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How To Beat Corrupted Monk in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

How To Beat Corrupted Monk in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

While exploring the Mibu Village in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you’ll come to a dead-end and the Corrupted Monk will appear out of thin air. This is the illusion version of the boss that is mandatory for progression. The Corrupted Monk is an intimidating boss with an elegant fighting style, forcing you to employ every kind of basic defensive mechanism in the game while being extremely vigilant.


Don’t worry, she is not that hard of a boss. Without tips and a few neat little tricks, you’ll dissipate this devotee out of existence.

Fighting Corrupted Monk

Fighting Corrupted Monk

The Corrupted Monk is the final boss of Mibu Village in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Unlike other stage bosses, this boss only has one health bar so you only have to defeat her once. She is an illusion so do not treat her like a demon and use Divine Confetti on her despite the corrupted moniker in her name.

She is a burly woman with a giant sword staff and a sweepy dancer-esque fighting style. The fight is mostly her performing wide swings coupled with a few overhead slams that can build a lot of posture damage if deflected right. She uses two perilous attacks which we will discuss in the later section.

Her attacks are slow and telegraphed. You can easily understand her moveset with a keen eye making this fight incredibly comfortable once you get the hang of it. This knowledge will come in handy when you face her true version in Fountainhead Palace.

Here are some tips and tricks that can aid you in this battle:

  • The Lazulite Axe Prosthetic Tool deals extra damage to this boss. Only available in New Game+.
  • Fistful of Ash is great at stunning the boss, giving you a healthy window to put in some damage.
  • Since this boss is an illusion, Snap Seed will stun her upon use. Only 3 will work after which they are no longer effective.
  • Spamming Firecrackers (preferably Long Spark upgrade) will stun-lock this boss. Use the Ceremonnial Tanto to add 5 more Spirit Emblems.
  • Ako’s Sugar as always is great at dealing more posture damage.

Corrupted Monk Boss Strategy

Corrupted Monk Boss Strategy

This fight can be made quite trivial with a healthy use of the Firecrackers. As soon as you approach the boss, buff yourself with Ako’s Sugar and use the Snap Seed. The boss will be stunning and you can continue spamming the attack button. You can use the Snap Seeds two more times before they lose their effectiveness.

Next, use the firecracker and hit her twice, and then use the firecracker again. Keep repeating this tactic and the boss won’t be able to snap out of her stunned state and all of her health will be gone before you know it. The use of Ceremonial Tanto is advised here to ensure you have enough Spirit Embelems to keep using the firecrackers.

And that’s it! You don’t have to fight her properly. However, if she does manage to fight you then use the moveset section below to react to each of her attacks and try to revert to the firecracker strategy.


Listed below are all the moves the Corrupted Monk will use against you and how you should react to them:

  1. Twirling: She swings her staff 5 times in a circle in quick succession while moving towards you.
    • Reaction: Move out of her range or deflect each swing to build posture damage.
  2. Swipe (Perilous Attack): Rears her staff and swipes it horizontally over the ground. Follows it up with an uppercut if you don’t counter correctly.
    • Reaction: Jump over the attack and try to stick close to her to deal some posture damage.
  3. Poke (Perilous Attack): A straight thrust of the staff towards you. It is usually at the end of a combo.
    • Reaction: Dodge directly into this attack to perform a Mikiri Counter.
  4. Retreat Swipe: Jumps away from you while swiping her staff mid-air.
    • Reaction: As soon as she jumps back tap the block button to deflect the attack.
  5. Leping Slam: When she is distant she sticks her staff out and jumps towards you with a massive overhead slam at the end. Can perform in close quarters too with a vertical staff twirl.
    • Reaction: Stand in place when she is in the air and block as she is about to land to deflect.
  6. Straight Uppercut: Swings her staff backward and ends with a vertical uppercut that sends you flying.
    • Reaction: Block as soon as her staff reaches the ground to deflect.

How to Cheese Corrupted Monk in Sekiro

Cheese Corrupted Monk in Sekiro

You can kill the Corrupted Monk in an instant with this cheese! All you need is Contact Medicine and Aged Feather Mist Raven Prosthetic Tool.

As soon as you enter the arena, hug the left arena wall and make your way to the other end. The boss will spawn in but will not be aggro’d. Stealthy move behind her, make sure she doesn’t see you. Consume the Contact Medicine to poison yourself and use the Aged Feather Mist Raven’s ability to teleport up by pressing the up button right after triggering the ability.

Aerial Deathblow

When you do this right, you will teleport straight up behind her. When you are in the air, you’ll see a deathblow circle appear on the boss. Press the attack button immediately to perform a deathblow and kill the boss in one fell sweep.

That’s it, you don’t even have to fight her! You are welcome, Wolf!

Rewards For Defeating Corrupted Monk

Rewards For Defeating

Here are all the goodies you’ll receive for beating this dancing Corrupted Monk in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice:

  • Memory: Corrupted Monk
  • Mibu Breathing Technique. This allows you to dive underwater and access previously hidden areas.
  • Once defeated, you’ll open the entrance to the Wedding Cave and the Shelter Stone, two important items for story progression.