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Here’s Why You Can’t Use Grease in Elden Ring

Here’s Why You Can’t Use Grease in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has thousands of consumables that you can find, and most people will overlook them if they aren’t careful. One massive part of the game that can make it a little bit easier is the Grease consumables you can find. You can apply them to your weapon and it is like this game’s version of Pine Resin. It gives your weapon a buff depending on which Grease you use.

Some people might get Grease and try to use it on their weapon, but it just won’t let them. There is actually a pretty simple reason for this and the game doesn’t really tell you outright why you can’t apply it to your weapon.

You can’t use Grease in Elden Ring because you are currently using a Special Weapon. Special Weapons take less to level up, but it doesn’t allow for any Ashes of War or Grease to be applied to it. You have to use whatever the Special Weapon’s skill is.

What is Grease in Eldin Ring?

We explained it earlier, but it is Elden Ring’s version of Pine Resin. You can use specific ones to give you buffs, but you can only use them on regular weapons. Special Weapons do not allow you to apply Grease to them, but that is not all bad. Depending on the Special weapon, they have skills that basically have what Grease gives to normal weapons.

The best part is that you don’t need to use a consumable to use the Special Weapon’s skill, all you need is a larger FP bar so you can use the skills more often. If you don’t know the difference between Special and Normal weapons, then go to the Blacksmith and check what it is upgraded with.

If it takes regular Smithing Stones, then it is a Regular Weapon. If it takes Somber Smithing Stones, then it is a Special Weapon. If you can find a good Special Weapon, then you should really use it because the skills on those types of weapons are the best in the entire game.

How many are there?

There are 11 different versions of Grease in the game and each one has a better counterpart that applies quicker and lasts a bit longer. Each one is extremely important if you are using a Regular Weapon and it is best to save these for harder boss fights to deal more damage and make the fights easier.

Always make sure to use them wisely as well because they only last a certain amount of time. Explore as much as you can and you will find plenty to use. You can also craft them with materials as well.

Here are the 11 different versions of Grease in Elden Ring:

  • Fire Grease – Coats weapon, inflicting Fire Damage
  • Blood Grease – Coats weapon, inflicting blood loss
  • Magic Grease – Coats weapon, inflicting magic damage
  • Rot Grease – Coats weapon, inflicting scarlet rot
  • Lightning Grease – Coats weapon, inflicting lightning damage
  • Dragonwound Grease – Coats weapon, granting special dragon attacks
  • Poison Grease – Coats weapon, inflicting poison
  • Shield Grease – Boosts guarding ability and all damage negation
  • Soporific Grease – Coats weapon, inflicting sleep
  • Holy Grease – Coats armament, inflicting holy damage
  • Freezing Grease – Coats weapon, inflicting frost


Wednesday 8th of February 2023

1 I'm not using a special weapon it takes normal smithing stones and I still can't use any grease and I've added an ashes of war to it ur guide is useless trash delete it

Tuesday 8th of November 2022

bullshit im using occult giant crusher+25 my buddy has grease. it wont let me