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Does Skyrim on the Switch Come With DLC?

Does Skyrim on the Switch Come With DLC?

Battling the ancient dragons on a handheld device has long been considered nothing more than a pipe dream. However, the Nintendo Switch aimed to change that by introducing gaming classics to the Switch environment and it’s about time it succeeded. Fast-forwarding to today and you’d be surprised to know how well-designed the modern console is. 

Skyrim has released a couple of DLCs during its past years that have introduced some great aesthetic and content changes to the game’s environment. The player-dictated experience is nothing short of a wonder. 

Skyrim can run flawlessly on Nintendo Switch along with long-term DLC support. The entire game is packaged with DLCS of Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. The game runs surprisingly well despite its old age. 

With that said, the harsh, cold world of Skyrim is only for the bravest of souls. Therefore, make complete preparations before venturing into one of the most loved games of the past decade. If you aren’t sure if you should pick up Skyrim, we’ve covered all the reasons why you should play it in 2022.

Is Skyrim Worth Buying on Nintendo Switch?

For veteran players, launching Skyrim with hundreds of mods is far more enjoyable than playing it in its organic form. Therefore, it might not feel as good as compared to a PC. 

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However, for the new players looking to jump into the fandom, Skyrim can be a great starting point. The novelty that comes with being able to play Skyrim wherever you want is a valuable one. Therefore, if you enjoy ARPGs then Skyrim will most likely suit your palette. 

Is the Skyrim on Switch Remastered?

The Switch version comes with a multitude of feature improvements that ensure a smoother gaming experience. However, it is not quite the “Remastered” label to it might not be justifiable.

It’s the same old Skyrim we’ve all come to love. While the game does not have any modding support, it still does well at introducing specific handheld motion controls. With that said, the following DLCs are also included in the Switch version:

  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn

Is Skyrim Region Free on Nintendo Switch?

The simple answer is yes. Every game available on Nintendo Switch is available in all regions of the world. This anti-piracy method has gotten outdated as it makes it needlessly difficult for players to buy games in certain regions. 

What Can You Expect in the Switch Syrim DLCs

The Skyrim DLCs have always brought drastic changes to the game. For Example, the Hearthfire introduces the ability to build homes while the Dawnguard changed how vampires work in general. 

Similarly, we were able to see the return of an extremely nostalgic area in Dragonborn. The Switch version’s vampires were granted the ability to become Vampire Lords that can terrorize the Old Kingdom. 

The ability to purchase plots of lands in areas like Pale, Falkreath, and Hjaalmarch was also a great addition to the overall playability of the game. Needless to say, all these changes pale in comparison to the storytelling improvements made in the Dragonborn DLC.

Ultimately, playing Skyrim on Nintendo Switch is a unique experience. It feels different from the usual PC and Console version while still staying true to the original storyline. 

The basic game engine has seen a marginal improvement over the past few years, thereby making it much more enjoyable for both newbies and veterans.