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Will Cayde-6 Ever Come Back in Destiny 2?

Will Cayde-6 Ever Come Back in Destiny 2?

If you’ve been playing Destiny 1 or 2 and have followed the game closely, there is a good chance that the quirky Hunter Vanguard; Cayde-6 is one of your favorite characters in the franchise.

Cayde-6’s death during the events of Destiny 2 Forsaken was a shocker for everyone and fans have since been drafting theories on how he could come back to Destiny 2.

Cayde-6 could technically return to Destiny 2 if his backup memories are restored in a new body. But even then, he won’t remember anything from his life as Cayde-6. That version would either be called Cayde-7 or Cayde-1.

In this discussion-styled article, we will look at the impact Cayde-6 had on Destiny 2 and the entire series and discuss potential ways for him to return to the game.

Who was Cayde-6?

Cayde-6 in Destiny 2

Cayde-6 is perhaps the Destiny franchise’s most beloved Exo Hunter Vanguard. He was famous for his chivalrous yet mischievous nature and badass combat skills. Cayde-6 has been around since Destiny 1 days and was an NPC vendor & mission companion in Destiny 2.

Before his demise, Destiny 2 players could interact and buy stuff from Cayde-6 like Armor sets and Patrols. Since he had a  senior post at the Vanguard, Cayde-6 would often pop in and out of the dialogues you’ll have with Zawalla or any other NPC.

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How Did Cayde-6 Die in Destiny 2?

With the release of the Forsaken DLC, the player, Cayde-6 and Petra Venj make their way to the Prison of Elders to investigate and stop a riot. Things get a little out of hand there and Cayde-6 ends up being surrounded by a horde of Scorn.

He faces off against the scorn in an epic cutscene, mowing them down using his trusty revolver; The Ace of Spades, and his agile hunter skills. Eventually, he comes across the Barons of the scorn army.

Cayde-6 dying

One of these barons shoots Cayde’s ghost (Sundance) to prevent him from healing and then the rest of them gang up on him. Broken and battered, Cayde-6 lies there on the ground almost dead as Uldren Sov walks up to him and shoots him with his revolver.

After this cutscene, Cayde-6 is believed to have died for good as his ghost was not around to revive or heal him in any way. Still, some fans have thought of a few scenarios where he could make a potential comeback and we have discussed the most plausible one below.

Can Cayde-6 Come Back to Destiny 2?

Since we all know Cayde-6 was an Exo (an android body with human consciousness), there is a slight possibility he could come back in some capacity. 

The number next to each Exo’s name refers to how many times their memories have been reset to keep their artificial mind fresh and unclogged. Fans are suggesting that if Cayde’s old memory backup can be found and restored, he could potentially come back to Destiny 2.


The only problem with this is that Cayde-6 won’t remember any of his experiences with the guardians or the Vanguard because those memories can never be restored. He will be given a separate number; either Cayde-7 or Cayde-1 and that’s the only way he can come back to the game.

Or the storytellers could introduce a wild concept of time travel or multiple timelines and bring him back in a rather, Marvel-fashion if you know what we mean.

This is the only valid way we can think off for bringing Cayde-6 back to Destiny 2. Who knows what’s in store for the players? The developers might introduce a plot point, which allows them to bring Cayde back in a heroic way.