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Do Offspring Grow Up in Hogwarts Legacy?

Do Offspring Grow Up in Hogwarts Legacy?

You might have recently unlocked the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy. This location acts as a sanctuary where beasts of all types breed various offspring. You might be wondering if these offspring can grow up and develop during your journey in Hogwarts Legacy.

No, offspring in the Vivarium or otherwise do not grow up in Hogwarts Legacy. Additionally, you cannot breed more mounts or adult beasts. To access more mounts in the game you must rescue more beasts.

Several systems and mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy can seem confusing. Especially when you consider that they should operate in a specific logical manner. However, logic isn’t all that matters in a fantasy game like Hogwarts Legacy. Read on to find out more about why offspring do not grow up!

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Do Beast Offspring Not Grow Up?

Beast Offspring - Hogwarts Legacy
Beast Offspring – Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can unlock the Vivarium. The method to unlock the vivarium is not very complicated. It is a special section of the Room of Requirement, and you can place all manner of magical beasts in this area. It functions similarly to your private collection pen, where fantastical beasts roam.

Similar to games like Pokemon, in the Vivarium, you can take care of the magical beasts under your control. And in turn, they provide you with various magical ingredients, potions, and upgrades. Similar to these games, the magical beasts can breed together and produce Offspring.

If you’re wondering if these offspring will grow up then the answer is quite simple. Since the storyline of Hogwarts Legacy occurs during a single year. The offspring from your magical beasts do not grow up.

Breeding is quite a system in Hogwarts Legacy. It adds a lot of flavor to the game world, especially the Vivarium. But we should try to not forget that the events of the game do not span numerous years. Rather they are only concentrated on one. This is why the offspring in your Vivarium do not grow up.

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Why Should You Breed Offspring?

Thestrals - Hogwarts Legacy
Thestrals – Hogwarts Legacy

Although currently, baby magical beasts do not grow up in Hogwarts Legacy. However, this might not always be the case. Considering that the game might receive various DLC and expansions in the future that might expand upon this system.

Magical beasts in the game provide many uses from necessary apparatus for potions, ingredients, and numerous upgrades as well. These can all possibly be a part of baby magical beast offspring as well. And can increase the rate at which you receive these rewards from the game.

This is why I recommend that you should keep at least one biological male and female beast of the same species. You should also consider placing a Breeding Pen inside of your Vivarium.

If you’re unsure of how to gain more offspring, simply consult the book placed in front of the Breeding Pen. Select a beast for breeding, and wait as patiently as you can for 30 minutes.

The offspring from magical beasts might not be able to grow up. However, there is a chance that future DLC or expansions might improve and add to this mechanic in the game. With Hogwarts Legacy being as popular and financially successful as it is, we expect it to receive content for quite some time to come!