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How to Exit a Minecart in Terraria (Easy Guide)

How to Exit a Minecart in Terraria (Easy Guide)

Venturing in the deep ravines of Terraria without a proper plan is a thrill in its own regard. The adventuring value is great, and you never know when an enemy will stab you from the dark. A highly sought aspect of underground adventuring is the underground mining channels that move you to unknown locations. 

The premise is simple, you sit in a minecart and let the rails move to wherever they want. You still get the option to move forwards and backward, but how do you get out of a minecart after stopping it?

Exiting a minecart requires you to press the quick-mount hotkey. However, if you have forgotten this key then you can also right-click on the minecart icon to cancel the buff. Needless to say, there are multiple methods of getting out of a Minecart in Terraria.

With that said, minecarts are quite simple to use and create. Therefore, you should be able to understand how these objects work to make the most out of them. 

How Do Minecarts Work in Terraria

Minecarts belong to the mount category and can be used to ride Minecart Tracks. Terraria features multiple versions of these Minecarts, each with its unique set of traits.

These carts are naturally present in the underground caves and mines. However, crafting them is also quite simple. It is possible to have a complete mining system wherever you desire as long as you have the necessary rails for it. 

How to Get out of Minecarts

Entering a minecart only requires you to press the Open / Activate hotkey. However, exiting it is possible in multiple ways. With that said, a player can exit the minecart by using the methods listed below:

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  • Use the Open / Activate Key: By default, this key is mapped onto R and can make you exit the cart without any hustle. Any custom key mapping would require you to find and press the new corresponding key instead.
  • Using Grappling Hook: Simply press the grapple hotkey to make the mount despawn. The hook is usually present in the player’s equipment slot as long as they have one.
  • Canceling the Buff: The player can right-click the icon in the equipment menu. The same can be done by selecting the icon and canceling it on consoles, whereas mobile players can use double-tapping instead.
  • Jumping off the Tracks: The minecart allows the player to jump while mounting it. Therefore, this mechanic can be used to jump off the rails onto a different block. Doing so will despawn the minecart causing you to ‘exit’ from it. 

Similar to hooks, it is possible to use other weapons within the minecart. Therefore, you can also attempt to disconnect the rails with your pickaxe.

Ultimately, getting out of rails seems like a must for fighting incoming underground mobs. However, this method can also be used to kite bosses like Wall of Flesh and the Twins. Needless to say, the mechanic isn’t that complex, therefore, you should be able to master it in one go.