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Does Loot Respawn in Enshrouded?

Does Loot Respawn in Enshrouded?

Loot in Enshrouded can be acquired by opening up chests, mining resource nodes, downing enemies, and grabbing their drop. The problem is that you have to move every time you strip a location of its goodies to find new ones. Does loot respawn in Enshrouded?

From our testing and diving into the depths of Reddit, we have concluded that it takes 2 real-time hours for loot to respawn naturally in Enshrouded. This is not set in stone though. For us and many other players, depending on the loot, this respawn rate may be different. You can speed up time by sleeping.

Loot in Enshrouded

Loot in Enshrouded

As soon as you are dropped in the lost kingdom of Ambervale, you’ll have nothing on your back and be forced to scour your surroundings to build yourself something liveable.

You will have to traverse deadly lands and thick Shroud-engulfed lands to gather loot to upgrade your survivability. Not to mention, the detailed building mechanics will devour all your resources.

Loot is Enshrouded can be categorized into two types. One is all the natural resources like stone and trees that help you build all the structures in your base. The other kind is the loot you need to craft weapons and gear to help you survive the many horrors in Enshrouded.

The former loot type is collected by mining natural resources like trees and stone nodes. While the latter loot type is acquired by taking down baddies and going through their remains or you can find chests strewn about in the world and get some loot from within.

Regardless of the loot type, to keep your progression on the straight and narrow, your loot pool needs to be topped up at all times. This way you can carry on with your expansion needs without hindrances and level yourself meaningfully to face the evils in the world.

However, much like all the survival games, loot generally respawns so that the world doesn’t run out stopping you from continuing your progression.

Respawning Loot

Respawning chest Enshrouded

To put this to rest, every kind of loot in Enshrouded respawns. From the enemies to trees and chests, everything soon returns to the same place you plucked them from. The time for the loot respawn is up for debate as of right now since players are still figuring out the game.

The devs are working on a defined timer for the loot but for now, you just have to revisit the loot location after the 2-hour mark and see for yourself.

Return to Main menu Enshrouded

By simply exiting the game to the Main Menu after you have looted a particular spot and reloading your save file, you’ll see that all the loot has been restored.

This trick works for enemies (including Elixir Well bosses), chests, natural resources, and even the damned Shroud Roots. You can loot a spot and if anything seems valuable, you can just exit the game and come back and endlessly farm with your desired loot.

I know this seems broken right now and many players have voiced their concerns about this broken mechanic. This does take away from the intrigue of adventuring to new lands to keep your resources flowing but for some, this makes things easier to grind.

Whatever rocks your boat. Just don’t rely on this “feature” in the long run for we are certain the devs will surely patch it out.