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Why is the Sky Red in Ark: Survival Evolved?

Why is the Sky Red in Ark: Survival Evolved?

Studio Wildcard has always been well known for introducing fun and exciting events in ARK. While some of these are seasonal, others can be unlocked by doing specific tasks. Needless to say, some of these can be confusing to decipher. 

Having a super-bright sun or an erupting volcano is one thing, but what can you do when the entire sky is clad in red color? While this may sound like a scene straight from a horror movie, the red sky is triggerable in certain scenarios. 

The Sky Turning Red indicates the rain of meteors spawned by the King Titan Boss in the Extinction patch. You will be able to see boulders raining down on the entire Ark Map. Alternatively, it is also a hot weather effect that used to happen a lot.

While it is unknown why the game removed the hot weather feature, one can safely say that dehydrating to death on your first night was not an enjoyable experience. If you are newer to the game, we’ve covered a beginner’s guide for ARK too!

Environmental Mechanics in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The game engine of Ark works on different environmental parameters to produce different kinds of effects. Every once in a while, you will experience a beautiful reddish sky during the sunrise. This happens because of the following main factors coming into play:

Current Air Temperature

This stat is programmed to fluctuate randomly during gameplay. There are times when it would rise/lower to extremes causing a change in the overall weather of the game. This stat differs from region to region and can result in different temperature values depending on your location.

Water and Lava

These are the modifiers that can help to decrease and increase the temperature of the surroundings. For example, a large body of water will lower the temperature of an area while a lava body will increase the temperature by creating hot pockets of air.  

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How Does a Heatwave Work in Ark

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The occurrence of a heatwave is quite common in the outskirts of Ark. The world hosts events that are meant to increase the overall temperature of the map. During these times, the temperature can reach substantial highs. 

Therefore, it is recommended to keep yourself cold through any means possible. If the heatwave peaks during the sunrise, you might be able to see a reddish hue in the atmosphere and the sky. Once the cloud cover diminishes, the sky will turn proper orange or red. 

Extreme Heatwaves 

These heatwaves are generally found on the Scorched Earth and Crystal Isles. The temperature here can reach above 55°C. There is a guaranteed red sky during this event causing a possible Phoenix to spawn throughout its duration. There is no other way of finding Ark’s most exclusive creature. 

All in all, a red sky can look extremely pretty but is not a cause of concern. Rather, you should try to identify the root cause of it. If it’s an extreme heatwave, then you are in luck.

Therefore, keep a lookout for subtle environmental changes for a chance of obtaining a possible fortune.