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Modern Warfare Ultimate Guide

Modern Warfare Ultimate Guide

Modern Warfare can be very hard for a new person to learn, but once you get the hang of the game, you will easily be getting a high K/D ratio and winning every match you play. Before you start playing the game, there are a bunch of things that you should know and do when playing Modern Warfare. Many of them are very simple, but I am telling you that if you do these things, then you will be ready for anything. Here are all the things that you should do in Modern Warfare.

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Play the Campaign

The campaign in Modern Warfare is actually really good even though it is only about 6 hours long. A good campaign is what a lot of people have been wanting in a Call of Duty game for a long time since the last game did not even have one. The campaign follows a CIA officer and British SAS forces as they team up with rebels from the fictional country of Urzikstan, combating together against Russian forces who have invaded the country. focuses on realism and feature tactically-based moral choices whereupon the player is evaluated and assigned a score at the end of each level; players have to quickly ascertain whether NPCs are a threat or not, such as a Civilian woman who is believed to be reaching for a gun.

The campaign is very realistic since there are a lot of mature themes in it and it makes for a great experience that you won’t forget. After every mission you complete, you get an XP booster for the Multiplayer section as well, so you are rewarded for playing the campaign. The game has more tactical gameplay and you have to be smarter about the decisions that you make. Definitely worth your time if you like Call of Duty campaigns.

Play Special Ops

Special Operations is a mode that was in the other Modern Warfare games and it is a fan favorite because of the nostalgia. Following the death of the Wolf, Al-Qatala re-emerges with a new leader, who poses a dangerous threat to Russian forces in Verdansk. Laswell, alongside Sergeant Kamarov of the FSB, authorizes a joint operation, enlisting many of the world’s best operators in fighting against the new unidentified threat. The joint faction, named the Armistice, takes on various Al-Qatala operations in Verdansk. Following the first four operations, the Armistice learns that Al-Qatala has been dealing in arms trade with Mr. Z, and their new leader is identified as “Khaled Al-Asad”.

There have been 2 more missions added to the roster of Special Ops missions and all of them are very fun. You can play them with friends or team up with a bunch of randoms and enjoy blasting some enemies into oblivion. The survival mode is only currently on Playstation because they have exclusive rights to it for one year after the game was out. Once a year is passed, it will be released on all platforms as normal.

Know what you have equipped in your classes

Once you reach Rank 4, you will have access to the Create a Class section in Multiplayer. This has been in every Call of Duty and you can basically create any class with any guns that you want if you have it unlocked of course. Once you have something unlocked, it is unlocked for you forever which is very good. There is no more Prestiging in the game and it makes for a better experience in my opinion. They also did the classes differently by having each gun have 5 attachments equipped at one time for each weapon in the class. You can also have 3 Perks equipped and a Lethal/Tactical. The way that Infinity Ward did that system makes it a lot simpler and better in a lot of ways. You just have to know how to use what you are equipping into your slots or else you will not do very good in your matches.

Try different Multiplayer modes

There are many Multiplayer modes that are in Modern Warfare, and a lot of them are returning game modes. Recently, Gun Game and Kill Confirmed have been added to the mix of modes in the game and they are great additions. With the new Quickplay button, you are basically right in the action as soon as you press the button and it makes for an easy menu experience. If you wind up doing really well in the game, you may earn a Killstreak, powerful tools that reward skilled players with the opportunity to turn the tide of battle if used wisely. There is also a new sprinting mode that allows you to sprint faster than normal for a shorter amount of time by double-clicking the sprint button. Everything in Multiplayer is not perfect, but there will be more patches, maps, and game modes coming out in the future.

Do not play aggressively

Playing aggressively in Modern Warfare will either be your downfall or the enemy’s weakness. Most of the time if you play aggressively, you will get mowed down by the many campers around you. The time to kill is soo fast in this game compared to others, that you probably won’t even be able to see who killed you until you watch the death cam. If you are to play aggressively, then you should use the right perks and equipment because it all depends on who you are fighting. The Dead Silence ability is perfect for infiltrating a building because footsteps in the game are very easy to hear. Remember that everything you equip must be to help you in the way you are going to play the game.

Play the objective

Each Multiplayer mode that you have access to has an objective to complete, even the basic Team Deathmatch that you can play. When you play each mode, if you play the objective, you will get more points, ultimately allowing you to level up faster. If you play Domination and then just try to get kills, you will not level up very fast because that is not the goal of the match you are playing. Make sure that you know what mode you are playing so you can focus on getting more points. It is also very annoying for your teammates because they are also trying to play the objective while you are off not helping. Just make sure you play the objective so everyone is happy.

Get to Rank 55

The Ranking system has been changed majorly in Modern Warfare with the goal of trying to reach Rank 55. Once you reach that rank, everything will be unlocked for you and there will be no Prestiging. Everything you unlock will be unlocked forever so don’t worry about losing items. Also, there is a new thing called Officer Rank, and it is a seasonal ranking system that allows you to complete a challenge every time you level up. You can go all the way to Rank 55, and every ten challenges you complete, you get a seasonal emblem at the end of the season. Once the season is over though, you get dropped back down to Rank 55 and you get a chance to do it over again. That is what replaced the Prestige system. We are going to see how the player base reacts to this new system when the first season is over.

Look for alternate paths

Most other Call of Duties’ maps were made with the 2-lane system where there were 2 ways to get to the other side of the map. Most of Modern Warfare’s maps were made with a 3-lane system, and it makes for a harder but more fun gaming experience. Not only do you have to watch for enemies in front of you, but you also have to watch all sides because they could be anywhere. The best thing for you to do is learn each map inside and out so you know all the shortcuts and secrets so you can dominate the match. There are always alternative paths you can take so switch it up every time so you confuse the enemy.

Go for Gold on your weapons

The camo system has been overhauled a lot because instead of the headshots and then the challenge camos, there are over 100 camos for each weapon to unlock. They are all split up in different sections and if you are able to complete a section, then you are closer to getting the Gold camo on that weapon. Once you complete all the camo challenges, Gold will unlock for you. If you can get Gold on all the weapons in a section, Platinum camo will unlock for you. If you can complete every gun in the game, then Damascus camo will be unlocked. If you can and have the time, try to get every gun you can Gold as you play the game.


In conclusion, Modern Warfare is a very different game from any other Call of Duty. Some say that it is the most realistic Call of Duty to date, and in my opinion, that is very true. If you own the game, you will probably have noticed there are a lot of issues that people have with the game, but that does not make it a bad game. I know that the developers should have perfected the game before it came out, but we have to be patient and wait until they can make it better. Other than that, have fun and play the game.