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Is Surge 2 Worth It?

Is Surge 2 Worth It?

If you have ever played the first Surge game, you would know that it was a hit or miss for some people. One person might have liked the progression system, others might not. It is no different in this game because they basically took all the stuff people didn’t like about the first game and improved upon them. I loved the first one a lot, but this one is more of the same but with lots more variety in it. From tons of new armor sets to all the different implants, there is a ton of things to do in this game. Even if you have not played the first one, it is a better version of the first one so why not just give it a try. Here is what makes Surge 2 worth the money:

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Excellent world design

The Surge 2 Screenshot 2020.01.20

The world in Surge 2 is very big and there are many ways to go. As you progress, you open up new pathways and shortcuts around the areas to make it easier to get to certain areas from the spawn. When you are exploring, you can go back to your Medbay at any time with all the items and scrap you have collected and you can upgrade anything if you have the right materials. The placement of some enemies keeps the game interesting with some jumpscares from them.

Also, there are many different safe zones you can explore as well with shops and many different people to talk to. The world is really well done. There is no fast travel so keep that in mind. If you want to get somewhere, then you are going to need to run all the way back. If you know the areas, then you won’t really have a problem finding better shortcuts so it is not that bad.

Satisfying exploration

The Surge 2 Screenshot 2020.01.20

Exploring the world is a huge part of the game because it is just soo fun. It seems like there is an item in every corner of the world and sometimes an enemy by each one. Every encounter that you have with an enemy is satisfying because there are always multiple ways to take them on. Even stealth can come into play in the game if you are careful.

You can sneak up on an enemy and take out a bunch of their health with just one hit if you know what you are doing. Also, it seems like you are always finding something new which adds to the immersion of the game. The developers made this game very well when it came to exploration.

The vast amount of Weapons and Armor to collect

The Surge 2 Screenshot 2020.01.20

There are soo many different weapons and armor sets to collect in this game and each of them helps in different ways. One armor set might help defend against Nano damage while another gives you immunity from poison damage. It all depends on how you play and how specific you want to have your sets equipped.

This game added a new system where you can have 3 custom classes for armor, weapons, and implants for you to cycle through so you don’t need to get rid of an entire class when you have to change it. I think that is a great addition to the game that was not in the first one. Also, it might be a grind to get and upgrade the armor, but once you do, it is very satisfying.

The interesting Storyline

The Surge 2 Screenshot 2020.01.20

Compared to the old game, Surge 2 has a lot more story packed into the game. Yes, the voice acting is not that great, but it is better than it not being in the game before. I think it is a really good addition to the game because you kind of know what your objective is. With the other game, you kind of just went through the game and figured it out yourself.

Storytelling lets you focus more on the raw gameplay rather than figuring out what is actually happening in the game world. Still, I would not get it for the story, I would get it if you liked the first Surge, because it is very similar in every way.

The many Side Quests

The Surge 2 Screenshot 2020.01.20

There are actually a lot of Side Quests to complete and they all seem to give you a good objective. From recovering destroyed drones to stealing antidotes for a doctor, they all seem to reward you pretty well too. They are well done and acts as another thing you can do in the already big game.

There is also the Kraken DLC you can get with the season pass and that adds a whole new area with all-new weapons and armor. They are not a main part of the story, but they do add some extra stuff to the game that extends your playtime in a good way.

The same mechanics as Surge 1

The Surge 2 Screenshot 2020.01.20

If you see this game compared to the first one, it will be hard to distinguish which game is which if you have not played either of them. From the menus to the way everything looks, it is very similar to the first game, but that is not a bad thing. I absolutely loved the first game and when I found out that there was going to be a second one, I really wanted to get it.

If you loved the first one and you just want more, then play this one because it is actually a better version of the first game. Also, the mechanics are the same too, like the weapon and body movements, it is actually pretty smooth for the most part. The deflecting can be glitchy, but you will get used to it.

More bosses than the first game

The Surge 2 Screenshot 2020.01.20

Surge 2 has a lot more bosses than the first one had. The Surge had a total of 9 bosses, and that is counting both DLCs that you can purchase separately. Surge 2 automatically has 15 bosses in its base game, not counting all the bosses that will be added with the DLCs in the future. The bosses in this game are challenging, but at the same time, they all have weaknesses.

Each can be taken down in different ways and it might be easier to use a specific weapon and armor set for each specific boss. If you don’t, at least keep your gear upgraded so you have the best chance possible to overcome the challenge. The bosses in the game are really fun to fight.

Difficult but fun gameplay

The Surge 2 Screenshot 2020.01.20

It is not an easy game, but that is what makes it fun. It is a Souls-like game and if it is going to be in that category, then it is probably not gonna be very easy. The enemies are unforgiving if you make a wrong move, the world might kill you randomly if you don’t know what you are doing, and it is hard to know where to go at times, but that is what makes it a fun game.

When everything is a surprise to you, in the end, you will be happy that you completed the game without any help. It is that satisfaction of beating one of these games that is probably one of the best feelings from any video game ever. All you have to do is be patient and you will overcome any obstacle you encounter.


In conclusion, Surge 2 is a great game that is challenging but very enjoyable at the same time. To anyone who wants to play Surge 2, I would actually recommend you play the first one before you go to this one because it is very similar and also it is a little bit shorter than the new one. They are both amazing games and both of them are worth it if you want to get into them. The game has a lot to offer to a new player or someone who has played the first one so either way, I would totally recommend playing this game.