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How to Get Legendary Modules in Fallout 76 (Easy Guide)

How to Get Legendary Modules in Fallout 76 (Easy Guide)

As we all know, Fallout 76 has a plethora of currencies and items to get your hands on. Depending on the items, having them on you will inch you even closer to the best of the best goodies in the game. To get these Legendary items and weapons you need to have a lot of Legendary Modules in your inventory. In this article, we will be going through some of the ways you can get Legendary Modules in Fallout 76.

The only way to get Legendary Modules in Fallout 76 is by purchasing them from Purveyor Murmrgh, a merchant who is located at The Rusty Pick. They can be bought for 50 Legendary Scrip each.

What are Legendary Modules?

Legendary Modules

Legendary Module is a major crafting material used in the Legendary Crafting System. The modules were first introduced in the Nuclear Winter update. Legendary items like weapons, armor, and even Power armor all require some Legendary Modules to craft. 1 Legendary Module is required to craft any piece of Legendary Armor and 2 Legendary Modules are required to craft a Legendary Weapon. Legendary Modules weigh 0.25 each in your inventory.

The Legendary Crafting system works by heading over to an Armor or Weapon Workbench and spending your Legendary Modules and Legendary Cores to transform basic items into Legendary items, which adds all sorts of attributes and abilities to the item. You can even re-roll your existing Legendary equipment to change its previous attributes. However, the attributes you get are not of your choosing and are random, so be careful when re-rolling anything important to you.

How to get Legendary Modules?

Purveyor Murmrgh

The easiest and the only way to get Legendary Modules in Fallout 76 is by purchasing them from Purveyor Murmrgh, a merchant found in the Rusty Pick. She is a Legendary equipment trader that sells Legendary items in exchange for Legendary Srips.

She sells Legendary Modules for 50 Legendary Scrips each and at any given time she has a maximum stock of 10 Legendary Modules that you can buy from her although her inventory resets upon joining a new server.

Since the only way of getting Legendary Modules is by purchasing them with Legendary Scrips, hence it is important to know how you can get this particular currency.

How to get Legendary Scrips?

Legendary Scrips

Legendary Scrips can be used to buy Legendary items from Purveyor Murmrgh. Legendary scrip cannot be traded and is not shared between characters on the same account. There is a maximum limit of 5,000 scrips per player character.

You can acquire Legendary Scrips from the following methods:

  • It is received when trading your useless Legendary items to Legendary exchange machines found at train stations across Appalachia.
  • As a reward for completing some Daily quests.
  • As a reward for completing Ally quests.
  • As a reward for the completion of Daily Ops.
  • As a reward for reaching certain S.C.O.R.E. ranks.

Legendary Modules and Legendary Cores are necessary for crafting Legendary items and re-rolling your existing Legendary stats. Luckily or sadly, there is just a single way of getting Legendary Module through Purveyor Murmrgh.

As this component is rare and requires a bit of effort to acquire, you mustn’t go around wasting it on useless crafting but rather save it for those really important items.