instead, you will be upgrading the wall to be able to remove it. 

The hammer tool will upgrade the stone wall to a sheet metal wall. Then you can remove all the sheet metal supplies from the cupboard to not let the wall auto-repair. 

Even then, you cannot remove the metal wall as it is. You will need some time for it to decay (around 8 hours). This is not the fastest way to demolish a wall, but it is the neatest one.

Demolish Walls with Explosives

The most obvious way to destroy walls in Rust is by using C4s. Creating a C4 item is somewhat expensive and takes time too. But it is an effective way to remove walls permanently. The thing you will require is a “Timed Explosive Charge.” 

These can be stuck to any object you want to demolish. You will need 20 Explosives, 5 Cloth, and 5 Tech Trash. Now, these items may not seem a lot of make, but the resources you would need to get these items is kind of a lot (3,000 Charcoal and 2,200 Sulfur for Gunpowder, 200 Metal Fragments and 60 Low-Grade Fuel for explosives, 5 Cloth and 2 Tech Trash for Timed Explosive Charge). 

Aside from these items, you will also need to gather around 2500 Wood as furnace fuel for ore smelting. And after all this hard work, you can only destroy a single wall using the Timed Explosive Charge. The best thing here to do is to be super careful when building your house in Rust.

Demolishing Wood Walls

The wooden walls in Rust are pretty weak from the inside. The thing with wooden walls is that they have a softer side that is flat and light brown. You can use the damage multipliers for the soft side of the wall, or you could say how many hits/impacts it would take to destroy it. The multipliers being,

  • 1x with Explosives
  • 1.2x with Incendiary Shells
  • 2x with Buckshot, Bullets, and Slugs
  • 10x with Tools and Melee Weapons

The only back draw of wooden walls is that enemies can destroy them just as quickly as you.

Demolishing Metals Walls

The metal walls are pretty durable in the game. The only way you can demolish a metal wall is by giving it time due to the realistic aspect of the game. 

All you have to do is to remove all your metal supplies from the cupboard and then wait around 8 hours for the metal walls to be destroyed on their own and then disappear. 

The thing with metal walls decaying is that you will want to be online in the final moments of the wall decay because if you are not, then your house can quickly be looted by anyone.

Demolishing Stone Walls

The stone wall is the strongest type of wall in the game. The only way to destroy these walls is by using C4s (Times Explosive Charge). So, in other words, demolishing a stone wall is equivalent to the price of making a Times Explosive Charge which requires a lot of resources. 

It is up to you to decide whether a stone wall is worth the effort or not. Stone does damage non-C4 items, but it will take more time and repetition of whichever method you are using to bring down these walls. 


The fastest and the most effective way to destroy any wall is using Times Explosive Charge, even though it might take you a while to gather all the resources to craft it.