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How To Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

How To Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Your Palworld journey has begun and now you need to upgrade yourself and your Pals meaningfully. For this, you’ll need all manner of Ancient Technologies, and that only unlocks with the special Ancient Technology Points. How can you get the Ancient Technology Points in Palworld? Let’s find out!

Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Ancient Technology and Ancient Technology Points in Palworld
Statue of Power Ancient Tech

If you want to be an ambitious survivor in Palworld, you must move away from the regular old Technology items and get busy crafting some advanced Ancient Technology.

You can view Ancient Technology blueprints in the Technology tab in the menus. It is the purple column on the left-hand side of the menu. These items are powerful tools that will help you upgrade yourself and your Pal’s stats with Statue of Power and begin building up Pal armies with tech like Egg Incubator, amongst other important stuff.

You’ll need Ancient Technology Points to unlock these advanced items. Ancient Technology Points require a bit more hands-on approach to gather than the regular Technology points you get after leveling up and other means.

You must be at a certain level, have the necessary crafting items, already have the prerequisite technology unlocked, and have the required number of Ancient Technology Points to unlock the desired Ancient Technology. Depending on the Technology, you’ll need 1 to 5 Ancient Technology Points per blueprint.

Ways to Acquire Ancient Technology Points

How To Acquire Ancient Technology Points

There are only 3 ways to acquire Ancient Technology Points in Palword. These include:

1. Defeating Syndicate Tower Bosses

Defeating Syndicate Tower Bosses Palworld

There are a handful of Syndicate Towers (as of now) strewn about the Palpagos Island. Use this helpful Palworld Interactive Map to pinpoint their locations. At the end of each tower is a boss, namely a Syndicate member with a powerful Pal. These boss fights are pretty difficult so be prepared.

Defeating the Syndicate Tower boss will net you 5 Ancient Technology Points. Do keep in mind that you’ll only receive these Ancient Technology Points the first time you kill the boss. Beating them again won’t reward you with any points.

The tutorial will eventually ask you to scale the Rayne Syndicate Tower where you have to face Zoe and Grizzbolt. This will be the first Syndicate Tower you’ll come across. The rest are high-level towers so venture only when you have leveled up appropriately.

There are two ways to get ancient technology points — defeating tower bosses or Alpha Pal bosses.

2. Defeating Alpha Pals

Defeating Alpha Pal Bosses

The other way of getting your hands on Ancient Technology Points is through seeking out and defeating Alpha Pals. Currently, there are 43 Alpha Pals discovered in the game.

Alpha Pals are world bosses that you uncover while roaming the lands. Their location is fixed so use the interactive map to visit them.

The nearest and the easiest of the lot is a Level 11 Chillet just northwest of where you begin the game. Encountering them once will reveal their location on the map. They will respawn after some time. Already defeated Alpha Pals will have a checkmark over their portraits on the map.

Beating Alpha Pals will reward you with a single Ancient Technology Point. Just like before, you’ll only be rewarded for the first kill. Any subsequent kills of the same Alpha Pal will not give any points. You must see out other Alpha Pals if you want to hoard Ancient Technology Points.

Every Alpha Pal has a level attached to their name. It is an indication that you must be at least at that level to make any difference to the boss. Warning! Avoid engagement if you are below their level or else you’ll be minced meat.

3. Completing Dungeons

Dungeons Palworld

There is another way of accumulating Ancient Technology Points, which is random, is through completing Dungeons. Right now, there are 85 Dungeons on Palpagos Island.

Dungeons are whole levels that you move through, taking on enemies and collecting all types of useful items like Ancient Civilization Parts. Each Dungeon has a difficulty level so try to be at least at that level before you embark on the adventure.

The bosses in these Dungeons may end up rewarding you with an Ancient Technology Point if you are lucky as it is not a guarantee. The bosses themselves are random so you might face a new boss each time you visit/revisit.

Bear in mind that these Dungeons have a fixed timer. They are playable for 5 hours only after which they will be deactivated, opening again after a few in-game days have passed. Use this time wisely and get yourself Ancient Technology and other valuable items.