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Do Valorant Ranks Reset? What You Need To Know

Do Valorant Ranks Reset? What You Need To Know

Valorant, by Riot Games, has quickly become one of the most popular tactical shooters on the market. It’s a fantastic place where you can test your skills and climb the ranked ladder. But many of you might wonder if their ranks reset. In this article, we’ll explore whether rank resets in Valorant!

Yes, your Rank does reset in Valorant. Every six months Riot Games releases a new Valorant Episode. It is during these events that your rank is reset. Complete your first rank game after a reset and you will be placed 3-4 ranks below your previous rank.


If you wanna learn more about the Ranking and MMR systems in Valorant, then read on through the rest of this article!

When Does Rank Reset in Valorant?

Valorant - Competitive Ranks

Valorant has a very interesting matchmaking system. After all, it’s a competitive game where you can test your skills and dominate entire teams of other players. Thus similar to Riot’s other games, like League of Legends, Valorant has a ranking and MMR system to keep matches as fair as possible.

In terms of Rank resets, however, the answer is quite simple. First, yes, Valorant does reset your Rank. This is done at the start of each new Valorant Episode. These episodes occur approximately every six months and are when you experience the rest of your rank.

You get your new rank after completing a few calibration games. But there are a few interesting things that happen when this occurs. You get ranked 3-4 ranks lower than your previous rank as a way for Valorant to allow players to “re-prove themselves” and ascend to their real rank again.


It’s an interesting feature and can seem quite confusing at first, but once you go through it a few times it makes sense. The main onus is on providing you with something to strive for and achieve. The goal isn’t to take away something you earned, but rather truly make you feel proud of your accomplishment.

What is MMR in Valorant?

Valorant - Ranks, MMR and RR

Contrary to what many might think, your rank alone is not the sole indicator of your skill level. Your MMR, or Matchmaking Rating, plays a significant role in determining your skill level. It is based on your lifetime performance in Competitive Mode, but the exact value is hidden from players.

However, if your rank is below Immortal, your MMR will be comparable to other players within the same rank tier as yours.

This system only truly becomes important at the very highest level of play and is mostly necessary for the Valorant system to create relatively equal matches that everyone can enjoy.

Rank Rating System in Valorant

Valorant - Rank Rating System

After each ranked match, you earn or lose RR (Rank Rating) points. The number of RR points you receive is directly tied to your MMR. Higher MMR values result in larger RR gains when you win and smaller drops when you lose.


This aspect of the system is why some players, including professionals, opt to create new accounts. By starting fresh, they can rebuild their MMR and receive more RR per game, facilitating faster progress in the ranks.

The Valorant ranking system revolves around a combination of MMR and RR points. While MMR reflects your overall performance, RR points determine your progress within each rank. By grasping this system, you can navigate the ranks more effectively and set realistic expectations for your climb.

In a nutshell, Valorant ranks reset with each new Episode. And each one of them offers you a chance to prove yourself on the ranking ladder. Best of luck with your future matches, agents. See you on the battlefield.